Can you Put Solar Panels on a Garage Roof

Ready to jump on the solar bandwagon and give your electricity bills the old heave-ho? Installing solar panels could be just the way to go. Solar panels today serve both commercial and residential purposes, with most homeowners integrating them into their modern houses. Even so, putting solar panels onto the roof of your modern house … Read more

How to Get rid of Gasoline Smell in Garage in 3 Simple Steps

Gasoline’s pervasive smell can make your garage reek and induce nausea, headaches, vomiting, and other nasty side effects. To forestall all these adverse effects, you must find the source of the smell immediately, deal with and work to eliminate the odor. Keep reading for a comprehensive guide on how to get rid of gasoline smell … Read more

How to install Sub Panel in a Detached Garage

As a homeowner, you tend to add worthwhile projects to your garage. You could be working with power tools alongside heavy facilities. That means your electrical circuit is overburdened with extra responsibility. In this concept, that’s when a sub-panel comes into play. Bedding in a sub-panel is vital since it safeguards your primary energy source … Read more

Built-in Vs. Attached Garage: Which is Better?

When deciding the layout and design of a garage, you can usually make it part of your house or keep it as a separate structure. This is where the two popular terms, attached and detached (garages), come in. As the terms imply, a standalone structure is a detached garage, while one integrated into the house … Read more

Why is My Garage Door Sensor Blinking Red

Garage doors are not only used as entrances to pack your vehicles and do repairs but also offer immense security to your garage tools and equipment. However, the doors are subject to breakage over time, and because they are heavy, they can cause massive injuries to you, your family, or even your pets when they … Read more

Pros and Cons of Insulated Garage Door

One of the most challenging decisions you will have to make when shopping for a garage door is whether to invest in an insulated or uninsulated garage door. Both insulated and uninsulated garage doors have their share of advantages and disadvantages that you must examine before making a purchase decision. Even though most garage doors … Read more

How to Remove Moss on Concrete [Natural and Chemical Methods]

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How Many Outlets on a 20 Amp Circuit In a Garage? Let’s Find Out.

The circuit breaker in your home’s electrical panel is a crucial safety device designed to disconnect power in case of an electric overload. This measure can go a long way in preventing electrical cables from overheating due to an overload or power surges that could burn down your home. Various circuit breakers have different ratings … Read more

Faced Vs. Unfaced Insulation: Which is Best for Your Garage?

Understanding the different types of insulation and how they work can help you choose better to protect your home from weather elements and manage your energy consumption.  Ideally, you want to know when and where to install faced and unfaced insulation within the home to make the most of each. However, like many homeowners, you … Read more