Can I open my Garage Door with my Phone?


Can I open my garage door with my phone? This is a question most people always ask. Pictured above is a person using Garage Door Opener Wireless Garage Door Remote, Open and Close Garage Door from Anywhere, Compatible with Amazon Alexa to control the opening and the closing of the garage door

Your Smartphone is a pretty powerful device, especially if you install the right apps on it. While the wireless garage door opener is far much older than the internet, advanced technologies have added new capabilities for controlling, monitoring, and sharing access to your garage from across the globe.

Can I open my garage door with my phone?

Yes. You can use your phone to open your garage door with the help of mobile apps.  In fact, they are increasingly replacing your garage’s remote control. Smartphones allow you to access everything from lights to thermostats right from anywhere. From convenience to safety, these smart devices have a lot to offer.

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Understanding Smart Garage Door Openers

A smart garage door opener is a gadget that works in conjunction with your garage door mechanisms. It’s a control system that gives users smart control through a Wi-Fi-enabled device. It works by sending a signal via an app on your phone. The signal is sent to your door position sensor, which activates the garage motor, causing your garage door to open or close.

You can retrofit them to your existing garage door while others are compatible with different IoT technologies, including Google home, for maximum control. They also work with voice-activated systems like Google Assistant, Siri, or Amazon Alexa. They allow you to keep records of openings and closings. Depending on your chosen brand, some models include an integrated, motion-activated camera that allows easy monitoring of activities in your garage in real-time and reviews recorded footage.  

How smart devices work

With Wi-Fi integration, the procedure for connecting your MyQ Wi-Fi garage door opener to your home’s Wi-Fi network is pretty simple and straightforward. Your opener works by sending you activity alerts when the door opens or closes using the sensor on the door itself. As the operator, you can power all this with an app on your phone. Most garage door openers come with myQ app, which lets users operate the garage door from anywhere in the world. Here are the steps:

  • First up, users must create a MyQ account and then log in
  • Enable location settings
  • Tap the garage door opener with Wi-Fi ceiling installed on the device setup screen
  • Choose the type of wall control that resembles yours, then follow the instructions to activate Wi-Fi learn mode
  • Type your network password, and then next
  • Name your garage door opener and then tap finish to see your new device in the app the app
  • Lastly, tap the garage door to activate the opener

Once you complete the above steps, you’ll have successfully completed the setup.

The value of a smart garage opener

When it comes to running your home with smart devices, these units are designed to make your life much more comfortable. You can power almost anything with the sound of your voice or simply the touch of a button. A Smartphone wholly and uniquely transforms the way you access your garage.

Reasons why you should invest in smart garage opener

It allows you to keep track of your come and goes

One crucial reason why people trust smart device control is that it allows them to keep track of their daily activities. With your phone in control, you can always make sure your kids made it home from school safely. Besides, you get a complete log of when your garage was opened or closed. Similarly, you can check in with visitors on the spot and also give them authorized access to your home by only letting them in on your schedule.

It makes your garage door safer.

Controlling your garage door using your phone offers many ways for you to make your garage door safer. Using the high-tech system, you can integrate with your other smart home devices and take advantage of your smart opener’s safety features to choose some powerful security add-ons to make your garage impassable.

Allows you to remember to close your garage door

Let’s face it, how many times have you left your garage door open? Well, leaving your garage door open is one of the easiest ways to make your home insecure. With a smart garage door opener, you can instantly see if you forgot to close your door right from your Smartphone and then close it with a quick tap.

Keeps your deliveries safe

Reports show that nearly over one million packages get stolen every day. Packages left on the doorway are susceptible to both inclement weather and theft. Such alarming issues call for smart garage door openers to keep your packages secure. Using your phone, you can remotely open your garage door for your Amazon delivery person and also ensure it’s packaged well. Once done, your garage door recloses.

Ease of use 

Smart garage door openers were explicitly designed to be user-friendly. They make it effortless to understand what each app function does. Besides, it’s all laid out plainly on your screen, so you can be confident that you did remember to close your garage door. Similarly, it allows you to coast up your home by opening up for you even without lifting a finger; that’s swanky, right?

It acts as your eye and ear in the sky. 

With this smart technology, users can speak with their visitors with the available speaker and microphone connections. You can give your visitors a friendly greeting or perhaps issue an instruction to guide a repair person. This is highly helpful and heartwarming.

It helps you set a schedule.

Using your phone to open your garage can also help set a schedule. Depending on the daily activities in your home, you can pre-set a schedule so that your garage door opens or closes at certain intervals at the same time on any day of the week. You’ll only need to install it up once, and you’re good to go. This is specifically crucial if you have kids or frequently come home late and need your groceries delivered on time.

Disadvantages of smart garage door openers

Although the advantages outweigh the negatives, there are still a few setbacks. One primary setback is the time and installation expense. However, these are minimal compared to the benefits they bring to your home. Users are also highly advised not to toss away the regular garage door remote. Most smart garage door openers are designed with the idea that the primary method of opening or closing will still be the remote opener. All in all, you can always take advantage of the positives.

Ways to make your garage door opener smart

The two common ways of making your garage door opener smart are installing a sensor kit or add-on controller and replacing your drive motor with an opener that incorporates smart technology. To get the appropriate system for your garage door without changing any mechanical parts, always keep in mind the type of drive motor and the kind of garage door opener.

Sensor kits

Sensor kits are the most efficient way of making your garage door smart without having to add much more to the existing system. While they are pretty useful, they are less expensive and are used in many smart garage door applications today.

Add-on controllers

They mainly connect to your garage door motor or the door itself. They use sensors to measure and track the position of your door. They are relatively simple to install and equipped with multiple options. Although they have varying compatibility, most should be able to fit your motor.

Frequently asked questions

How do you open your garage door using iPhone?

You can start using the Open Sesame iPhone Garage Door Opener App and then attach a Bluetooth device to your garage door control panel. You can then sync its frequency with your iPhone via the app. Once done, opening and closing your garage is as simple as a tap on your touch screen.

Is it possible to use your phone as a garage door opener?

Certainly, we’ve also elaborated on the importance of using your phone as a garage door opener.

How can I convert my garage door opener to Wi-Fi?

To properly use the MyQ from your phone, your garage door must have access to an internet connection. If your garage door doesn’t have MyQ or Wi-Fi capabilities, you can start by retrofitting the opener with a Wi-Fi controller.

Final thoughts 

Smart technology continues to make life a lot easier for most folks. We hope you’re now convinced that your Smartphone is a pretty powerful gadget when it comes to controlling your garage door.

It’s now upon you to take advantage of the warm summer days to improve things around your home, starting with investing in a smart garage door opener. You can have a look at some of our top choices for the best garage door openers and start reaping the benefits now!