Liftmaster 8500 vs 3900: Which Model is Better?

Liftmaster is one of the most reputable garage door opener brands. The brand has numerous models available, including Liftmaster 3900 and 8500. As a result, choosing between the different models can be challenging, especially with technological advancements and if you are interacting with the brand for the first time.

For instance, Liftmaster 8500 vs. 3900 is one of the most challenging decisions you must make when deciding between the Liftmaster brands. You must understand how different or similar these two models compare, from design, security features, and motor to MyQ technology.

In this article, we have delved into different features of Liftmaster 8500 vs. 3900.

Read along to understand the different features to help choose the best option between the two Liftmaster models.

Liftmaster 8500 vs 3900

LiftMaster 8500 and 3900 are wall-mount garage door openers, saving overhead space. The two Liftmaster models are easy to install on the side of your garage door instead of your ceiling.

Even though the two units are from the jackshaft garage door openers, they exhibit specific primary differences. For instance, while the Liftmaster 3900 is designed for commercial use, the LiftMaster 8500 is ideal for residential places.

Furthermore, the two units have different lifting capacities. If your garage door opens to 14 feet, then you must choose LiftMaster 8500. The LiftMaster 8500 has a lifting capacity of 650 pounds and can lift the garage door to 14 feet, while the LiftMaster 3900 has a lifting capacity of 500 pounds and can open the garage door up to 12 feet high.

The LiftMaster 8500 has a more incredible lift speed of about 1.5 seconds per foot relative to the 2 seconds per foot for LiftMaster 3900.

LiftMaster 8500 has superior features to LiftMaster 3900. For instance, the 8500 unit has a built-in MyQ technology that you can integrate with your smartphone to open or close your garage door from anywhere. You can quickly locate your garage at night as the Liftmaster 8500 opener has an LED light. Both the MyQ technology and LED lights are not in the Liftmaster 3900, lacking some of the more recent technologies that have improved the performance of garage door openers.


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However, LiftMaster 8500 is more expensive compared to the 3900. Suppose you wish to acquire a high-quality garage door opener to provide the convenience, safety, and efficiency you need for your garage today, choose LiftMaster 8500. With the MyQ technology, LED light, and high lifting capacity, among other efficiency features, the 8500 presents you with an ideal go-for option in the market. However, if you are working on a tight budget, LiftMaster 3900 will be a perfect choice.



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The below table offers a comparison LiftMaster 8500 vs. 3900.

Feature Liftmaster 8500 Liftmaster 3900
Built-in LED light Yes No
Lifting Speed 1.5s/ft 2.0s/ft
MyQ Technology yes No
Max Door’s Height 14 ft 12ft
Lifting Capacity 650 pounds 500 pounds
Budget High Low
Mount Wall-mount Wall Mount
Locking System Yes No
Warranty 5 years 2 years
Price High Cheap
Noise Ultra-quiet operation Ultra-quiet operation

Other detailed Features


The LiftMaster 3900’s control panel is a touch-button pad. This represents a traditional control unit coming with only one remote control. However, you can purchase an extra remote control.

On the other hand, the LiftMaster 8500 uses a modern control system. For instance, the 8500’s control panel has been upgraded to an LCD. It is also fitted with MyQ technology that enables you to control the operation of your garage door regardless of where you are using a smartphone through a wireless connection.

However, for the Internet Gateway, you must buy a wireless connection for its operation. The opener also has a single remote control, but you can purchase another one.


The Liftmaster 8500 has a powerful DC motor that offers smooth and ultra-quiet operation. The motor adds to the model’s reliability in performance and capacity to handle heavy garage doors. This explains the high lifting capacity of the Liftmaster 8500.

Besides, the Liftmaster 3900 is integrated with a heavy-duty motor that can handle heavy-duty commercial doors, making the door opener appropriate for commercial places. The motor promotes efficiency and reliable operations.


Your garage and home security are paramount. Before deciding what unit to buy, you must consider the integrated security features. The 8500 is integrated with LiftMaster’s Security + technology to provide enhanced security features like rolling code technology that prevents unauthorized access.

The LiftMaster 8500 has a motion detector that lights up your garage when you enter, making your garage equipment, tools, and space visible when you enter the garage, enhancing your safety.

On the other hand, the LiftMaster 3900 has also implemented certain significant features, like the automatic reversal system that stops and reverses the door if it encounters an obstruction on its path. The unit comes with Security + which guarantees that a new code is generated every time you open the door, guaranteeing that no other unauthorized person can enter.

The LiftMaster 3900 includes a beam that goes across the door. The door will stop opening or closing if this beam is broken.

Liftmaster 8500 Jackshaft Travel Limits Programming

Step 1: On the opener unit, locate the Program button, often located on the side or back of the door opener.

Step 2: Press the Program button and release when the Opener’s LED light begins flashing.

Step 3: Press and hold the button on the remote control you wish to program within 30 seconds of releasing the opener’s program button. Release the remote button when the opener’s light stops flashing and remains steady.

Step 4: Press and release the remote control button and observe the opener light. The LED light will blink twice, confirming that the programming is successful.

Step 5: Set the travel limits for the door. First, locate the learn button on the opener unit. Press and hold the button. The opener’s light will blink once. Press and release the button for the second time and observe the opener light starts flashing.

Step 6: As the opener light flashes, press and release the button on the remote control you intend to use to open and close your garage door. Hold the button and observe the door moves until it reaches the desired fully closed position.

Step 7: Release the remote control button once the door has reached the desired closing position. The light in your opener will stop flashing and remain steady. Immediately press and rerelease the remote control. The opener light blinks twice, confirming that the travel limit programming has succeeded.

Step 8: Repeat the same process (1-7) to set the travel limit to the fully open position of the door. Hold the remote control button until the door reaches the desired fully open position. Once the opener light blinks twice again, it will confirm that the travel limit has been programmed successfully.

With that, you have successfully programmed the Liftmaster 8500 travel limits. Ensure you have set both the opening and closing positions.


The Liftmaster 8500 and 3900 are reliable and high-performance garage door opener models from the Liftmaster brand. The two models share similarities, including ultra-quiet operation and mount (wall mount). Besides, in terms of appearance and size, the units are compact, saving your garage space.

However, there are other notable differences between the two models. For instance, the Liftmaster 8500 has more integrated features than the 3900 model. The 8500 model has more security features, making it ideal for protecting your garage equipment. The motion sensor light makes it ideal for operation at any time of the day, while the locking system is paramount, adding to the safe operation.

Moreover, integrating the MyQ technology is an added advantage to the 8500 model, as you can operate your garage from anywhere, anytime, by connecting it to your smartphone.

Generally, our pick is Liftmaster 8500. The model has superior qualities to 3900. However, your needs and budget will determine the type of garage door opener you acquire. If you are looking for a powerful, convenient, efficient garage door opener that will tick almost all the boxes, then LiftMaster 8500 will be your ideal option.

However, if you do not plan to spend much on the opener, consider LiftMaster 3900. We hope you make a perfect purchase decision.

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