10 Best Genie Garage Door Opener of 2022 [ Expert Reviews & Buyers’ Guide]


One of the best genie garage opener in use to control the opening and the closing of a garage door

We often go above and beyond when securing our houses by reinforcing the doors and windows and installing CCTV cameras. The same effort is required when you want to secure your garage. The garage is a lucrative part of your home as it often houses your tools, which are worth a fortune.

Genie garage door openers are designed to enhance maximum security in your garage. Like the other best garage door openers, Genie garage door openers exhibit outstanding features such as intellicode technology, Aladdin Connect, and Alexa compatibility, among others. With Genie, you are guaranteed quality at an attractive price.

This article reviews the best Genie garage door openers and includes an informative buyers’ guide to help you make an informed and fast decision.

Best Genie Garage Door Opener at a Glance 


Best Genie Garage Door Opener Reviews 2022

1. Genie Wireless Keypad Garage Door Opener (B00715DTJQ)– Intellicode Technology 

Using a keyed garage opener is all good until you misplace the key and end up stranded. The Genie B00715DTJQ garage door opener saves you from such inconveniences owing to its modern keyless feature. Also, with this feature, the security of your garage is enhanced.An image of Genie Garage Door Opener Wireless Keyless Keypad, one of the best Genie garage door opener

This device’s convenience is unparalleled, especially for households with many occupants who need to access the garage.

Key Features and Benefits 

The keypad has an intellicode technique that allows you to access your garage even if you misplaced your remote. You could also set a temporary code and change it at your convenience.

Besides, this opener is equipped with an auto-seek dual-frequency to optimize its performance during frequency interference.

You will enjoy the versatility of this remote as it can operate up to three garage doors, not to mention its compatibility with openers of the same brand designed with the intellicode technique.

Along with this unit come two batteries and two screws for efficiency. Also included in the package is an informative user manual, making its installation process a breeze.


  • Designed to control multiple intellicode garage doors
  • Secure thanks to its intellicode feature
  • It has a backlit keypad for convenience in the dark
  • It can be used with or without a remote
  • Easy to install
  • Backed up by a one-year warranty


  • The backlight only illuminates three buttons, and the device has to be pressed for the light to operate


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2. Genie B07MV295ST Garage Door Opener– Safety 

No matter how large or heavy your garage door is, the Genie B07MV295ST garage opener got your back. The unit prides itself on a strong and durable chain drive that can lift seven-foot garage doors. Despite the potency it exhibits, it could serve you for ages owing to its automated DC motor and longstanding batteries.

Key Features and Benefits 

Genie ChainDrive 550 Garage Door Opener is another heavy duty garage door opener among the best genie garage door opener

Thanks to its Safe-T-beam, this garage door opener was designed with your safety in mind. With this feature in place, the device can retract the garage door if an object is underneath,  preventing accidents.

Consequently, it comprises intellicode technology, with which you could prevent unauthorized entry to your garage.

In addition, this exemplary Genie garage door opener is integrated with a heavy-duty chain drive system to allow for long-lasting operation. You benefit from a reliable and durable operation with the Genie Chain Drive 550 garage door opener.

The package includes the relevant accessories, such as two pre-programmed remotes and a wireless keypad.

You are also guaranteed a limited warranty on the motor, chain drive, parts, and accessories.


  • Designed to maximize the safety of both the garage and its users
  • Operates quietly
  • Offers easy installation
  • Comprises a durable DC motor that does not require maintenance
  • It has a long battery life (up to 2 years)
  • Compatible with Home Link and CAR2U
  • Includes a limited warranty


  • For an eight-foot garage door, you are obliged to purchase an expansion kit separately


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3. Genie B00I0A46MA Garage Door Opener

Unlike most of its counterparts, the Genie B00I0A46MA garage door opener is fitted with a single button, making it easier to use. The unit is easily portable owing to its lightweight of 0.48 ounces, not to mention the visor clip that makes it easy to hold. You could also carry it around on your key chain since it features a compact design.

Key Features and Benefits Genie Single Button Garage Door Opener Remote, an efficient garage door opener among the best genie garage door opener models

The unit is also designed with an auto-seek dual-frequency that counters interferences in the surroundings to improve the device’s performance. Its compatibility with dual-frequency also strengthens its signals, enabling it to work efficiently even when you are several feet away from your garage. It also comprises inbuilt batteries with a battery life of not less than two years.

The device is capable of working with other openers of the same brand that comprise the intellicode technique. The package also includes a step-by-step guide for efficiency while programming the opener.


  • Relatively lightweight hence easily portable
  • Easy to program since it has a single button and includes instructions
  • Exhibits strong signals due to its auto-seek dual technique
  • Long battery life
  • It has a compact size
  • It has a one-year warranty
  • Can work with other Genie intellicode openers


  • None to mention


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4. Genie B07MV2WHF4 Garage Door Opener

The Genie B07MV2WHF4 garage door opener is the definition of convenience. It brags of a potent yet quiet mode of operation. With its steel belt drive, the device can lift a 500-pound garage door with ease. It can also withstand a seven-foot door thanks to its powerful DC motor (3/4 HPC power).

Key Features and Benefits An image of Genie QuietLift Connect – WiFi Smart Garage Door Opener, an example of a unit among the best genie garage door opener

The unit features an ultra-quiet design, making it work with minimal to no noise. Consequently, this device enhances the safety of your garage and its users. It features intellicode technology that bars unauthorized access to your garage, not to mention its Safety-T-beam. The Safety-T-beam prevents accidents since it can sense a person or object underneath the door and prevent the door from shutting.

Even better is the fact that this device is compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant. It is designed with the Aladdin Connect technique, making it possible for you to operate your garage door from anywhere via your smartphone. This aspect further reinforces the security of your garage.


  • Features an ultra-quiet design
  • Comprises safety sensors
  • Works with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Improves the security of your garage as you can monitor it using your smartphone
  • Features intellicode technology
  • It has a powerful motor
  • It comes with the relevant accessories such as remotes, a keypad, and a wall console
  • Backed up by a limited warranty


  • Combination with Alexa or Google Assistant may be burdensome


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5. Genie B07F7RDK48 Garage Door Opener Remotes

The Genie B07F7RDK48 Garage door opener boasts of its ability to open several garage doors. The device can also work with up to three different Genie openers that are feature intellicode technology. The package includes two remotes for convenience, which is a plus.

Despite having three buttons, programming the device should be a walkover, thanks to the detailed instructions provided. It could also be used with other Genie openers, provided they work with a 390MHz frequency. Consequently, the fact that the package includes an extra remote means you could use it as a replacement for your Genie defective remotes.

This device also offers convenience as it can be clipped to your car’s visor when not in use. The package includes two batteries and two visor clips for the two remotes and is backed up by a one-year warranty.


  • Easy setup
  • An extra remote included for replacement purposes
  • Can open multiple doors
  • Works with most openers of the same brand
  • It has a visor clip
  • Secures your garage with its intellicode feature
  • Backed up by a warranty


  • It may not be compatible with some Genie openers


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6. Genie B07WVFCVS5 Garage Door Opener

The Genie B07WVFCVS5 garage door opener is easy to install and use. It comprises a five-rail system capable of assembling itself by snapping together, making the installation process a walkover. The unit is designed to maximize potency and exhibit minimal noise.Genie 2055-LED Stealth 500 Essentials, another vital unit among the best genie garage door opener

It is also designed to prioritize safety. For instance, it features safety sensors to avoid injury to garage users. Besides, it features an Intellicode security technique that secures the garage from intruders by changing the access code. It is fitted with LED lights that consume minimal energy and are shatter resistant.

The device is compatible with Homelink and CAR2U, even in the absence of repeaters. It is characterized by an auto-seek dual-frequency, meaning it offers strong and uninterrupted signals. The unit is backed up by a limited warranty of up to ten years for the motor, fifteen years for the belt drive, and one year for the parts and accessories.


  • Features a relatively manageable weight of 26.6 pounds
  • It comes with pre-programmed remotes
  • Compatible with Homelink and CAR2U
  • Easy installation process
  • Noiseless operation
  • Works with dual frequency
  • It has a limited warranty


  • None to mention


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7. Genie B013HHIY0K Series II Garage Door Opener

The Genie B013HHIYOK garage door opener is your ultimate go-to if in search of an opener that can secure your garage while you go on vacation. The device stands out since it features a slide lock that prevents other keypads and remotes from opening your garage while you are away.

The unit is also convenient as it can be used as a wall console, meaning you wouldn’t have to carry it around. Along with it come two mounting screws for efficiency during installation. It is easy to use thanks to its easily accessible buttons and its pull-out programming instructions.

Consequently, it is fitted with a backlight for convenience in the dark. The device is compatible with other series two openers of the same brand and is supported by one year’s warranty.


  • Has a sure-lock to ensure safety during vacations
  • It has a backlight
  • Easy to install
  • Features a light control button
  • Compatible with Genie series II openers
  • Compact design
  • It has a one-year warranty


  • It is not compatible with Genie series III door openers


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8 .Genie B016QB7K5O Garage Door Opener

With this Genie garage door opener, you are guaranteed top-notch security in your garage. The product comes as an Aladdin Connect kit for security purposes. The Aladdin Connect feature enables you to operate and monitor your garage door regardless of where you are using your smartphone.

This feature also includes a sensor that attaches to your garage door. In this way, you can receive notifications whenever your garage door is opened. Besides, you get to know whether the person accessing your garage is authorized or not. Even better is that the notifications include a record of when your garage door was opened or closed.

With Aladdin Connect, you could create a maximum of nineteen virtual keys to provide other garage users access. You can also set the validity period of these keys. This aspect makes the unit suitable for homes that guests frequent.


  • Offers maximum security
  • Works with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Sends notifications whenever the garage door is accessed
  • Allows creation of virtual keys
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Supported by a limited one year warranty
  • Can control multiple garage doors


  • Not compatible with non-sectional garage doors
  • Not compatible with 5G WiFi


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9. Genie B00DL9H2FS Accessories Combo Pack

This bargain prides itself on the fact that it gives you dual control over your garage door. The package includes a three-button remote and a wireless keypad, enabling you to access the garage with or without a remote. In this way, you could choose not to carry the remote around to avoid misplacing it.

The product is designed with the intellicode technique to reinforce the security of your garage. The technique allows you to change the access codes at your convenience to prevent unauthorized access. With its auto-seek dual-frequency design (315 and 390MHz), the device exhibits strong signals enabling the remote to counter interferences. The remote is fitted with a visor clip for efficiency.

On the other hand, the keypad is fitted with a backlight for convenience in the dark. Also included are mounting screws and programming instructions for convenience for easy installation and programming.


  • Designed with auto-seek dual frequency
  • Features intellicode technology
  • Includes both a keypad and remote for convenience
  • The keypad has a backlight
  • Controls up to three garage doors
  • Easy to install and program
  • Compatible with Genie intellicode openers
  • Features a limited one year warranty


  • It opens multiple garage doors simultaneously rather than individually


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Best Genie Garage Door Opener Buyers’ Guide

An image of a person using Genie Series II Garage Door Opener Wall Console, one of the best genie garage opener models

Finding a garage opener that perfectly suits your needs could be a daunting task. However, with Genie, you can never go wrong. The convenience that comes with Genie garage door openers makes the products an ultimate go-to. Here are some of the advantages of Genie garage door openers:

  • They are designed to maximize the security of your garage
  • They also enhance the security of garage users
  • They include the relevant accessories to foster convenience
  • Some are WiFi-enabled and can work with both Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Some can be operated from wherever you are using your smartphone
  • They are supported by a warranty

Genie garage door openers offer these and more advantages in one, with quality into the bargain. However, selecting the best Genie garage door opener for you may not be a walk in the park. Some of the factors to consider when selecting the best Genie garage door opener include:


The primary reason for purchasing a Genie garage door opener is to secure your garage and its contents, making this factor indispensable. Most Genie garage door openers are designed to keep your garage safe from burglars. Under security, consider the following factors:

  1. Intellicode technology: This feature allows you to change the access code as frequently as you wish to prevent unauthorized access to your garage. With an intellicode system, hacking or breaching is out of the question.
  2. Aladdin Connect: Genie garage door openers that feature Aladdin Connect enable you to operate the garage door anywhere anytime using your smartphone. This feature also gives you alerts on your phone whenever your garage door is opened, and whether the person accessing your garage is authorized or not.

It also keeps a record of when your garage door was accessed. You can get notifications even when there is a manual break-in at your garage.

  1. Sure-lock: Genie garage door openers fitted with a sure-lock should be your ultimate go-to during vacations. Such openers guarantee you peace of mind while on vacation since they prevent other remotes or keypads from operating your garage door.


  1. Virtual keys: This is an indispensable factor when it comes to garage doors that multiple people access. Genie garage door openers that allow the creation of virtual keys give every user access to the garage using their respective keys. Such products are recommended for houses that often host guests.

Also, security, in this case, is not only for your garage but also its users. For this reason, consider Genie garage door openers that are fitted with safety sensors to avoid unexpected accidents or injuries. Genie garage door openers designed with a Safety-T-Beam are ideal.


An ideal Genie garage door opener is one that offers maximum convenience to its users. Here are some of the factors that make up a user-friendly Genie opener:

  1. Pre-programmed remote: Under this category, consider opting for Genie garage openers that come with already programmed remotes. This aspect makes the device easy to use and saves you time.
  • Wall console: Genie garage door openers that can be used as wall consoles save you from the agony of losing a remote and having to replace it. In case you are worried about misplacing your remote, such openers should be your go-to.
  • Visor clip: Genie garage openers that feature a remote with a visor clip are ideal as you can easily fit it at the visor of your car for easy access and avoid losing it.
  • Backlight: This is a primary factor in the case of wireless keypad Genie openers. Keypads that are backlit are recommended for convenience in the dark.


Under this category, consider Genie garage door openers such as remotes that are compatible with the same brand’s openers. Most are compatible with other Genie openers that feature intellicode techniques, and these are ideal.

Consequently, consider Genie garage openers that are WiFi-enabled and compatible with Alexa or Google Assistant for efficiency. Also, consider those compatible with Homelink and Car2u for the garage door’s easy operation while in your car.


Accessories such as mounting screws and a user manual are important to ease your Genie garage door opener’s installation process and usage. For Genie garage door openers that lack in-built batteries, consider whether the batteries are included in the package or not.

Also, who wouldn’t want an extra remote for convenience? Even better are Genie garage door openers that come as a kit, including both a keypad and a remote, as this gives you options.

The video below shows how to install a garage door opener especially for the first users


Ultimately, the best Genie garage door opener is one that guarantees your maximum garage security. In this way, your mind could be at peace whether you are on vacation or at work. Genie garage door openers are ideal for your living space as they operate quietly regardless of their potency.

Genie garage openers offer unquestionable quality, and this can be proved by the fact that a warranty supports the products. If searching for a suitable brand that caters to your garage’s needs, Genie is your ultimate go-to.

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