Liftmaster 8500 vs 3900: Which Model is Better?

Liftmaster is one of the most reputable garage door opener brands. The brand has numerous models available, including Liftmaster 3900 and 8500. As a result, choosing between the different models can be challenging, especially with technological advancements and if you are interacting with the brand for the first time. For instance, Liftmaster 8500 vs. 3900 … Read more

Can a Wood Floor Support a Car? This is How!

  When it comes to garage flooring, you have innumerable options. However, very few garages and homeowners always think of wood flooring as an option, with the belief wood is weak and cannot support the weight of a car. Indeed, wood floors are not intended or built for a car’s weight. Most of the wood … Read more

How to Lower a Garage Floor in 8 Steps

  Lowering a garage floor may be imperative when you want to enhance the headroom in the garage or create a more accessible space for your cars or equipment with high clearance requirements. Whatever the garage floor type, you must first remove the upper layer of your floor, be it wood, epoxy, or concrete and … Read more

How to program garage door opener without learn button

  Unlike the olden days, garage doors today reinforce security through the rolling code technology that auto-generates a new code whenever the garage’s remote is used. What if you moved into a new home with an older garage door opener model? Don’t fret; Like new models, the older garage door openers were also designed with … Read more

Liftmaster Flashing Light Codes

Liftmaster garage door openers are built to last. But like any mechanical device, they can break down from time to time. When this happens, knowing how to troubleshoot and fix the problem can go a long way.  Thankfully, Liftmaster garage door openers have built-in self-diagnostic features that make it easier to identify and fix a … Read more

Best SBC Heads for Drag Racing of 2023 [8 Top PIcks & Buyers’ Guide]

  Having your car in fine and dandy condition all through is not guaranteed. The engine, a crucial car component for a vehicle’s operation, may sometimes face challenges. Instances of overheating of the engine, white pigmentation of the oil, or white smoke exiting from the car’s exhaust, among other disturbances, will indicate an anomaly with … Read more

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