10 Best Shocks for Toyota 4runner Reviews of 2022 [ Top Reviews & Buyers Guide]

If you have been thinking of which car can adjust to different road conditions, then the Toyota 4runner is there for you. This vehicle has advanced from back in the 90s, and people still believe in it for off/on-road capabilities. But, to experience the best out of this vehicle, you need to invest in the best shocks for Toyota 4runner.

Shocks play a very vital role in the overall balance and performance of your vehicle. Even more, you will find the most helpful if you use your car for towing or drive on rough terrains. If you don’t choose the correct shocks, you must be ready to encounter unexpected problems anytime. In this review, I will help you find the best shocks for Toyota 4runner. I have highlighted the top ten of them to make your purchase decision easier. I have also provided a detailed buying guide to help you determine which shock suits your car description.

Read on to find out.

Best Shocks for Toyota 4runner Reviews

 1.Bilstein 24-239370 Shock Absorber

 What’s the best shock for your Toyota 4runner if not the Bilstein 24-239370 Shock Absorber.  You can use the items on SUVs and trucks. It comes with a front OE coilover style suspension for advanced flexibility. Even better, you can adjust its height while riding. The 24-239370 also has Multiple snap-ring grooves in the body to allow for different spring seat positions.

The multiple snap ring grooves provide 0″ – 2.75″ of front lift, depending on the application. What’s more about this item is the 46mm digressive piston with a self-adjusting deflecting disc valve that makes your work way more accessible, especially when riding on rough roads. Utilizing the B8 5100 shock absorber is the most fantastic way to level up your Toyota 4runner since it ensures balance on all wheels.


  • The product is ride height adjustable.
  • It provides increased wheel travel.
  • This unit enables improved handling.
  • The item utilizes the B8 5100.
  • It’s ideal for trucks and SUV’s
  • It allows for different spring seat positions.
  • It provides a front lift based on the applications.
  • You can use it while riding on rough roads.
  • It’s durable.
  • The unit has a self-adjusting deflective disc valve setting.


  • The front lift is only between 0” to 2.75”.


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 2.Bilstein 5100 Series Shock Kit for Toyota 4Runner 4WD 2003-09

 This is yet another product from the Bilstein manufacturers. It’s a 5100 series shock ideal for Toyota 4runner 4WD. The kit includes a front ride height adjustable that allows your vehicle to have correct leveling even when riding off-road. There is also a matching rear 5100 series shock absorber that can withstand your vehicle’s weight and load.

Unlike the Bilstein 24-239370, the front shocks of the 5100 can adjust only from 0″ – 2.5″, giving your vehicle the correct level when necessary. The kit is compatible with Toyota 4runner 4WD models from 2003 – 2009. However, it excludes the adjustable (X-REAS) suspension. Installing these shocks is a piece of cake since it does not require any modification. You only need to bolt them up.


  • The item has a lifetime warranty.
  • The installation process is effortless.
  • It does not require any modification.
  • The item is only 24 pounds.
  • You can vary the height of the front pairs from 0″ to 2.5″.
  • It comes with matching rear shocks.
  • This kit is compatible with 4runner 4WD 2003-09.
  • The shocks are best for both on and off-road use.
  • They have a rugged design.


  • It excludes adjustable (X-REAS) suspension.


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3.Rough Country 3″ Lift Kit (fits) 1996-2002 4-Runner 4WD

 Driving on rough roads can be tricky, but if you have the Rough Country 3″ lift N3 shocks, this can never be a problem for you again. The item allows you to give your Toyota 4runner the perfect blend of protection, performance, and style. These shocks offer unmatched ground clearance best for on and off-road use.

Additionally, you shouldn’t worry about the installation process since it’s straightforward. The process requires only bolting. What’s unique about this product is that Rough Country’s lifetime replacement warranty backs it. But, the strut extensions do not preload your coil spring. The rear shocks have a robust construction with recoil cut off.


  • The mounting process is easy
  • The items have a rugged construction.
  • It offers unmatched ground clearance.
  • The shocks offer the best on and off-road use.
  • The rear shocks have a recoil cut-off construction.
  • This product provides protection and style.
  • You rest assured better performance.
  • It has guaranteed durability.


  • The strut extensions do not preload the coil spring.


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 4.Bilstein B8 5100 Series  

 The Bilstein B8 5100 series will outperform your expectations with its outstanding capabilities. First, this unit is compatible with Toyota 4runners from model 2010 to 2017. It offers an adjustable height ranging from 0” to 2½” of lift. The front shocks have a collapsed length of 17.58” (446.50mm) and an extended length of 22.48” (571.10”). On the other hand, the rear shock collapsed length is 14.91” (378.71mm) while the extended length is 23.50” (596.90mm).

These height adjustable shock absorbers have a design for front Coilover style pickup suspensions. With a set of four monotube replacement gas-charged shocks, each of them has a 46mm digressive piston with self-adjusting deflective disc valving. The shocks can perform different spring seat positions with multiple snap ring grooves in the body. This provides for 0″ to 2.5″ of front end lift depending on the application.


  • They provide increased wheel travel.
  • Handling your vehicle becomes easy.
  • The shocks are compatible with 4runner models 2010 to 2017.
  • The kit includes limited SRS and Trail 2017 4runner TRD off-road.
  • You can adjust the shocks from 0” to 2½”.
  • They allow for different spring seat positions.
  • You will find a set of 4 monotube replacement gas-charged shocks.


  • The maximum front shock collapse length is only 17.58”.


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 5. Bilstein (33-187174) 5100 Series Shock Absorber

Bilstein (33-187174) 5100 Series Shock Absorber has a design of a direct fit solution for lifted trucks and SUVs like the Toyota 4runner. The items have a monotube design which offers a consistent fade-free performance no matter the terrain you might be riding on. What makes the B8 5100 unique is that they utilize a velocity-sensitive, digressive piston that reacts to changing road conditions.

Even better, all B8 (33-187174) 5100 Series Shock Absorbers have a unique engineered design, tuned for specific application to assure optimal performance. They offer a significant improvement in ride quality, comfort, and handling. At only 5.9 pounds, these shock absorbers do not add a lot of weight to your vehicle for efficient fuel consumption. Therefore, they are indeed the best shocks for Toyota 4runner.


  • The items only weigh 5.9 pounds.
  • They are easy to fit.
  • These units utilize a unique velocity-sensitive digressive piston.
  • Each of these shocks has a unique design tuned for specific applications.
  • The shocks are easy to handle and provide comfort.
  • You rest assured of consistent fade-free performance.
  • The items are inexpensive.


  • The socks are only compatible with 4runners from model 2003 to 2004.


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 6.KYB KG54317 Gas-a-Just Gas Shock

Unlike the standard shocks, the KYB KG54317 Gas-a-Just Gas Shock adds up to 25% more damping performance. The components and valving of these shocks have an engineered design specifically for the Toyota 4runner. The shocks have a high gas pressure designed which provides instant, extra control when driving on all road types.

The monotube design of these shocks outperforms all other standard shock absorbers. Besides, there is a unique air-free hydraulic unit that eliminates performance fade. The air-free hydraulic piston and valve area allow for easy responsiveness and control. The hydraulic and gas chambers are also separated, meaning there is no aeration, foaming, or delay. Lastly, the unit weighs only 4 pounds.


  • The shocks have a high-pressure nitrogen gas.
  • They provide comfortable rides.
  • These units also add an instant performance on demand.
  • You will find a seamless extruded mount.
  • The shocks have a piston and valve area for responsiveness and control.
  • The items add up to 25% more damping.
  • It’s compact and lightweight.


  • There is no discount from the manufacturer.


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7. SENSEN 1670-RS Rear Struts Compatible with 1996-2002 Toyota 4Runner

These shocks have a vast range of compatibility. You can use them for Toyota 4runner models from 1996 to 2002. With a weight of up to 25 pounds, these shocks have a rugged construction that promises longevity with optimum performance. As with the other models, installing this shock does not require modifications. Therefore, it takes a short time to complete the installation process.

The cross-reference numbers for these shocks are 346051, 49387, 77726, G63726, 565002, KG54317, 32334, 37157, thus providing more compatibility with unbeatable prices. The shocks have a high resist ability to rust, corrosion, and other advanced weather conditions. Additionally, you can use them on any road terrain.


  • They are less expensive.
  • The products offer unparalleled performance.
  • There are several cross reference numbers.
  • The installation process is effortless.
  • The shocks are ideal for any road terrain.


  • These shocks weigh up to 25 pounds.


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8.KYB KIT 4 FRONT & REAR shocks/struts FOR 2003 – 09 TOYOTA 4-Runner

At only 22 pounds and dimensions of 28” x 8” x 8”, these shocks fit well in a Toyota 4runner. The convenient kit comes complete with four-piece shock absorbers compatible with Toyota 4runner models from 2004 to 2009. The included 4 KYB GR2 shocks have excel partG with part numbers 341340, 341340, 344410, 344410.

All models of these items have an Exc X-REAS and self-leveling air suspensions that ensure your vehicle has the right balance on any terrain. Besides, they have a rigid material that comfortably carries the weight and the load of the car. This material also increases the durability of the shocks.


  • The kit includes 4 KYB GR2 shocks.
  • You can use these units in any weather conditions.
  • These units can resist rust and corrosion.
  • The items can fit in Toyota 4runners from model 2003 to 2009.
  • They have a rugged construction.


  • They are a bit heavy.


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 9. SENSEN 10060-FS-SS Front Complete Strut Assembly Compatible with 1996-2002 Toyota 4Runner

 If you want the best shocks for Toyota 4runner, choose the SENSEN10060-FS-SS. These items come as a pair for the front wheels. They have a rigid design that ensures durability and resistance to inhibiting corrosive chemicals, battery acid, rust, and advanced weather conditions.An image of SENSEN 10060-FS-SS Front Complete Strut Assembly Compatible with 1996-2002 Toyota 4Runner, one of the best shocks for toyota 4runner

You can use these shocks on your Toyota 4runner if its model number ranges from 1996 to 2002. The cross-reference numbers include LS33-80291L, LS33-80291R,1336341L, 1336341R, G57066, G57065, 171351R, 171351L, 181351L, Q17135L, 181351R, Q171351R, 11561, and 11562. Installing these shocks won’t take much of your time since no modification is necessary. Besides, they offer a self-leveling capability that will let your car balance when driving either on or off-road.


  • The pair is ideal for any Toyota 4runner model from 1996 to 2002.
  • You don’t have to worry about driving either on or off-road.
  • You will get these products at a pocket-friendly price.
  • Installing is a piece of cake.


  • The items come as a pair of only the front wheels.
  • The pair weighs up to 42 pounds.


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10. Monroe 171371L Monroe Quick-Strut Complete Strut Assembly

 The Monroe 171371L comes with a pre-assembled upper strut mount. The assembly includes:

  • SAE-grade nuts and bolts.
  • OE style bearings.
  • Superior rubber to steel bond.
  • Plated steel for more extended wear

The best thing about these assemblies is that they meet all the OE performance. The product also has a new bearing plate that ensures consistency and precise steering return by diminishing the “memory steer.” This feature assists in eliminating the steering noises commonly caused by worn or corroded bearings.

Additionally, each of the spring seats complements the corresponding premium Monroe strut and upper strut mount’s ride control. The upper spring seat also provides optimal performance without transmitting noise or vibrations into the chassis. Another function of the upper spring seat is to support the vehicle’s weight and adequately offset the strut tower’s spring.


  • There are less noise and vibration transmission to the chassis.
  • The durable strut boot protects the strut seal and rod from debris and dirt.
  • This item comes pre assembled
  • The plated steel facilitates for more extended wear.
  • The installation process is straightforward.
  • It offers outstanding performance.


  • You have to buy four of these items separately.


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Best Shocks for Toyota 4runner Buyers’ Guide

If you want to get shocks for your Toyota 4runner, you must be very keen on considering some significant facts. The reason is that there are very many kinds of these shocks in the market. Each of them has unique specifications that make it stand out. Many of them carry across categories and do most of the tasks well. However, the moment you start getting into the off-road category, the odds start changing. This is when you realize if you made the right choice or not. Such differences arise from the features, specific use type, and design of those shocks ideal for high speed to those of slow trail or both.

Therefore, it would help if you were very keen while choosing, so you don’t regret it. In the section below, I have listed most of the critical features to consider. I have also included some additional tips to help you with selecting the best shocks for Toyota 4 runners.

Why You Need The Best Shocks for Toyota 4runner

  • Easy installation. The installation process of these units is straightforward. Most of them do not require modification. Thus, you can do the job conveniently from your garage at home.
  • You don’t have to worry about these shocks’ longevity since they have a rugged construction that prolongs their shelf life. Unparalleled performance. These units can handle heavy jobs. Therefore, you can use them on a 4×4 vehicle.
  • Compact and lightweight. This product’s compact nature ensures that there is no much weight to your Toyota 4runner for efficient fuel consumption.
  • Reduced noise. If you use these items on your vehicle, you rest assured of low noise production. Besides, you will enjoy the low-level vibration for a comfortable ride. However, you need to ensure you maintain them well by regularly oiling the shocks.
  • Ideal for on/off the road. These shocks have advanced engineering that makes them suitable for either on or off road use.
  • Height adjustable. Another best thing about most of these items is the self adjustability capability. This means you can drive your vehicle through deep potholes or bumps by simply adjusting the shocks’ height.
  • Fade free performance. For those with a monotube design, it helps offer a fade free performance despite the terrain type.
  • Easy leveling. You won’t need to worry about leveling your vehicle when driving on an uneven surface. The shocks do the work for you.

 Factors to Consider When Choosing The Best Shocks for Toyota 4runner

 Type of Shocks

 The current market is full of replacement shocks. But the type of vehicle you drive is the determining factor of whether you will need automatic, nitrogen gas, air, or standard shocks. The funny truth is that these types of shocks have different performance levels. Therefore, it would be wise for you to determine the best kind of kit that fits your vehicle’s front or rear. Only then will you find the best shocks for Toyota 4runner.

 Driving Conditions

 Where do you stay? Is the road bumpy with holes or smooth? These are the kind of questions you should ask yourself before making purchases. Therefore, if you plan on using your Toyota 4runner for towing or going for adventures on rough terrains, you should choose the rugged shock absorbers. On the other hand, if you prefer cruising the streets, you shouldn’t mind selecting a standard shock absorber. But it would be best to be very keen on leaks from the shaft and rod of the kit.

 Ease of installation

Why go for complicated shocks, yet you can choose the one with a straightforward installation process. In short, absorbers should be very easy to install since most people prefer to do the job independently. Also, ensure you have the essential tools of installation, including screwdrivers and many more.

 Durability and Budget

These two factors run concurrently. The most durable shock will be the most expensive one since it includes advanced features that guarantee durability. However, it would help if you chose something that will last since smooth-riding off-road and safety depends on the shock type. The most preferred construction includes a steel body with chrome or zinc coating. I would also recommend getting a corrosion-resistant shock with G force technology. But you should ensure you don’t pass your budget limit since there should be a balance between quality and budget.

 Vehicle Model

 Since you chose to read this article, it means you are probably looking for the best shocks for Toyota 4runner. The challenges arise when it comes to the compatibility nature. Always ensure you double-check the particular shock if it’s compatible with the year of your car. You will realize some of them don’t fit the x-rear suspension system. And that’s why you should be very keen on checking on the model and compatibility.


If you don’t invest in a good shock absorber, you will face many challenges, especially if you drive off-road. Besides, this will affect the durability of the suspension system. Therefore, I recommend choosing the rugged shocks that can withstand most driving conditions. Even better, the height-adjustable shocks will do better, especially when driving on rough terrains.

But this shouldn’t be your worry since this detailed article has all you need. If choosing is still tricky, consider re-reading the buying guide section to find out more about the features to consider before making the purchase. The Bilstein 24-239370 Shock Absorber left me with no option since it has outstanding features. But you go ahead and pick the one that best suits your vehicle’s description.



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