Best Tool Chest for Garage of 2022 [ Top 10 Reviews & Buyers’ Guide]


An image of a mechanc in a garage with arranged equipment in a Keter Rolling Tool Chest with Storage Drawers, one of the best tool chest for garage

Garages are primarily associated with numerous tools for use in most projects. And it can only be easier for you if you had all of them well organized in the best tool chest for the garage. These units come with large drawers that can accommodate all your equipment.

Additionally, you will find some that are integrated with rolling wheels ideal for job site mobility. Durability on these items is guaranteed with the rugged construction and the powder-coated finish that prevents rust, corrosion, and stains.

In this article, I have provided in-depth reviews of the top ten tool chests for the garage, including pros and cons. After the reviews, you will find a detailed guide with all the vital features of consideration when purchasing.

Let’s jump to it.

Best Tool Chest for Garage Reviews 2022

1.Heavy Duty Rolling Toolbox with Foldable Comfort Handle 

Have you missed seeing your tools organized for an off-site job?  Then, a Heavy Duty Rolling Toolbox with Foldable Comfort Handle & Removable Top Storage is what you have been missing. This excellent tool chest features three small parts storage boxes with up to 24 storage compartments. It has two removable tool trays, cable hooks, and removable top storage to help keep all your extension cords neat and organized.An image of eavy Duty Rolling Toolbox with Foldable Comfort Handle & Removable Top Storage

You will experience a breeze taking this mobile workshop along to various locations, thanks to its fold-down handle with a comfortable grip. When traveling in rough construction environments, your tools are assured of protection from the durable polypropylene and metal construction that guarantees durability.

Even more, this unit has a deep storage compartment that allows you to bring along personal protective equipment, extra boxes of small parts, and power tools. With the two 4.2″ nylon wheels, this product can withstand even the challenging terrains when handling off-site jobs.


  • This unit comes with 24 total compartments that include two removable tool trays and a deep bottom compartment.
  • It is made of polypropylene and metal to guarantee durability.
  • The product comes with cable hooks that are ideal for holding tape rolls and other small supplies.
  • The 4.2” nylon wheels allow for job site mobility.
  • It lets you keep your tools organized for off-site jobs.
  • The item has a fold-down handle with a comfort grip that lets you take this tool with you.


  • It only has a total of 24 compartments.


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2.STANLEY Tool Box, Mobile Chest, 50-Gallon (037025H)

With up to 50 gallon storage, the STANLEY Tool Box, Mobile Chest (037025H), has deep portable storage to fit all of your gear and tools. This excellent tool chest has a pullout steel handle with an ergonomic designed soft grip that provides comfort while maneuvering around your garage. Besides, the 037025H has rubber-coated wheels that play silent even when pushing at high speeds.An image of STANLEY Tool Box, Mobile Chest, an example of Best Tool Chest for Garage you must fancy having in your garage

This unit is built to last, thanks to its large nickel-plated rust-resistant metal latches. You will also have all your tools secure with the provided lock and key system. With this unit, you will have prolonged work time with guaranteed durability and versatility.


  • The tool chest can hold up to 50 gallons.
  • It is a lockable roller tool chest that comes with a lock and key mechanism.
  • The unit is made from high-density structural foam.
  • It comes with a soft grip handle for comfort when pushing.
  • The rubber-coated wheels allow for easy maneuverability.


  • It only has the hind wheels.


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3.WEN 73015 Garage Glider Rolling Tool Chest Seat

The WEN 73015 Garage Glider Rolling Tool Chest Seat comes with up to sixteen onboard storage slots. This lets you keep all your most-used tools on a lineup of easy reach that is perfect for screwdrivers, wrenches, and more. Unlike other tool chests for the garage, this product features two magnetic foldable storage trays.A picture of WEN 73015 Garage Glider Rolling Tool Chest Seat. The unit is among the best tool chest for garage

The trays are on either side of this unit, and you can use them to keep track of all your spare nuts and bolts. The magnetic lining ensures that all your random screws are intact even after rolling around the shop.

As a glider tool chest, this item features three padded drawers that you can use to isolate your essential tools. The WEN 350 is made of an extra absorbent vinyl-protected multi-layered padding that maximizes potential and comfort.


  • The product has four 2.5” swivel casters that ensure quick and easy omnidirectional movement around the garage.
  • The two magnetic wings provide a simple storage solution for loose screws and bolts.
  • This unit has thick and absorbent vinyl-protected multi-layered padding for comfort and protection.
  • With sixteen extra onboard storage slots, you can precisely arrange your tools.
  • This product holds up to 350 pounds of evenly distributed tools.


  • It only has 16 extra onboard storage slots.


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4.Keter Rolling Tool Chest with Storage Drawers

First, this unit is portable. It has 16 removable bins and dividers which can fit all your needs. This product enables you to have faster, more organized repairs and construction tasks without the hassles of fumbling through old kitchen drawers or old rusted boxes. among the best tool chest for garage, Keter Rolling Tool Chest with Storage Drawers, Locking System and 16 Removable Bins-Perfect Organizer for Automotive Tools for Mechanics and Home Garage is another valuable unit you may consider having

The cabinet is made of durable polypropylene resin and comes with a central lock system. This mechanism keeps each drawer secured before, during, and after use.

The bottom drawer of the Keter rolling tool chest provides deep storage space for more comprehensive tools. Furthermore, the incorporated carry handle makes each module easily portable, while the easy to assemble caster wheels allow convenient mobility for any mechanic to roll around the garage. This unit’s versatility renders it ideal for any project, including DIY projects, auto mechanics, and many more.

Keter rolling tool chest also guarantees durability with its weather-resistant polypropylene construction, which prevents peeling, rusting, and denting.


  • The tool has a central locking system to secure each draw.
  • It has easy to assemble caster wheels that allow for job site mobility.
  • The bottom drawer provides deep storage space for more comprehensive tools.
  • It comes with 16 removable bins.
  • This product is versatile and ideal for any demanding project.
  • It only weighs 23.6 pounds, thus allowing for job site mobility.


  • Only the lower drawer can accommodate extensive tools.


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5.Festool 200119 SYS 4 Sortainer

The 200119 SYS 4 Sortainer is yet another production of the Festool manufacturers. This outstanding unit is equipped with up to three large drawers. Each of these drawers has a capacity of 6.7 liters, with optional dividers. Therefore, ideal for accommodating even extensive tools. With only 13.1 pounds, this product is lighter than the traditional ones allowing for easy maneuverability.Festool 200119 SYS 4 Sortainer is a convenient and efficient tool among the best tool chest for garage

Even more, the 200119 comes with optional storage boxes that you can use for greater onsite efficiency. Besides, it’s compatible with t-loc and classic sustainers, which you can effortlessly attach at the bottom. You can also combine the draws to form a flexible rack system that increases the storage space.


  • This tool chest is equipped with three large drawers to accommodate even the bulkier tools.
  • Each drawer has a capacity of 6.7 liters with optional dividers.
  • This unit is compatible with T-LOC and classic systainers.
  • The product also comes with a drawer latch, removable dividers, and placements for removable storage boxes.
  • The item is suitable for organized storage of accessories and other small parts in the garage.
  • It comes with drawer description labels for maximum organization.


  • It does not have mobility wheels.


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6.Eight Drawer Wood Tool Chest

As its name suggests, this unit comes with up to eight drawers that you can use to store your micrometers, calipers, and other small garage tools. The eight great drawers are aligned with felt that enhance protection and helps prevent rust formation. With this tool chest, you rest assured of protection, thanks to its inside lid fitted with a machinist’s safety mirror.You need to store your garage tools with precision, Eight Drawer Wood Tool Chest is a top model among the best tool chest for garage you cannot fail to have in your garage

You can use this mirror for first aid purposes in cases when debris gets in your eye. Apart from its reliable functionality, this unit is made from a hardwood material with a walnut stain and clear lacquer finish, which complements its general appearance.

Additionally, it has a single key locking mechanism that guarantees safety for all your stirred tools. The rubberized handle has a tender-to-touch grip that provides comfort when lifting the drawers, aligned with felt. The rectangular shape of this product ensures that it can fit most of your garage tools.


  • The product has up to eight draws for most of your garage types of equipment.
  • It’s crafted with walnut stain, giving you a perfect way to storing your tools.
  • This unit comes with a machinist’s mirror ideal for safety purposes.
  • It’s made from durable hardwood material that can withstand any garage environment.
  • The single essential locking guarantees safety for your tools.
  • The unit has a rubber handle for easy lifting of the felt line drawers.
  • Durability is guaranteed with the felt-aligned drawers that provide protection and help to prevent rust.


  • This tool chest has only eight drawers.


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7.INTEGREAT Rolling Tools Chest with Drawers Tools

Durability is paramount for any tool or machine, and the INTERGREAT Rolling Tools Chest with Drawers gives you nothing less than this. The product has its main parts made from a sturdy steel structure. Therefore, you can enjoy its convenience either indoors or outdoors. Your belongings’ security is paramount with this item since it’s integrated with a lock and key mechanism.

You will find four integrated hooks that you can use for tools that require hanging on the side of this cabinet. Furthermore, the rubberized side handle provides an excellent grip necessary when moving the tool cabinet. This item has a detachable toolbox, including a top box drawer, two small tray drawers, three large tray drawers, three small drawers, and a large locker.

As one of the best tool chests for the garage, this unit features two brake wheels and two moving wheels, allowing you to move around the garage to keep your work safer. Moving is easy since you can push the toolbox or pull the stick conveniently.  This item outshines the rest in its class with the electrostatic phosphorus-free epoxy spray layer that provides impeccable strength and stability, rendering it strong and immune to rust and corrosion.


  • This unit has locks and keys to provide you with more secure storage.
  • It has four hooks on the side for hanging tools.
  • The product has a detachable toolbox that includes eight drawers.
  • It features two smooth rubber moving wheels and two brake wheels for improved mobility.


  • It’s a bit costly.


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8.Husky 52 in. 15-Drawer Industrial Tool Chest and Cabinet Combo H52CH6TR9HD

This unit is ultimately the best tool chest for the garage. It comes with up to 15 functional drawers and a top till, which provides at least 37, 421 cu. in storage to accommodate most of your garage tools. The soft-close ball-bearing drawer slides are made rigidly to support a maximum of 120 lb.

The Husky 52″ H52CH6TR9HD is constructed from an all-welded 18 gauge steel body that is tough and rust-resistant. Besides, it has a powder-coated textured black paint finish that also contributes to its sturdiness and durability. The ergonomic tubular side handle makes moving the cabinet around your garage a breeze.

Security on this item is provided by the internal keyed locking system that comes with two keys. You will also enjoy the additional privacy drawer located at the top of the chest. The drawer features eight electrical outlets and four USB ports. Four and two of the outlets and USB ports, respectively, are on each side to let you charge your electronics and tools conveniently. Two additional rubber grommets in the top-till running the power cords through the sizeable magnetic plate on the top-till’s back wall provides extra storage and quick access to your most frequently used tools.


  • The product comes with a bottle opener in case you need a beverage while working.
  • It has up to 15 drawers and a top till for maximum storage.
  • This chest is made of 18 gauge steel for enhanced durability.
  • On the outside, there are eight electric outlets and 4 USB ports.
  • The ergonomic tubular handle allows for job site maneuverability.


  • The item weighs up to 120 pounds.


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9. Roller Cart Tool Cabinet Storage Chest Box Glossy Black 4 Drawer 580 Lb

First, it’s compact and lightweight. However, this does not hinder you from keeping the tools you need for your projects well organized and easily accessible. The roller cart tool cabinet provides you with up to 6200 cu. in. storage space. This means that it can comfortably handle up to 580 lb. worth of equipment.

Maneuverability around your garage is now easy with the help of the integrated four rolling swivel casters. Durability on this unit is guaranteed with the glossy black powder coat finish that prevents rusting. The drawers are 14½” deep and have folded edges incorporated with extra firm detents to secure them while closing.

The drawers also have heavy-duty 1⅜” ball-bearing slides riveted to the cart to provide smooth and durable use. Besides, each drawer can support up to 70 lbs of your to ols. Another outstanding feature of this item is the screwdriver storage slots built into the tool cart’s inner frame.


  • The drawers are up to 14½” deep to accommodate most tools.
  • These drawers can support up to 70 lbs each.
  • There are screwdriver storage slots in the inner frame to fit all your screwdrivers.
  • This product is coated with a glossy black powder finish that prevents rusting.


  • It only has four drawers.


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  1. Heavy-duty, Drawer 16 Tool Chest 46 In. and Rolling Cabinet Set

Keep your garage well organized and clean with the Milwaukee 46″ rolling cabinet set. This product is designed for both hobbyists and professional artisans. Its constructed from a rugged 20 gauge all welded steel to offer increased durability. Besides, it has a textured powder coat paint that resists corrosion, weather, and staining.

Even more, this rolling cabinet set is featured with a lid that has gas struts for improved safety when opening and closing. You can also customize your garage organization system with the integrated shelf and tray. The product outshines its competitors with its sixteen drawers, including seven small, six medium, and three large.

Additionally, this product from Milwaukee has a total holding capacity of 27,223 cu. In., thus providing a perfect storage solution for all your garage tools.


  • It comes with up to 16 drawers.
  • The unit is made of rugged 20 gauge steel.
  • It has a textured powder coat paint finish that resists rust, corrosion weather, and staining.
  • The chest has gas struts for improved safety when closing and opening the lid.
  • Its equipped with rubberized rolling wheels for enhanced job site mobility.


  • At 386 pounds, the unit is hefty.


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Best tool chest for garage Buyers’ Guide

An organized garage will see you finish most of your projects on time due to the easy accessibility of your working tools. You need to have the best tool for the garage to make this dream come true. It should be made of rigid material and have enough space to accommodate most of your equipment.

For these features and more, please keep reading because I have provided a detailed guide below and some reasons your garage needs a tool chest.

Why You Need The Best Tool Chest for Garage

  • Easy organization. With these units, it’s relatively easy to organize all your tools so you can quickly get your most frequently used.
  • Durable. The rugged steel construction guarantees durability on these products.
  • Rust resistant. With a powder-coated finish, your product will resist rust, thereby prolonging its use.
  • Pocket friendly. Despite the outstanding performance, these units do not have a high cost of purchase.
  • Large caring capacity. The chests have numerous drawers with a large carrying capacity.
  • Job site mobility. Even though not all models have rolling wheels, the ones with the wheels allow you to position your tool chest close to your working station.

Below are the factors to consider when choosing the Best LED Lights for Garage

Number of drawers

As a storage cabinet, it’s vital to consider the number of drawers on your preferred tool chest. Each model has a specific number of drawers that entirely depend on the manufacturer. You will find some with up to 23 drawers while some cave only ten or even less. This means that you should choose a unit depending on your garage demands.


The material of construction will determine how durable your product will be. Most professionals and enthusiasts prefer stainless steel due to its strength and rigidity. However, the gauge length also differs for each item. The finish coating also counts as part of the material. This is because a powder-coated finish provides a coating that resists rust, weather, and stains.


Not all of these units are mobile. However, some come with rubberized rolling wheels that facilitate job site mobility. Mainly, two of the wheels are movable, and the other two are for braking purposes. I would recommend that you go for a tool chest with rolling wheels so you won’t have to move around your garage for tools.


This is yet another feature of consideration. Big units have larger drawers that can accommodate more, unlike those with smaller size drawers.


Even though all the above models are pocket-friendly, most of them differ in prizes depending on the incorporated features. Those with wheels are a bit costly, same as those with the most drawers. Therefore, it’s advisable to choose a product depending on your budget.


Some additional features will help simplify your storage problems. This includes the cable hooks that are great for holding tapes and other small supplies. Another feature is the screwdriver storage slots that you can use for categories of your screwdrivers.

The below video shows you how you can effectively arrange your tools in your chest in your garage


You have just concluded the reviews of the best tool chest for the garage. Although it might be so long to read the entire article, I advise that you keenly go through the buyers guide section. The reason is that you will find all the necessary features to consider before purchasing to make your money count.


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