6 Best Wall Mount Garage Door Opener of 2023 [ Expert Reviews & Buying Guide]

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As the name suggests, wall mount garage door openers sit right on the wall beside the garage door. For this reason, they are celebrated for being space-saving in design. 

Since the whole setup is mounted on the door side, these openers leave the entire ceiling space free for other uses. Often, you can use this space for storing large or irregularly shaped objects like a bicycle.  

Wall mounts also minimize vibrations and noise during their operation. But, which is the best wall mount garage door opener? Let’s dive right in to find out. 

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Best wall-mount garage door opener reviews 2022 

We tested a few options and analyzed customer feedback to compile a detailed review of the best wall-mounted garage door openers 2022. 

Here are the wall mounts that made our shortlist.

1. LiftMaster Elite Series 8500W– Best Value 

If you are looking for a wall-mounted garage door opener that checks all the right boxes, the 8500W from LiftMaster’s Elite Series is your best bet. An image of LiftMaster Elite Series 8500W Jackshaft Garage Door Operator, one of the best wall mount garage door opener

The opener is an industry leader with a powerful p3 motor capable of lifting heavy two-car garage doors without issues. 

The powerful motor is MyQ compatible. With this technology, you can monitor, open and close your garage door, and control your home lighting remotely from wherever you are via the myQ Control App or myQ website. 

The opener also uses security 2.0 technology to guarantee the safety of your garage and home as a whole. 

It is particularly suitable for garages near bedrooms and living spaces because of its ultra-quiet operation. This opener’s design allows it to run without producing any vibrations or irritating noises that might disturb your family’s peace. 

The LiftMaster 8500W has a battery backup, so it will continue working even in case of a power outage. This can be a godsend in places that experience stormy weather and occasional power interruptions. 


  • An automatic lock feature helps keep your home safer. So if you are unsure whether you locked your garage door, the 8500W has got that covered for you.    
  • With the WiFi connectivity on this garage door opener, you can link it up with your smartphone and Google Home and operate your garage door hands-free. In addition, linking your opener with your phone allows you to remotely operate the door and smart lights in your home.
  • The 8500W from LiftMaster works with Amazon Key. So you can receive deliveries from Amazon even when no one is home. The Amazon delivery personnel will have one-time access to your garage to put your delivery inside safely. 
  • This garage door model from LiftMaster comes fully equipped with security 2.0 technology to keep your home safer. 
  • Its wall-mount design does an excellent job in ensuring silent operation with no jarring sounds.  


  • This opener is not suitable for roll-up doors and headroom tracks. 


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2. Chamberlain RJO20 Smart Garage Door Opener -Runners Up

One of the Chamberlain Group’s masterpieces is the RJO20. It is considered among the best wall mount garage openers because of its outstanding features. The opener has the company’s security +2.0 technology, making it nearly impossible for fraudsters to access your garage.

It is compatible with smartphones. It allows you to monitor your garage door remotely via the MyQ website or the MyQ app installed on your phone. 

The MyQ service sends real-time notifications to your phone whenever the door is opened. This helps keep you on top of every activity in your garage. 

The Chamberlain RJO20 is designed for maximum space-saving. The installation takes up minimal space next to the garage door, leaving the ceiling space free for other storage purposes. This design makes the opener highly suitable for tight-spaced garages. 

This opener runs quietly with its wall-mounted motor opening and closing the garage door without producing any jarring vibrations. 

One of the handiest features in this garage door opener is the automatic garage door lock. This feature helps secure your garage door every time you close it, so you can rest assured that your home is protected. 

The RJO20 undergoes rigorous quality testing to ensure lasting performance.


  • The opener uses the +2.0 full-encryption technology that does an excellent job of safeguarding against hacking.
  • It is pretty easy to install. You can install it on your own with the help of the detailed user guide, so you do not have to incur the cost of hiring a technician. 
  • The unit’s ultra-quiet operation makes it ideal for use near bedrooms or other living spaces. 
  • It is smartphone compatible, allowing you to operate your garage door remotely from the comfort of wherever you are. 
  • The automatic garage door lock feature makes your home more secure. 


  • You may have to wait for the garage door to finish closing before driving off in some cases due to its limited range. 
  • This opener does not have a backup battery. This can halt your operation during power outages. 


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3. Genie B6172H Smart Garage Door Opener– Powerful Motor 

Here is another wall mount masterpiece. It features a powerful DC motor that lifts up to 850 pounds of garage door, 14ft high. This opener’s space-saving design makes it perfect for garages with attic access points, vaulted ceilings, and storage on ceilings.

It is also the smallest in its category, measuring 6.8 inches wide, 14.5 inches tall, and 9 inches deep—making it ideal for garages with tight spaces. 

The Genie B6172H has a Safe-T-Pulse system that provides internal cable tension monitoring while the garage door operates. The system includes an electronic pulse that measures the cables’ movement during initial garage door travel. 

This cable monitoring system is essential in ensuring safe door travel throughout. 

This garage door opener comes with pre-programmed remotes to simplify the setup process. The remotes are ready to use right out of the box, requiring no additional programming. 

You also get an intuitive user manual to walk you through the initial setup process. This can save you a ton of money you would otherwise use to hire a technician for the job. The wireless wall console further makes it easier to program the opener. 

A battery backup that comes with this Genie garage door opener helps guarantee continuous operation during power interruptions.  

The opener’s Aladdin Connect WiFi smart technology opens you up to a world of smart possibilities. It allows you to operate and monitor your garage door remotely from anywhere. 


  • This Wi-Fi-enabled garage door opener works with the Aladdin Connect app and supports quick setup.
  • The automatic door lock feature on this unit ensures your home is always safe. 
  • The 24V DC motor on this opener operates quietly yet offers swift and powerful action.
  • The opener comes with a safe T-pulse internal cable tension monitor for safe travel of the garage door. This feature also contributes to reduced wear and tear on the garage door cables. 


  • This garage door opener is a bit time-consuming to install. 


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4. LiftMaster 8500 Wall Mount Package– Highly Reliable and Durable  

The LiftMaster 8500 wall mount garage door opener package is a highly reliable, durable, and effective unit. Aside from its space-saving design, this opener boasts a sleek design that makes it one of the most elegant wall-mount garage door openers on the market. 

It comes fully equipped with security 2.0 technology to keep your home safer. This advanced security does an excellent job of preventing fraudsters from accessing your garage. 

Since this garage door opener is compatible with the MyQ app, you can connect it to your phone or tablet and unlock the many smart features that come with it. The service can send notifications to your phone each time the garage door is open. 

You can also operate your home lights and the door via this app from anywhere you are. This gives you unparalleled control over your garage and home’s security. 

The unit comes with the company’s p3 motors that guarantee reliable and durable performance. These motors are some of the most powerful on the market.  

The 24V DC motor on this opener is not only noise-free in its operation but also pretty fast. This kind of speed can save you a lot of time opening and closing your garage door.  

The easy-to-read user guide that comes with this unit makes initial installation straightforward. This means you do not have to incur additional costs by hiring someone to install the garage door opener. 


  • With this opener, you can set specific opening and closing times for your garage door. This is a rare feature that you do not find with many garage door openers.  
  • The auto-reversal feature on this LiftMaster 8500 helps protect your kids and pets from accidental injuries. If there is an object in the doorway, the door won’t fall on them while closing.  
  • A backup battery feature is built into the unit to guarantee continuous operation. 
  • This unit also has an auto-force technology, so it self-monitors and adjusts its operation accordingly to minimize wear and tear.


  • The 8500 opener is not compatible with roll-up garage doors, which can be a bummer if you have such a garage door.


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5. Genie 6072H-O Wall Mounted Opener– Powerhead Design 

The Genie 6072H-O is one of the company’s newest models. It is the only Genie product we found that combines the power of a rail and powerhead design.

Since the opener sits on the wall next to the garage door, it effectively removes the rail and powerhead from the ceiling, clearing that space for other uses. 

This opener attaches directly to the garage door’s spring tube. As a result, the design creates an overhead space in your garage, ideal for pole barn garage doors that do not have much room for installing standard overhead openers. 

Its Safe-T-Pulse system helps provide internal tension monitoring of the garage door cables with an electronic pulse as the door travels. This helps ensure the safe travel of the garage door.

This unit comes with a Genie wireless wall console that makes it easy to program and set up the unit. 

The Bluetooth LED light on this unit seamlessly and automatically connects with the wall button when both are installed. You also get Genie’s Intellicode remote to operate your door remotely. 

This product has a strong, compact design that is sure to last a long time. This durable design can go a long way in saving you money in the long run. 


  • The garage door opener is smartphone compatible, so you can link it with your phone and operate your door from anywhere. 
  • A battery backup helps ensure continuous operation even when there is no electricity. 
  • Safe-T-Pulse technology ensures the unit is safer since it can automatically detect slacking cables. 
  • The unit is relatively straightforward to install. 
  • It comes with a user guide that is easy to follow for installation and initial setup.  


  • The opener requires hooking the drums and cables up on the inside to work with low-head tracks.


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6. BeamUP Workhorse – BU100 -Heavy-Duty 

This beamUP Workhorse garage door opener is the only hybrid-type unit that made it to our shortlist. The BU100 is a heavy-duty chain drive and wall mount garage door opener with a powerful, durable motor.

The unit is affordable despite featuring a high-power ¾ horsepower motor and a heavy-duty chain. Like any wall-mount opener, the Workhorse provides a quiet, smooth operation ideal for garages near living spaces.

The powerful ¾ horsepower motor is suitable enough for heavy commercial garage doors. And it comes with LED lighting for illumination.

The opener comes with a 3-button remote, which gives you the option to program the button you prefer to use. In case a button fails, you can just program another and continue using the remote. 

You also get a wall control, which makes it easier to program the unit. With the help of the intuitive user manual that comes with this BU100 garage door, you can carry out all the setup and programming by yourself. 

This garage door opener comes with some useful security features too. It has a 100W LED security light that helps brighten the garage when you open the door and safety sensors to reverse the door automatically if an object is at the doorway. 

The Workhorse garage door opener allows for quick and easy installation without requiring any special tools. The step-by-step installation guide that comes with it and video tutorials, and available telephone tech support make the entire process straightforward.


  • The BU100 Workhorse provides quiet and smooth operation for both single and double-door garages. 
  • It is designed for quick and easy setup, so you can complete it without requiring an expert’s help. 
  • The unit features a heavy-duty chain and a powerful motor for a seamless, reliable operation. 
  • The energy-efficient and sustainable 1500-lumen LED lights integrated into this garage door opener helps reduce lifetime cost; there is no need to replace a light bulb!
  • The opener is compatible with HomeLink. This means you can link your car with the garage door opener to conveniently and safely operate the door from the comfort of your vehicle.  


  • Some users find the wall mount option not as practical as the chain drive.


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Best wall-mount garage door openers buying guide 2022

Garage door openers are essential tools you need to have on your premises. They are not only convenient and helpful but also an affordable option. However, with such a wide variety of options available, it’s hard to know which opener would be best for your household.

Wall Mount vs. Ceiling Mount Garage Door Opener

These two options offer different features that ultimately affect the price and efficiency of the garage door opener. They also have pros and cons that you must understand when picking the best for your garage space. Continue reading to learn more about the wall-mounted garage door opener and the ceiling-mounted garage door opener.

Wall Mount Garage Door Opener

A wall-mounted garage door opener is scaled on the garage wall. It is the most commonly used by homeowners and is easier to install. The wall-mounted garage door opener operates from the door’s torsion bar, which is connected to the wall. Hence, it allows for more space in your garage and makes it easier to operate. This garage door opener type is used on doors with a standard torsion spring system, which includes most garage doors you find in households.

Advantages of a Wall Mount Garage Door Opener 

  1. Easy to install

The installation process of a wall-mounted garage door opener is simple. It usually comes with a manual, which takes you step by step through the entire installation process. Installation is also quick and takes only a few minutes. The advantage of installing your garage door opener is that it saves you money and time.

However, you can have a professional install your garage door opener if you don’t want to risk damaging the opener. 

  1. Saves space in the garage

A wall-mounted garage door opener is installed on your garage wall. Therefore, it saves you space that a traditional opener would use. This is especially important if you have a tiny garage or are trying to save space. It also makes for an attractive design in your garage.

  1. Flexibility and safety for children

Since it’s wall-mounted, your garage door opener does not interfere with your household appliances or other equipment inside your garage. Therefore, you can use the garage door opener whenever possible. It also allows children to play around your garage without causing any harm or damage.

  1. Less noisy

Wall-mounted garage door openers are the quietest option because they don’t require a chain or belt that runs across the top of the door. Therefore, no matter how often you use your garage door opener, you will not be disturbed by any noise. 

  1. Easy to maintain

Your garage door is also a type of equipment that requires maintenance. Therefore, you must check it regularly to ensure it’s in good working condition. The absence of a chain or belt in a wall-mounted garage door opener makes it easier to maintain. You don’t need to lubricate any parts of the mechanism.

  1. Security

Its remote control security features are fantastic. With the help of remote control, you can control the garage door from a distance and lock it anytime. Furthermore, you can control it from your phone or computer. You can even set your garage door to close within a certain time, ensuring your property’s safety.


  1. Cost

The biggest disadvantage of a wall-mounted garage door opener is the price. It is more expensive than traditional garage door openers. Moreover, you will have to drill holes into your garage wall. This makes the installation more involved, but a common man can still do it with some skills and a drill.

  1. Problems with wireless remote control

Some wall-mounted garage door openers have failed to work after a year or two. This may have been caused by poor-quality parts that could not withstand the wear and tear of daily use. Therefore, buying garage door openers from reputable brands like Chamberlain, Genie, and Liftmaster is recommended. These brands are known for producing reliable products.

Ceiling Mount Garage Door Opener

A ceiling-mounted garage door opener is an overhead door opener mounted on your garage’s ceiling. This type of installation needs a belt or chain to run above the roof of your garage. It needs electric power to open and close the garage door.

Advantages of a Ceiling Mount Garage Door Opener

  1. Reliable

Ceiling-mounted garage door openers have a good reputation for being powerfully reliable. Moreover, the opener’s design allows it to withstand the weight of a garage door. 

  1. Affordable

Purchase, installation, and maintenance of a ceiling-mounted garage door opener are affordable compared to other overhead garage door openers. 

  1. Ability to lift heavy doors

Ceiling-mounted garage door openers are designed to lift heavy doors. The opener’s design allows them to handle weight because of its powerful engine and thick steel cables. 

Disadvantages of a Ceiling Mount Garage Door Opener

  1. Space

A ceiling-mounted garage door opener requires a lot of space in your garage ceiling. It also requires a ceiling clearance for the belt or chain to run through. Therefore, if you don’t have the required space, you won’t be able to install this opener. 

  1. Difficulty in installation

You may experience difficulties installing a ceiling-mounted garage door opener. You will have to plan where to place it, which may require professional assistance. Plus, you will need to know how to properly connect the cables for them to work. 

  1. Noisy

Due to the chain or belt running above your garage ceiling, the ceiling-mounted garage door opener is significantly noisier than other types of openers because of the vibration that it creates. 

  1. Wires can interfere with other appliances

Wires may cover the garage door opener and cause interference with other equipment that is inside your garage. Therefore, you need to plan where to install your opener to avoid interfering with any of your other household appliances. 

Which is Best Between Wall Mount or Ceiling Mount Garage Door Opener ?

The best type of garage door opener will depend on your specific needs. It is wise to consult with a professional when choosing a garage door opener. However, several factors make it easier to choose between the two, including the size of your garage, the purpose of your garage door opener, and the amount you are willing to spend on the door. 

A wall-mounted garage door opener is better since it requires no additional space to be mounted. It is also easier to install and maintain. A ceiling-mounted garage door opener is better if you have a large garage with a high ceiling. It is also cheaper to buy and maintain. Overall, the wall-mounted garage door opener is best since it is versatile.

What to Consider when choosing the best wall mount garage door opener 

Having a shortlist of the best wall-mounted garage door openers is great. But you may still have to pick only one out of the list for your garage. So it helps to know what to look for.

This buying guide helps point you in the right direction by showing you exactly what to look for when making a purchase decision.  


A garage door opener’s lifting power determines whether it will operate your garage door or not. So you need to consider the horsepower of the motor you are buying. 

Normally, an opener with a ½ horsepower rating should be sufficient for operating most residential garage doors—both single car and dual car. 

You can also go as high as ¾ horsepower, but that should only happen if the opener does not cost far more than an equivalent ½ horsepower model. Both ½ and ¾ horsepower ratings are equally capable of operating most residential garage doors without much wear on the motor.

Most of the time, you will only need more horsepower for commercial garages that are super heavy. 

Features of the garage door opener 

If you have gone through multiple product reviews, you must have noticed that different openers come with different features, even though some are found across the board. For instance, you can expect every garage door opener manufactured after 1993 to have safety sensors. 

This auto-reversal feature is not mandatory in most places as a requirement. It ensures that the garage door does not accidentally shut down on a kid or pet. The sensors should detect the presence of an object in the doorway and reverse the door. 

So, when shopping for an opener, you want to begin by ruling out any option that lacks such a basic requirement. 

After checking all the must-have features, consider other nice-to-have features such as smart lights and WiFi compatibility. 

Each of these unique features can help make your home safer or your experience better. Whatever the case, you should go for the option with features that you find most appealing or essential for your home. 

Power Backup

If you live in an area with unpredictable power stability, you will be keen on a battery backup when choosing the best wall mount garage opener models. Power backup is crucial during power outages as it provides an alternative means to power your garage door openers and continues with the normal operations in your garage. 

The battery backup ensures that you can access your garage door even when there is no power in your garage area. Thus, when you go shopping for a wall mount garage door opener, look for a unit with a battery backup. Some manufacturers have included the backup battery in their packages. With some manufacturers, you will have to buy the battery separately. All you need is to consult them on the compatible battery units that will work with your opener.


There are household names like Chamberlain, Liftmaster, and Genie when it comes to garage door openers. 

While you may want to be associated with such big names, there are some less popular brands that perform pretty well. So it is always best not to limit yourself to household names. 

That said, ensure you do thorough research before choosing a less established brand. You don’t want to end up with nonexistent tech support and an unending list of breakdowns that end up breaking your experience. 

If you are not big on background checks, we would recommend sticking to the established names that have proven themselves. 


We put pricing last because that is where it should come in your hierarchy of considerations. You do not want to spend less money only to end up spending more on maintenance. So, it is always better to spend more money up front and buy a reliable model.

You could also spend slightly more on a product with features that make your home safer. You will be glad to have made that choice. 

However, if you are on a tight budget, pay attention to the features that you can do away with and look to the most durable and dependable options from one of the leading brands on the market. 

Security Features 

Security is paramount when it comes to garage door openers. Your garage doubles as a safe place where you can store your valuables. You also want to protect your cars and tools from theft due to unauthorized access.

Most garage door openers are integrated with rolling code technologies through which you can control access to your garage. The rolling code keeps intruders from your garage by producing a unique code every time the remote control is utilized on your garage door opener. When shopping for a garage door opener, look for a unit with rolling code technology. 

The working mechanism of the rolling code technology is pretty simple. For instance, when you use your remote to activate the door opener, a unique algorithm rolls the remote control’s code to a new code out of the billions of potential codes. The practice prevents unauthorized access and even prevents your kids from using the garage unmonitored.  

Control Mechanism/ Remote Control 

The means of control is an essential consideration when shopping for a garage door opener. Most openers have remote control units. Some manufacturers give two remote control while other openers come with single units.

Often, the remotes are programmed with the openers at purchase. They also have buttons that allow you to manipulate, and you can reprogram your remote control when it stops working, or you lose the codes. 

Sometimes the remote may stop working. You do not need to fret. Below is an article that illustrates why your remote control may fail to function and easy fixes to restore the normal functioning.

Garage door won’t close with a remote- five easy fixes


The video below shows how to install wall mount garage door opener

Advantages of Wall Mount Garage Door Openers


The best wall mount garage door opener units would be perfect for you, especially if your garage is attached to your house or near your bedroom. The openers exhibit the slightest noise and vibration due to their quiet operation.

The implication is that when you are either opening or closing your garage door, it will not cause disturbance to your neighbors, house occupants, or even your pets in their different rooms within your home.

Increased Safety

Safety is paramount, especially when your garage is attached to your home and you have small kids and pets. The safety consideration is not only limited to children. Even adults can be exposed to danger when working in a garage with no safety features.

Not to worry, the wall mount garage door openers are ingrained with safety sensors that will bring the door to a stop when there is an obstruction on its path. The sensors prevent your door from crushing an object, pets, or a child on its way and even prevent forced entry into the garage.

Compatibility with Smartphones/devices

The advancements in technology have ensured the development of intelligent devices that have improved operations, and garage doors are no exemption. The wall mount door openers are built with intelligent technology that allows you to open or close your garage through a MyQ app installed in your smartphone. 

With the MyQ app, you do not need to be at the garage premises. You can control the opening and closing of the garage door remotely. Besides, if you left your garage premise in a hurry, you can monitor whether you closed the garage door through the app on your smartphone and closed it.

 Besides, you can get notifications about the garage door in real-time, enhancing your garage’s security. 

Saves on Space 

Wall mount garage openers save space due to their slim design and wall installation. This allows you to use the extra space for storage and install other cooling devices in your garage, such as fans. 

When Should I Mount My Garage Door Opener to the Wall?

Mounting your garage door opener directly to the wall is a very good idea. There are several advantages, such as the fact that it is easy to install and you won’t need to use any additional space in your garage.

It would be best if you mounted it to the wall when:

– You don’t have enough space to mount an overhead garage door opener on the ceiling.

– There are obstructions in the ceiling of your garage.

– Your garage ceiling is too high.

– You need better security for the garage door.

– You need to reduce the noise generated by the garage door.

– You need to reduce vibration in your garage.

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Wall Mount Garage Door Opener?

Installing a wall-mounted garage door opener may cost about $250 to $500, including purchase and installation. However, it’s not expensive if you compare its benefits to its price. It is value for money.

The price will vary depending on the opener’s brand, type, and model. The installation cost may vary between $125 to $200, exclusive of purchase. Usually, wall-mounted garage door openers made by reputable brands are slightly more expensive and reliable. Installation alone costs between $125 to $300. Hiring a professional to install the opener is highly recommended if you are unsure how to do it yourself.

 Frequently Asked Questions-FAQs

Is Genie or LiftMaster better?

Both Genie and LiftMaster are well known for their superior quality and reliability. Both brands also tend to charge similar prices for similar models. However, LiftMaster products are more commonly used, more highly recommended, and widely regarded as the more reliable choice of the two brands. 

LiftMaster also generally offers more features and added conveniences, even though their products and Genie models tend to have similar warranties.

What are the key features in any wall mount garage door opener?

If you are making a wall mount garage door opener purchase, the primary features include durability, security, horsepower, motor power, accessibility, control mechanism, safety, and intelligent features.

What size garage door opener do I need? 

The size of the garage door opener you need depends on the garage door size and weight. You can always use a ⅓ horsepower rating for a one-car garage as a rule of thumb. However, sectional two-car garage doors and heavy one-car garage doors require a ½- horsepower opener.

If you have a heavier insulated or wooden garage door, you may be safer with a 1¼-horsepower or even a 2-horsepower opener. 

How much horsepower do I need for my two-car garage door?

Most sectional two-car garage doors work with openers with a ½ horsepower rating. However, insulated or wooden garage doors are heavier and may require more lifting power, often 1-horsepower rating and higher. 

Is a wall mount garage door opener perfect for my home?

The wall mount garage door openers employ quiet operation due to the absence of chain or belt drive systems, hence perfect for your home. The destruction due to the running chains when opening and closing the doors is eliminated, hence neighborhood friendly.

Besides, unlike with the overhead door openers that risk dripping oils or lubricants to your vehicles, these units are mounted on the walls, and you will not have any issue with dripping lubricants

How much should I need to spend on a wall mount garage door opener

The amount you spend on your preferred garage door opener mainly depends on its features and brand. Most garage door opener costs range between $100 to $800.

Can a garage door opener be too powerful?

The primary benefit of the powerful motor in garage door openers is that they are durable and can be used in heavy-duty or double-door garages. However, the powerful motors can be a liability, especially when the force is set too high, as it can damage the door openers, which can be costly.

Are wall-mounted garage door openers quieter?

Yes. Wall-mounted garage door openers are mounted directly to the wall, and there will be no vibration due to the lack of moving parts. The absence of chains and belts also minimizes noise.

Is a higher horsepower garage door opener better?

Higher horsepower means that the garage door opener can lift more weight and open more quickly. So, if you’re opening a particularly large garage door, you’ll want a high-horsepower opener. But it also means higher energy consumption and higher operating costs.

What is the life expectancy of a garage door opener?

The garage door opener’s life expectancy is between 10 to 15 years. However, if you maintain it well, you may double its lifespan.


There are several options on the market for wall-mount garage door openers. However, not all these products are created equal, so knowing the best wall-mount garage door opener can help you make a better purchasing decision. 

Besides, before purchasing a garage door opener, understand what you need. You need to find the right size of gear and chain or belt to lift your garage door. You also need to consider whether you want it installed on your ceiling or wall and other factors of importance to ensure that you get value for your money.

We hope you find this review and user guide useful. Let us know what you think in the comments section.