7 Best Cam for 350 with Vortec heads of 2022 [ Top Reviews & Buyer’s Guide]

Are you discontented with the current state of your car? Wishing you can fine-tune it into a noteworthy vehicle that will be the talk of the block? Worry not because there is a formula to facilitate the effectuation of your wish.

The best cam for 350 with Vortec heads is the ultimate formula to refining your car to greatness. To begin with, the engine (350 engine type) is one crucial part of your vehicle. If there is a car part to first target to commence with the upgrade, it is the engine.

The best cam for 350 with Vortec heads is one of the best investments you would make to advance your engine’s efficacy and, in return, obtain remarkable torque and horsepower gains. For more details on this spectacular product.

Read on.

Best cam for 350 with Vortec heads Reviews

1.COMP Cams Big Mutha’ Thumpr 243/257 Hydraulic Flat Cam (12-602-4)

Here is a quintessential bargain for performance fanatics. This exemplary Thumpr cam from the exalted COMP Cams brand is the ideal formula to ensuring your car steals all the attention in a car show, for instance, this camshaft will get your car producing an uncompromising high-performance idle leaving you exhilarated after forcing masses to turn heads while checking out your car. An image of COMP Cams Big Mutha’ Thumpr 243/257 Hydraulic Flat Cam (12-602-4), one of the Best Cam for 350 with Vortec heads units

The COMP Cam brand has remarkably been in business for over decades, thus boasts of experience and premium quality products leaving no room for doubt.

These camshafts utilize an extended exhaust duration coupled with an early intake valve opening, building maximal overlap enabling a mighty, highly impacting exhaust note. This unit also works finest with more rear gear and aftermarket converters.


  • Cams are customized in three special designs.
  • Different designs are suitable for either application.
  • Cams convey exceptional horsepower gains and a wide torque curve.
  • Best bet for street rods and muscle cars.
  • Early intake valve opening.
  • Extended exhaust time scale.
  • All the three varying grinds deliver an impressive thumping idle supplemented by top performance.
  • Soaring RPM range of between 2500 to 6400 RPM.
  • Full component-complemented kits are offered.


  • Elevated idle is needed.


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2.Lunati Bare Bones 224/234 Hydraulic Flat Cam Lifter Kit (10120102LK)

This is quite the epitome of a deal for capital-conscious speedsters. This is because this Lunati Bare Bones camshaft provides massive horsepower gains without forcing you to dig deeper in your pocket. For this reason, this bargain is considered as pocket-friendly without compromising production but rather making it powerful.

This deal is outrightly outstanding as it not only offers a camshaft but also included a set of lifters and a lubricant for assembly in the purchase package. The attached set of instructions would also come in handy when applying this unit.

It also brags of a reliable operating range of between 2000 to 6000 RPM. It is also a worthy deal to get you noticed as it provides a noteworthy idle. It also boasts of achieving desired parameters like a pronounced mid-range and upper RPM power. It is also immensely significant for mild bracket racing or street performance.


  • Lobe separation angle of 112 degrees.
  • 224/234 timespan at .050”.
  • 465” /0.488” valve lift.
  • Immense horsepower gains at a pocket-friendly budget.
  • Elevated acceleration and throttle response due to asymmetrical lobe design.
  • Appropriate for Chevrolet GEN 1 Small Blocks.
  • Set of lifters and a camshaft included in the kit.


  • Hardened ring is absent.


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3.Edelbrock 2102 Performer-Pus Camshaft and Lifter Kit

Hotrodders and other performance enthusiasts have been highly regarded so far.  Wondering if there is a deal for routine drivers, vans, or trucks? Yes, there is. Here is an unexcelled deal perfect for you. Corroborating its appropriateness is a camshaft included in this purchase that delivers a smooth idle that is apt for you.

This unit phenomenally features a 278 degrees intake duration and a 288 degrees exhaust duration. Besides including hydraulic lifters and a camshaft, a lube is provided to assist you in assembly.

It also prides itself on bearing an intake valve lift with a factory rocker arm ratio of 0.42. You will enjoy the optimal torque produced from the low-end tier extending to the mid-range tier for full power. Additionally, its exhaust valve lift with factory rocker arm ratio is 0.442.


  • Edelbrock brand is unbeatable for quality and compatibility with other units.
  • Lobe steps of 112 degrees.
  • Cam of cast type.
  • The lifter is of hydraulic lifter type.
  • Features an exhaust duration of 214 degrees.
  • Features an intake duration of 204 degrees.
  • Each of the intake and exhaust duration is at .050.
  • The intake valve is 0.42” while the exhaust valve is 0.44”.


  • If greater is desired, this might not be the best bet.
  • The camshaft is not suitable for high-performance applications.

4. COMP Cams 212/218 Hydraulic Roller Cam K-Kit (K54-412-11)

If you are searching for a deal that is the ultimate all-in-one-package, then look no more. Being a K-Kit offer, you really will be impressed by the contents of this package. Although K-Kits differ in contents, you still get to bag-valve seals, valve seals, a set of lifters, a camshaft, decals, and instructions.

This unit piques itself in providing a remarkable operating range scaling between 1200 to 6000 RPM. Xtreme Energy Technology has been adopted in the engineering of this tool to enhance its already-high RPM potential and boost power with the ameliorated cylinder head design of the LS engine.

You will assuredly not regret procuring this tool as it will grace you with an excellent performance backed up with high torque and super-strong mid-range power. Its lobe separation angle is 114 degrees. 212/218 timespan is at .50”.


  • Excellently performing camshaft.
  • Outstanding torque and power (especially mid-range).
  • Bears 0.522” /0.529” valve lift.
  • Camshaft and lifter set are of hydraulic roller type.
  • Standard stability.
  • IT befits GM LS GEN III/IV and has a 3-bolt configuration.
  • Exhaust duration of 271 and intake duration of 265.
  • Package inclusive of single-groove race locks.


  • Rarely receives traction.


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5. DNA Motoring CYLH-SBC-350 Aluminum Bare Cylinder Head

The Acclaimed DNA Motoring brand presents you with a product that contributes to boosting your vehicle’s performance. This cylinder head is engineered with a newfangled port design to enhance airflow.

This unit also boasts of a top-grade aluminum housing that guarantees sturdiness. Its valve guides are built of bronze, and the seats are thoughtfully hardened. Delving into dimensions, the exhaust valve diameter measures 1.600” while the intake valve diameter measures 2.020”.

Enjoy the lightweight convenience of this unit that weighs just 10.33kg for each head as opposed to their iron heads counterparts. It also brags bearing a 200cc intake runner coupled with a 68cc combustion chamber for advanced performance and stock compression retaining. It is paramount to note that both the intake and exhaust port are square.


  • 3-Angle valve seat.
  • Possesses a straight spark plug angle.
  • Bears an intake port volume of 200cc.
  • Weigh lighter than iron heads.
  • Provides an ideal solution to advancing airflow and combustion efficacy.
  • Matches with small block chevy engines, including those up to 1986.
  • Exceptional durability, strength, and longevity.
  • Compatible with both Vortec and old-style valve covers.


  • Thin casting flashing around the spring area and combustion chamber.


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6. Guardian Engine Kits SB Chevy 283 327 350 400 Cam & Lifter Kit

Are you craving for a choppy and raging idle on your car? This is certainly your best fit as the included camshaft is designed in a way that it will deliver a rough lope idle. Additionally, you will get to enjoy the massive torque and excellent mid-range power provided by this unit.

It is also apt for mild bracket drag racing but has a limited oval track. This bargain graces you with a set of lifters, a camshaft, and a cam ZINC additive lubricant. Both the lifter set and camshaft demonstrate impressive compatibility with GEN I Small block Chevrolet V-8 engines (that are not controlled by a computer.

The camshaft has several characteristics that make it stand out. They include a 2820 internal duration and a 2820 external duration. At .050”, the intake to exhaust duration stands at 2320/2320.  This unit also delivers an impressive operating range scaling between 2000 to 6500 RPM.


  • High stall converter for diverse transmissions (manual and automatic).
  • Accompanied by 16 lifter lifters and a camshaft.
  • Delivers a rough lope idle.
  • Powerful and reliable torque.
  • Exceptional mid-range power.
  • Ideal replacement upgrade for SBC GEN 1 blocks.


  • Power brakes are not operated by a manifold vacuum.


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7. COMP Cams Hydraulic Flat Cam and Lifter Kit (CL12-600-4)

This is yet another captivating deal for owners of street rods and muscle cars. Offering three outstanding camshaft models, Mutha’ Thumpr, Thumpr, and Big mutha’ Thumpr, this would be a perfect fit for the germane cars as these models provide exceptional horsepower and torque increases.

It is brilliantly designed in a way such that the intake valve opens early while the exhaust duration is long, creating a supreme overlap for a mighty hard-hitting note. For this reason, it is most favorable for performance fanatics and will help you get noticed.

It is optimal with more rear gear and aftermarket converters. Making this purchase will not only end with you bagging a camshaft only but also get to bag a lifter set and an assembly lube. Its lobe separation angle is 107 degrees.


  • Convenient operating range of between 2000 to 5800 RPM.
  • Works finest with 2000+ gears and converters.
  • Delivers a remarkable thumping/chomping idle.
  • 479”/0/465” valve lift.
  • 227/241 timespan at .050”.
  • Package inclusive of lifter set, a camshaft, and assembly lube.
  • Compatible with Chevrolet Gen 1 small blocks.
  • It also matches with factory roller small blocks made from1985.


  • Requires greater vacuum pressure.


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Best Cam for 350 with Vortec heads Buyers’ Guide

Do you desire an upgrade in the performance of your car? The best cam for 350 with Vortec heads is your best shot to fulfilling your upgrade desire. Are you an enthusiast of grabbing attention by getting loud with your car? This is also the finest deal for you.

What exactly is being referred to when talking about enhanced performance? We are talking about a rougher idle, an amplified horsepower that will have an impact on the acceleration by making it faster, and other enhanced performance traits.

You have probably noted the primary units of discussion in this piece are the camshaft and occasionally a set of lifters. Here is the deal, you are provided with an informative and laconic overview of what these two primary components entail as follows;

  • Camshaft – this is a cardinal element of the engine, and in this context, the engine in review is of the small block Chevrolet 350 type. It is a metallic element bearing cams and utilized in internal combustion engines.

In this line of thought, this 350-engine type possesses the more efficient and newer Vortec cylinder heads. The camshaft now comes in handy by aiding in the valves’ opening, and closing located on the Vortec heads.

  • Lifter set – these are internal engine components that activate both the intake and exhaust valves by moving up and down after collaborating with the camshaft (lobes).

They are of two types;

  1. Hydraulic type – bears oil within the lifter body, thus keeping the valve lash within stipulations.
  2. Solid lifter – devoid of hydraulic mechanisms and therefore requires manual adjustment.

For an all-rounded optimal performance, equipping the best cam with Cortec heads in your car would surely be a promising move. However, there are some questions that you probably still have lingering unabatingly in your head, right?

How much Horsepower (HP) can Vortec heads make? I bet this is one of the questions, right? Here is the deal, these types of heads tower over the older versions by being more lightweight and vary in combustion chamber shape for advanced efficacy. For this reason, they can reliably make a HP estimate ranging between 350 and 375 hp.

Will Vortec heads fit a 350? Probably another question you have, right? The answer is yes, especially for all GEN 1 350 engines. Vortec heads will also fit on a 350 TBI, but the bolting will require a unique intake manifold in this case.

How can I get more horsepower out of my 350 Vortec? This you can do in a number of ways, including rebuilding and blueprinting your motor, customizing your exhaust, having your Vortec heads polished and ported, and customizing your intake valve, among others.

Your search will certainly lead you to come across a tone of camshafts, all claiming to be the highest rating in the market today. You ought to bring on board some consideration factors to help you investigate the various available products and determine that which will be your best fit. They include;

Operating range

This refers to the speed at which the camshaft rotates, influencing the engine to release the highest horsepower and torque. Camshafts exhibiting a smaller in low tier RPM range translate to higher torque, while those exhibiting a long duration have an upper RPM power compromising some low RPM torque.

The type of your car parts will definitely hold some weight over the type of camshaft you will settle on; thus, it is advisable to put this into consideration. Generally, an operating range of between 1200 to 6500 RPM is acceptable. However, check to see where the power is more pronounced, whether in the low-end tier, mid-range tier, or upper-end tier.


This is quite an essential factor of consideration as it helps you bag the deal that matches your vehicle. Avoid the frustration accompanied by purchasing the wrong unit. For this reason, it is highly regarded that you acquaint yourself with the precise specifications to avoid mistakes.

Owner’s intent

How is this a factor to consider, you ask? Various deals present you with varying camshafts that differ in performance levels. For this reason, some camshafts will be suitable for some cars while others are not.

For instance, for routine cars, trucks, and vans, a camshaft delivering a smooth idle is appropriate. On the other hand, for the performance enthusiasts and speedsters owning hotrodders, mild bracket racing automotive and muscle cars, camshaft deals delivering choppy/rough idle are considered ideal for helping them get noticed.


These are parameters within which optimal operation of the engine is effectuated via camshaft. They include;

  • Duration – refers to the time span in which the cam keeps the valves open. This parameter is expressed in degrees of rotation of the crankshaft. A higher degree duration stands out as it keeps the valves open for long compared to a lower degree duration cam.
  • Lift – refers to valve length from the cylinder. It is expressed in two ways; first, two opening degrees’ that precede for intake and exhaust at .050. The second way is expressed in thousands of an inch are the intake and exhaust valve lift.
  • Separation angle of lobe – this is also the length between exhaust lobes and centerline intake point. It is also expressed in degrees.

Package constituents

This is important for you as you get to know what to expect in the purchase package prior to purchase and delivery. It also presents you with a chance to change a deal once you confirm it does not include a unit you wished. For instance, some bargains only include a camshaft, others present a camshaft and lifter set, others add an assembly lube, while others present a kit comprising of several units. Thoroughly check for contents of a package before purchasing.

A video showing how to install a vortec heads on a small block chevy


The best cam for 350 with Vortec heads will indisputably impact a change on your automotive provided you bag the correct deal that matches your car parts and their functions.

My best deals were those camshafts delivering a rough/choppy idle. Envision how eye-catching and fascinating it would be to have a muscle car integrated with the best cam for 350 with Vortec heads.

Grabbing the attention of many and leaving mouths babbling with your high-performance car would definitely get your spirits up. I hope this information provided n this piece will be of massive help to you.

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