8 Best Camshaft for 350 Chevy of 2023 [Expert Reviews & Buyers’ Guide]


One of the Best Camshaft for 350 Chevy in use by a mechanic to improve valve's motion and engine perfomance

The popularity of the 350 Chevy engine is undisputable owing to its remarkable design that fosters utter convenience. The top-tier camshaft is among the top additions crucial to the Chevy engine’s performance. The camshaft’s role is to control the valves’ motion, which determines the engine’s behavior.

The best camshaft for 350 Chevy combines exceptional features such as a rough idle, wide lobe separation angle, superior valve lift, and relevant accessories to enable your engine to attain its maximum potential.

This article reviews some of the best camshafts to suit your 350 Chevy engine and provides a comprehensive guide to help you make an informed purchase choice.

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Best Camshaft for 350 Chevy Reviews 2023 

1.Comp Cams 54-470-11 Camshaft for 350 Chevy– Best Overall 

The Comp Cams brand stands out as it was the first to introduce the latest camshaft finishing technique (Micro Surface Enhancement) to optimize engine performance. The 54-470-11 camshaft model comprises outstanding features such as variable torque and high horsepower

The unit prides itself on a relatively wide range of revolutions per minute (2,200-7,200 RPM), enhancing its efficiency. It also features a lobe separation angle of 113 degrees, wide enough to reinforce the torque at a high RPM range. The camshaft offers adequate valve lift of at most 0.624 inches, improving airflow, torque, and potency.

Comp cams 54-470-11 feature an appreciable difference between intake and exhaust duration that optimizes performance. This model is vehicle specific and is ideal for LS engines that feature cylinder heads with rectangular ports, as it fully utilizes their high flow.


  • It features a wide RPM operating range
  • It has a wide enough lobe separation angle
  • Exhibits a substantial valve lift (0.621/0.624 inches)
  • Ideal intake and exhaust overlap
  • It is designed with Micro Surface Enhancement (MSE) technology that optimizes its performance


  • It does not include relevant accessories such as filters


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  1. SB Chevy B01N40WFI0 Cam & Lifter Kit– Seamless Sound

The SB Chevy B01N40WFI0 kit combines remarkable features geared toward optimizing engine performance. If you are searching for a camshaft that fosters an impactful idle sound, this model is for you. It features a 282-degree advertised duration that promotes a rough idle whenever you start your engine.

Consequently, the camshaft’s 0.480-inch valve lift improves engine performance by enhancing the airflow. This way, fuel is burnt efficiently, enabling the engine to exhibit top-notch performance. The complete combustion, in turn, reinforces the torque and horsepower.

As the name implies, this package comes as a complete kit,  including the cam, lifter, and lubricant into the bargain for convenience. The camshaft also features a 2000 to 6500 RPM operating range, which is ideal for streetcars.


  • The camshaft promotes a rough idle at startup
  • It has an advertised duration of 282 degrees
  • It features a substantial valve lift of 0.480 inches
  • It is designed to ensure maximum airflow for complete fuel combustion
  • The design promotes high torque and horsepower
  • It comes as a complete package including the cam, lifter, and an assembly lubricant
  • It features a 2000 to 6500 RPM operating range


  • None to mention


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  1. COMP Cams 12-602-4 Camshaft for 350 Chevy-High Compression Ratio

The esteemed COMP Cams brand graces you with yet another competent product at an affordable price. The COMP Cams 12-602-4 camshaft tends to be environment friendly, owing to its remarkable compression ratio (9.5-1) that ensures fuel is burnt efficiently.

Its high compression ratio promotes engine durability by preventing incomplete combustion, leading to the clogging of pipes.

Consequently, complete combustion enables the engine to utilize minimal fuel, saving you money. With its relatively long duration of 295/313 degrees, you are guaranteed a rough idle upon startup. It also features a valve lift of up to 0.5 inches, which is adequate to enhance the torque and horsepower.

This camshaft features a lobe separation angle of 107 degrees which is substantial for optimal performance. However, this lobe separation angle is relatively low compared to most camshafts in its class.

On the upside, it features a remarkable RPM range of 2500 to 6400 for optimized engine performance.


  • The camshaft comprises a high compression ratio to foster complete combustion
  • It exhibits a very high rough idle
  • It features an environment-friendly design as it minimizes the exhaust gases produced
  • It ensures less fuel consumption
  • It exhibits a prolonged duration


  • It features a relatively low lobe separation angle


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  1. COMP Cams CL 12-206-2 Camshaft for 350 Chevy– Budget Friendly 

The COMP Cams CL 12-206-2 model should be your go-to if you are on a tight budget. The unit comes as an entire package, including relevant accessories such as lifters, an assembly lubricant, and a set of instructions, aside from the camshaft.

In this way, you get to experience an easy installation process and optimal engine performance without having to make separate purchases.

The camshaft operation ranges between 1,200 to 5,200 RPM to efficiently balance the torque and horsepower. Its 212-degree duration at 0.50” is also enough to reinforce the cam power range as it fosters a rougher idle. Besides, it features a 110-degree lobe separation angle wide enough to enhance the idle’s quality.

Its adequate valve lift of 0.440 inches improves engine performance by allowing enough airflow for efficient combustion. The lift also reinforces the torque and horsepower, leaving you thrilled by the performance of your engine. Even better is the fact that the camshaft is compatible with various Chevrolet generation one small block.


  • The model is cost-effective since it comes as a complete kit comprising the camshaft, lifters, lubricant, and installation instructions
  • The camshaft features a variable RPM ranging from 1,200 to 5,200
  • Long advertised duration (268)
  • Compatible with a variety of engine models
  • Wide lobe separation angle


  • None to mention


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  1. COMP Cams CL 12-235-2 Camshaft for Chevrolet Small Block-Enhanced Throttle Response 

COMP Cams camshafts come with unmatched convenience, and the CL 12-235-2 is no exception. This model stands out owing to its ability to enhance the throttle response. This aspect ensures proper regulation of the amount of fuel and power that flows to the engine. In this way, the engine performance and durability are enhanced.

This bargain comes as a whole package, accompanied by complementary accessories such as an assembly lubricant, lifters, and installation instructions for convenience. The RPM operating range varies from 1,000 to 5,200.
It exhibits a variable and potent low and mid-range torque. These features make it ideal for off-road and towing, offering substantial horsepower.

It is also characterized by a 210/218 duration, which is relatively low but enough to foster a substantially rough idle. Consequently, its 0.462-inch valve lift ensures efficient airflow and combustion, reinforcing horsepower.

It features a lobe separation angle of 111 degrees which is relatively high and enhances optimal performance.


  • It features an enhanced throttle response
  • Relatively wide lobe separation angle
  • Wide RPM operating range (1,000-5,200)
  • Compatible with various Chevrolet Small Block models
  • Substantially potent horsepower and torque
  • It is accompanied by accessories such as lifters and a lubricant


  • Relatively low duration


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  1. COMP Cams CL 12-673-4 Camshaft for 350 Chevy-High Tech 

You can never go wrong with COMP Cams products owing to their Micro Surface Enhancement Technology that optimizes their performance. The CL 12-673-4 model combines both the Micro Surface Enhancement and the latest cam lobe designs for excellent performance, and this aspect qualifies it for this list.

The modern designs that characterize this product enable it to enhance the throttle response, impacting engine performance. This camshaft features an RPM operational range of between 2,300 and 6,900 and exhibits exceptional potency. It also comprises a long duration of about 254 degrees that reinforces the idle.

Consequently, it has a wide lobe separation angle of 112 degrees for efficiency. Along with this comes its superior valve lift (0.504”/0.498”) for maximum fuel utilization. Even better is that it comes as a complete kit consisting of an assembly lubricant, lifters, and a manual.


  • Remarkable lobe separation angle (112 degrees)
  • Ideal for muscle cars
  • It features improved sound quality
  • It has a tight lash
  • It has a substantially long duration
  • It comes as a fully equipped package
  • It is compatible with various Small Block Chevrolet models


  • None to mention


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  1. COMP Cams CL 12-769-8 Camshaft for 350 Chevy-High Efficacy 

Just like COMP Cams products, the CL 12-769-8 also comprises out-of-the-box features that maximize its efficacy. The model is characterized by an unprecedented compression ratio of 10:1, which surpasses most of its class’s camshafts.

With such a high compression ratio, the engine maximizes the energy that results from combustion. Moreover, it saves you money as the compression ratio minimizes the amount of fuel consumed.

The camshaft features a substantial RPM operational range of 500-6,500. Besides, it has a sufficient valve lift of 0.570”/0.576”, which fosters more horsepower by improving engine airflow and fuel combustion. It also features a long enough 242/248 degrees duration that promotes idle roughness.

The camshaft is vehicle-specific and is suitable for streetcars. Unfortunately, it comes as an incomplete package consisting of the camshaft only. For this reason, you are obliged to purchase the lifter and lubricant separately.


  • Relatively wide RPM operational range (500-6,500)
  • Very high compression ratio (10:1)
  • It features a considerably long duration of 242/248 degrees
  • It exhibits a sufficient valve lift of about 0.570 inches
  • Ideal for street machines


  • It comes as a camshaft only


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  1. Lunati 10120102LK Cam/Lifter Kit for 350 Chevy

Saving the best for last, the Lunati 10120102LK is a combination of the primary features that characterize an ideal camshaft for your 350 Chevy engine. This model features modern aspects such as asymmetrical lobes that enhance the throttle response, maintaining your engine’s quality. It also features a relatively extensive lobe separation angle of 112 degrees.

Its 0.465/0.488 valve lift is ideal for sufficient airflow and combustion, not to mention its substantial 224/234 duration that improves the idle. Also, it is characterized by an acceptable operating range of 2,000 to 6,000. The product is a complete package comprising lifters, installation instructions, and a lubricant to save you money.

The camshaft is also compatible with other Chevy Small Block models ranging from 262 to 400. All these features are bundled up in the Lunati 10120102LK to offer you satisfaction at an affordable price.


  • Compatible with various Chevy models
  • It offers a distinguishable idle
  • Relatively cost-effective
  • Along with it comes lifters, a lubricant, and instructions
  • Its lobes feature a modern asymmetrical design
  • Relatively wide lobe separation angle


  • None to mention


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Best Camshaft for 350 Chevy Buyer’s Guide 2023

The camshaft carries significant weight among the numerous parts of your Chevy small-block engine. The engine tends to be incomplete without a camshaft or with a defective one. On the other hand, with a highly efficient camshaft, the engine performance could exceed your expectations.

Selecting the best camshaft for 350 Chevy could be an uphill struggle due to the numerous brands currently up for sale. Most camshafts cost a fortune, meaning you should ensure that you hit the nail on the head when selecting one to prevent a dead loss.

 What to Consider when Choosing the Best Camshaft for 350 Chevy 

RPM operating range

The RPM range is a primary factor that largely depends on the torque and horsepower you desire. For instance, if you are out to enhance the torque and horsepower significantly, consider opting for camshafts with higher RPM ranges. Low-range camshafts are the way to go if you want slight improvements in torque and horsepower.

The choice of an ideal RPM range also depends on the engine application. Low-range RPMs are suitable for applications such as towing, trucks, or streetcars. However, when it comes to drag racing, you would want to opt for camshafts with an RPM range of up to 7,200 to give the engine the maximum boost it requires.

Low-range RPMs tend to enhance low-end and mid-range torque, whereas higher RPM ranges reinforce top-end torque and horsepower.

Lobe Separation Angle

The lobe separation angle of a camshaft can be termed as the distance between the intake and exhaust valves extreme lift points. The lobe separation angle should be wide enough to optimize the engine’s performance.

An ideal camshaft should feature a lobe separation angle of at least 107 degrees. Even better are camshafts that comprise a lobe separation angle of 110 degrees or more. The wider the lobe separation angle, the lower the overlap and the better the idle qualities.

Valve Lift

The valve lift plays a significant role in enhancing the engine’s performance. The valve lift is the distance through which the valve is raised or opened to let in air. Comprehensively, the higher the valve lift, the more airflow. Good airflow enhances the complete combustion of fuel for optimal performance.

That said, an ideal camshaft should exhibit a valve lift of at least 0.440 inches for sufficient airflow. Consequently, when fuel is burnt to completion, the engine displays strong torque and horsepower. Complete combustion also tends to save you money as the engine fully utilizes the fuel.


No matter how competent or effective your selected camshaft is, it is in vain if it cannot work for your Chevy small-block engine. It is advisable to compare your engine’s specs carefully with the camshaft to establish whether they are compatible.

Some camshafts are vehicle-specific, making this comparison process indispensable. Camshafts compatible with various Chevy small-block engines, such as models ranging from 262 to 400, are ideal


If you are on a tight budget, relevant accessories are a must-have feature for your ideal camshaft. Accessories, in this case, include a set of lifters and an assembly lubricant for convenience. With these accessories in the bargain, you do not have to spend more money to purchase them separately.

Other camshafts also include installation instructions, and these are recommended. Such camshafts tend to be user-friendly as they offer an easy installation process.

Compression ratio

The compression ratio significantly influences the power generated by the engine since it impacts the cylinder pressure. An ideal camshaft has a high compression ratio to optimize engine performance.

With a high compression ratio, the engine tends to derive more energy from fuel combustion and, in turn, release more horsepower. The higher the compression ratio, the less money you will spend on fuel.

A high compression ratio enables the engine to achieve similar combustion temperatures with less fuel.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. How much HP does a mild cam add?

An efficient or quality cam can improve your vehicle’s horsepower 10 to 20 times, depending on your chosen model. This means your car gains better acceleration and enhanced performance through improved engine strength and ability.

Improved horsepower significantly enhances your car’s engine’s work potential. The camshaft increases performance by activating the engine’s cylinders intake and exhaust valves.


Wrapping it up, the best camshaft for 350 Chevy should offer the listed features at an affordable price. Also, consider opting for camshafts as a complete package to avoid straining your pocket. Your camshaft of choice should be determined by its intended purpose. A proper camshaft for towing purposes may not meet your expectations regarding drag racing.

Consequently, the compatibility of a camshaft with your specific Chevy small-block engine is critical when purchasing one. If you intend to give your 350 Chevy engine a maximum upgrade in performance, then a quality camshaft is the answer.

For a quick purchase decision, I recommend Comp Cams 54-470-11 Camshaft for 350 Chevy or SB Chevy B01N40WFI0 Cam & Lifter Kit. These two units have the best engine performance and should be top of your priority list. However, other units I have delved into in this review will brilliantly execute your purpose.

Leave us a comment or question if you have any concerns. Thank you!

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