9 Best Clear Coat for Garage Floor of 2022 [Expert Reviews]


An epoxy coat one of fhe best clear coat for garage floor is applied on a a garage floor

Identifying the best clear coat for the garage floor can be a tedious process. You want to pick the most suitable product for your needs in a market full of options—it can be confusing. 

But if you know what to look for, your job is halfway done and where to look becomes easier. 

Whether you are finishing a new garage floor or redoing a trusty old one, the things to consider are the same. 

This article offers a detailed review of top garage floor finishes in the market today and discusses the things to consider when choosing the best clear coat for garage floor.

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Best Clear Coat for Garage Floor Reviews 2022

 1.Rust-Oleum 301359 Decorative Color Chips, Gray Blend, 1lb

A garage is a bustling place, so everything you invest in must be durable and resistant to the daily toucher. If you want to coat your garage floor and need the best clear coat for the garage floor, consider Rust-Oleum 301359 Decorative Color Chips. 

Rust-Oleum 301359 Decorative Color Chips, Gray Blend, one of the best clear coat for garage floor You can customize any concrete coating with decorative color to attain the best finish with this product. You can also realize a permanent bond with Rust-Oleum 301359 when you sprinkle it onto a wet paint during application. 

Besides, you can choose your preferred personalized look and color scheme through a mix and match chip blends. This means that the coat provides you with an ultimate personalization to concrete floor coatings in different colors and blends.

In case of imperfections and dirt in your garage or showroom floor finish, Rust-Oleum helps hide the flaws and provides your floor with a perfect finish.


  • You can personalize the overall look by mixing and matching the blends.
  • It helps hide the surface imperfections and dirt.
  • You have to sprinkle onto wet paint during application to attain a permanent bond.
  • It allows you to customize any concrete coating.
  • The product has an average covering between 125 to 250 square feet per bag.
  • The item prevents the effect of natural inhibiting factors.


  • The coverage area depends on the method of application and surface texture.


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2.Supercoat SC550-KR-CL-0 Waterborne Urethane Glaze Coat Clear, 1 Gallon

If you are looking for a chemical-resistant and durable clear coat for your garage floor, then Supercoat SC550-KR-CL-0 is an excellent choice. Made to industrial grade and characterized by good chemical resistance, this coat resists damage from brake fluid, battery acid, gasoline, or standing water, providing your floor with a high gloss finish for a long time.Pictured above represent one of the most durable coating paint among the best clear coat for garage floor units

Even more, the SC550-KR-CL-0 protects the epoxy garage floor from encapsulates decorative flakes and scratches. If you employ this coat for your garage floor, you rest assured of working in a clean and sparkling environment since it makes cleaning the floor an easy task.

The coat comes in a one-gallon container meaning that it has comprehensive coverage. Application methods and procedures are straightforward, and they include the use of a brush or roller. The finish is also easy to maintain with vacuuming or sweeping.


  • It gives a clear topcoat for a super coat.
  • This product is a breathable two-component waterborne urethane.
  • The coating is chemical resistant.
  • It offers a high gloss finish.
  • The item resists damage caused by gasoline, standing water, battery acid, or brake fluid.
  • It protects the floor from scratches and encapsulates decorative flakes.
  • Cleaning is effortless.
  • You will use it for comprehensive area coverage.


  • It has some choking hazards.


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3.KORUSER Temporary Floor Protection 36’’ x 100’ – Anti Slip

If you are operating a commercial garage or workshop with differentiated or varied floor surfaces, then check out the Koruser Clear Coat Protection. This unit can be easily spread in overall ground surfaces regardless of the floor finish, including wood or marble, and still create a safe working environment through its sure-footed feature.

Its anti-slip mechanism prevents any form of accident.Among the best clear coat for garage floor, KORUSER Temporary Floor Protection 36’’ x 100’ - Anti Slip, Easily Applied Save Your Time - 100% Paint Proof – Reusable Material is a unit you will fancy having among your garage collections

An lm covering on the top of this product resists the penetration of liquid or paints to the coated floors (paint/liquid proof). The paints and liquid remain on the surface and can easily be eradicated through mops or sweeping, protecting your garage floor.

Besides, since it can be rolled back and forth, you do not need to buy a new covering when it attracts dirt. You only need to clean it, and it will be ready for reuse and will still protect your floor from any damage.

You can easily apply the KORUSER Temporary Floor Protection to any surface, be it frames, stairs, corners, or even baseboards that are hard to reach. You will not even need tape during the application, making the process pretty simple and saving you money that you would use for tapes and labor.

Featuring a breathable structure, this clear coat eliminates the remaining moisture on the ground through vaporization. This means it will leave the surface dry without you having to mop or clear left watermarks or moisture.


  • You can quickly spread this product on overall ground surfaces such as wood or marble.
  • The product is 100% paint proof.
  • You can use it repeatedly, thus saving on the expenditure.
  • It’s safe for use and has anti-slip features that prevent accidents.
  • Cleaning is straightforward and does not require a lot of labor.
  • The item is paint proof and thus ideal for everyday use.
  • It has a comprehensive area coverage of approximately 300 square feet.



  • It’s not ideal for permanent use.


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4.Rust-Oleum 292514 EpoxyShield Premium Floor Coating Kit, Clear

An alternative to Rust-Oleum 301359 is Rust-Oleum 292514. This clear coat is perfect for interior coating or bare concrete surfaces such as workshops, garages, and basements due to its low VOC formula and odor.An image of Rust-Oleum 292514 EpoxyShield Premium Floor Coating Kit, another excellent unit among the best clear coat for garage floors

Nevertheless, its 100% solid epoxy coating offers exceptional adhesion, chemical resistance, durability, and can resist hot tire pick-up. This means that the unit will provide you with the needed longevity and protect the floor from damage by chemicals.

Besides, due to its heavy-duty coating, a floor coated by Rust-Oleum Brands 292514 is ready for a walk within 24 hours and 72 hours ready for vehicles. Fortunately, it also comes in an easy-to-use burst pouch that helps reduce wastage, hence economical.

With its high-gloss protective finish, you benefit from establishing a showroom or garage with a quality floor that is durable from a single application


  • The high gloss protective finish provides a showroom-quality floor with high durability.
  • It has a comprehensive area coverage of 500 square feet on painted surfaces and 250 square feet on bare concrete.
  • The product has a fast drying time of 24 and 72 hours respectively for walk and vehicle ready surface.
  • It features 100% solids epoxy that provides excellent adhesion.
  • The item is chemical and hot tire pick-up resistant.
  • It has a low odor and VOC levels.


  • It takes up to 72 hours to be vehicle-ready.


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5.RUST-OLEUM 317382 120 oz Clear Rock-Solid Floors Polycuramine Textured Top Coat

With up to 120 ounces, this coating can cover most parts of your garage floor. RUST-OLEUM 317382 120 oz offers protection from inhibiting factors such as stagnated water, chemicals, battery acid, gasoline, and many more.

It is polycuramine textured to provide the necessary durability ideal for a garage floor. Besides, it’s 20 times more durable than epoxy. Therefore, it doesn’t crack or peel. You benefit from a  high gloss industrial grade coating.

The 317382 ensures you experience low odor and VOC that may be so hazardous, hence suitable for interior coating.

This product has a wide coverage of between 450 to 500 square feet over previously coated concrete. However, for bare concrete, the product covers between 200 to 250 square feet.


  • It has a wide area coverage.
  • The item offers unsurpassed durability, which is twenty times that of epoxy.
  • After application, it does not crack or peel.
  • The product offers an extremely high gloss finish.
  • It has a low odor and VOC levels.
  • You will never experience hot tire pick-ups.
  • It forms an easy mix with a burst pouch.
  • It’s resistant to salt, oil, gas, water, and other harsh chemicals.
  • This coating is an industrial-grade floor coating.


  • The maximum application area is only 500 square feet for previously coated concrete.


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 6. Rust-Oleum 293513 Rocksolid Polycuramine Garage Floor Coating, 2.5 Car Kit, Gray

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly clear coat, look no further than Rust-Oleum 293513. This excellent coat from the Rust-oleum brand boasts a unique eco-friendly burst pouch, and it is virtually odor and VOC-free, making it perfect for interior coating.

Besides, the coat is durable and characterized by a buildable formula 20X stronger than epoxy. You can thus use it in workshops, basements, and garage floors with no worries of it getting damaged. It has comprehensive coverage, with every kit covering up to 500sq.ft, which depends on the surface’s porosity.

Moreover, unlike most coats, you will not leave your vehicle outside your garage for over 72 hours upon application as it is a vehicle ready after only 24 hours. You can also walk into your coated garage floor after only 8 to 10 hours, that is, within the day of application. Impressive!

This unit results in a terrazzo flooring with a high-gloss finish that can resist peeling, chemical pills, cracking, and with a single coat, you get a quality floor that is also long-lasting.


  • The drying period is concise.
  • It’s a self-leveling buildable formula.
  • The product comes in a unique eco-friendly burst pouch.
  • It’s virtually VOC and odor-free.
  • The coating is durable and ideal for interior use.
  • It’s 20 times stronger than epoxy.


  • The area coverage depends on the surface porosity.


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7. SlipDoctors Tub Grip Non Slip Clear Bathtub Coating

 If you check on the reviews of this product, you will realize that most users attest it’s one of the best clear coats for garage floor. The product is an excellent solution for wet or slippery areas meaning that you don’t have to worry about the liquids that may pour on your floor.

With this coating, you will get a clear, finely textured finish on your floor that’s a perfect solution to prevent injuries caused by slip and fall accidents.

From the comfort of walking barefoot, the durable textured surface created by the Tub Grip provides a comfortable stand or walking surface. With the included roller brush, the application of this product is a breeze.

Besides, you are provided with detailed application instructions with every purchase. If you want to renovate your garage, the Tub Grip is straightforward to remove with a lacquer thinner and a plastic scraper.


  • You have a 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Application methods and procedures are straightforward.
  • The product leaves a barefoot-friendly surface.
  • It prevents slips and falls.
  • It provides a clear, finely textured surface.
  • The item is a perfect solution for wet or slippery areas.
  • The drying period is approximately 24 hours.
  • It’s a multi surface formula.


  • You will have to use many of the products if you have a wide garage floor.


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8.FanAut Epoxy Resin Crystal Clear

 Everything about this product is impressive. It’s a non-toxic epoxy resin that will glide on your garage floor to produce a smooth, beautiful, high gloss, and durable clear coat.

FanAut boasts a self-leveling formula that makes a perfect topcoat that gets 98% cured after 24 hours. The coat has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it forms a perfect match with resin dye and other glow-in-the-dark pigments.

Preparation is much easier because FanAut forms a 1:1 ratio. You only need to add the exact measurement of the resin and the hardener. The maximum casting size is up to four fluid oz. What’s best about this coating is the formulation that allows you to mix it with the color of your choice for vivid, stunning results.

It resists yellowing due to direct exposure to the dangerous UV. However, please do not use it primarily for your garage’s outdoor floors since it’s a resin, and all crystal resins always yellow eventually from the sun’s exposure.


  • It’s easy to mix.
  • It’s safe for use.
  • The product is also easy to pour and apply.
  • It cures crystal clear and dries to stern as a rock.
  • The item is non-toxic.
  • It’s self-leveling.
  • It has anti-yellowing properties.
  • The coating creates beautiful artwork and color stability for heirloom quality.


  • When used for outdoor purposes, it will eventually yellow due to UV rays.


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9.System Three 0102K40 General Purpose Epoxy Kit

 The 0102K40 has formulation that contains one resin and three curing hardeners or agents for durability and ease of application. When selecting a hardener, it’s always wise to consider the desired work time and the minimum temperature expected during the application. It would help if you combined different general purpose hardeners to provide a continuous range of cure times.

The unique aspect with this garage floor coating agent is that it has always contained 30% plant-derived materials. It has no contained any volatile organic compounds(VOC) and has low odor levels, hence appropriate for interior coatings.

Application is a piece of cake since you only have to use a simple ratio of 2:1 with any of the three hardeners. It’s recommended to use at a temperature as low as 35 degrees Fahrenheit. In contrast, there are no limitations on humidity.


  • It’s easy to apply.
  • You can combine with different fillers to make adhesive, filleting, and fairing compounds.
  • It has a low odor and VOC levels.
  • The product has extensive area coverage.
  • You can use it with a simple ratio of 2:1.


  • It only contains 30% plant-derived materials.


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Best Clear Coat for Garage Floor Buyers’ Guide 2022

This section discusses what you will need to look for in a clear coat for your garage floor. Let’s dive right in. 


You want a clear coat that will last the longest time possible. For example, finishing a garage floor is a demanding task, so you would not want to redo it every other year or within a few months of application. 

How long will the protection last on your garage floor? While some coatings start chipping after only a couple of months of use, others will take years to show any signs of wear.

When choosing what to buy, spending a few more dollars on a product that will remain in the best shape for years is better than saving upfront and skimping on quality. 

The time investment that will have to go into redoing the project will be way costlier than the little savings you make from purchasing a cheaper, lower-quality product. 

Resistance to household chemicals

A product’s resilience against common household chemicals goes a long way in determining its durability and the level of maintenance it requires.  

How well can the product stand up to household chemicals? Since you are finishing a garage floor, you can expect various automotive fluids and household chemicals to spill on the floor from time to time, especially if you use the place for your DIY projects. 

Engine coolant, gas, oil, and cleaning products are all laden with chemicals that damage some finishes. So you’ll want to look for a clear coat with excellent resistance to chemical damage.

Read through the product reviews and individual product information for resistance to chemicals and road salt. The latter is guaranteed to find its way into your garage and is notorious for damaging some finishes. 

A higher-quality flooring product like Floortex offers excellent resistance to road salt and chemical damage. 

High resistance to chemicals also makes cleaning a breeze. You can use any cleaning product to get the job done without worrying about its impact on the floor’s protective finish. 

This chemical resistance also means the floor will retain its sheen for longer, making it easier to clean any spills that occur through the years. 

In contrast, using a clear coat with a low resistance to chemical damage can restrict the kind of activities you can carry out in your garage. And you must thoroughly wash every drop of chemical whenever a spill occurs. 


Strength and durability may go hand in hand, but they are two different things. As far as strength goes, you want to look for a product that will stand up to piercing objects and car weight.

Notice that most SUVs weigh between 2,000 and 6,000 pounds. The most popular of these are the mid-size models weighing about 5,000 pounds. 

When deciding the strength of your garage floor finish, you want to look for a product that will take on the 5000 pounds of weight without flinching. 

Additionally, tools and objects such as stepladders and spanners drop all the time in the garage. You want a clear coat that can withstand the contact without scratching, denting, or breaking.

So, ensure you go for a clear coat formulated to be strong, such as polyurethane and high-quality epoxy mixtures.

Sheen level

Clear coats come in varying sheen levels. You can choose from high-gloss to satin and matte finish types. 

While considering these, notice that high-gloss finishes are highly reflective, so the smallest surface imperfections will be visible. Unfortunately, this aspect makes high-gloss floors more challenging to maintain.

Scratches, dust, or dirt tend to appear more conspicuously on shinier floors than on their satin or matte cousins. 

If you are looking for something that will better hide dirt and other surface imperfections, consider going for satin or matte finishes instead. 

Drying time

The product’s drying time directly influences the application turnaround time. 

You must normally wait for a coat to dry completely before applying a subsequent coat. Various products have different drying times, which will determine how long you will take to complete the project. 

Floor finishes with longer drying times can keep you on the project for days. However, a product that dries in 4 hours or less will often allow you to finish the job within one day so you can proceed to other things. 

Along with the drying time, consider how soon the product becomes ready for use after applying it. 

A quick-drying product will often be ready for foot traffic in 20 to 30 hours and vehicle traffic after 36 to 72 hours of application. Anything longer than that might be inconvenient. 

Brand reputation 

One may argue that underdogs exist in every industry, but sometimes it is safer to lean on the side of experience. 

Therefore, when shopping for a clear coat for your garage, it may be a good idea to look at the brand’s reputation. Do they have a history of producing durable and reliable products? Are they known to offer reliable warranties? How about their customer support policy? 

A manufacturer with a good reputation will likely offer a good product and guarantee a satisfactory customer experience. 

You can always learn about reputable brands from customer reviews with confirmed purchases. Various online forums like Reddit and Consumer Reports are also great places to look for genuine product information. 

Environmental impact

Various flooring products have varying levels of chemical ingredients. Some are loaded with hazardous materials, them less eco-friendly than others.

A garage is a long-term investment, so you would not want it to be a hotbed of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), especially since your family and pets are likely to spend significant amounts of time in there. 

VOCs can be harmful to human health, and a product with high levels of these compounds may not be ideal. 

While nearly every garage flooring product may contain chemicals, look for those with lower environmental impact—the more eco-friendly, the better.  


How much space will a gallon of the product you are choosing cover? A good product should cover anywhere between 300 and 600 square feet of garage floor space. 

In this regard, a good product will go a long way in saving you money. Just a small amount of the product will provide adequate coverage. 

In contrast, an underhand product may be wasteful since you will have to use it in larger quantities to work. This quality can also impact the product drying time and project turnaround time. 

If you are on a budget and could use some savings, look for a clear coat with greater coverage.


Even though most people will consider it aesthetics, color is another essential consideration when choosing the best clear coat for your garage floor. The difference is always clear for the garage owners who have deliberated how their garage floor coating colors will complement the rest of their garage’s decors, as the color you choose will significantly influence the garage’s overall look.

When choosing a garage floor coating, ensure you consider the colors of your cabinetry, Slatwall panels, and most importantly, the garage doors.  It would help if you considered a garage floor coating that gives a variety of colors to choose from. The benefit of such a selection is that you will not have to compromise on how your garage looks once you are done with the flooring project.

Why You Need The Best Clear Coat for Garage Floor

  • Easy to apply. The application methods of these products are straightforward. Besides, they come with application instructions that are easy to follow. In the package of some of the coatings, you will find an integrated roller that you can use for the application process.
  • When you use these coatings on your garage floor, you rest assured of durability since they leave a very tough finishing that withstands all garage site touchers.
  • Chemical resistant. What’s best about these items is the chemical resistance.
  • Anti slip. The final coatings are always smooth and form a rugged texture that prevents minor accidents by resisting slip, especially for wet floors.
  • Wide coverage. Most of these products have a wide area coverage.
  • Low VOC and Odor levels. There is no risk of getting respiratory disorders with these products since they have a low odor and VOC levels. However, it’s advisable to wear safety boots, clothes, and a mask while applying.


One of the best clear coat for garage foor model in use in a garage floor

A video showing how to epoxy coat your garage floor

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will My Floor Coating Last?

 Many factors determine the period by which your garage floor coating will last. This includes how busy your garage is in a day. Are there constant movements of vehicles in and out? Are people constantly coming and leaving? The durability time also depends on what is always on your garage floor. This includes water, salt, battery acid, or other corrosive chemicals. Most of the products above can last between 10 and 20 years before needing to be replaced.

What is The Benefit of Applying a Clear Coat on a Garage Floor?

 The clear coats have many beneficial factors, including the creation of crack, stain, and impact-resistant surfaces. They are also water resistant to prevent the growth of mold. Lastly, they bring out the beauty to your garage with their crystal clear appearance.

Should I Clear Coat My Epoxy Garage Floor?

Clear coating your garage floor will enhance its longevity and establish a longer wearing surface. Essentially, coating the epoxy floors eliminates hot tire lift and absorbs the impacts that can damage your garage floor by adding thickness to the floors. 

Can You Apply an Epoxy Clear Coat Over Polyurethane?

Applying epoxy over polyurethane is not recommendable. The difference in the surface tension between polyurethane and epoxy makes it a challenge for this application. Epoxy has more surface tension than polyurethane. However, the topcoat should have a lower surface tension for compatibility and adherence. 

Since epoxy has more surface tension than polyurethane, applying epoxy clear coat over polyurethane will not realize the required adherence; hence not recommended. However, you can apply a polyurethane coat over epoxy as it has a lower surface tension than the latter. 

Which is better, epoxy or urethane?

Urethane coatings are better than epoxy. You highly benefit from having a urethane clear coat as they are more abrasion-resistant than epoxy and are more durable (4X epoxy).

Besides, using urethane for your floors will have numerous aesthetic considerations since it provides more finish options. Thus, you can mark various parts of your garage floors as you desire, enhancing your floor’s aesthetic value.

What is more durable, polyurethane or epoxy?

For your garage floors, polyurethane is more durable than epoxy. The durability of the floor coatings depends on their molecular structures, which determine how the molecules fuse or form bonds. The higher the density of the molecules in the structure, the stronger the bonds formed, hence improved longevity. Polyurethane is more durable since it has a higher cross-link density than epoxy.


The product you choose for your garage floor can make or break your experience. Attention to product reviews and considering the features that determine a perfect garage floor finish will help you choose the best.

We hope this article helps make your next garage floor finishing project successful.