Can You Paint Over Garage Floor Epoxy?

    There is no doubt that garage floor epoxy is a popular preference for both industrial and commercial purposes. The garage floor supports heavy machinery and sharp equipment and could wear out over time. In such instances, epoxy flooring is the ultimate go-to as it is durable and restores shine to your old garage … Read more

Swisstrax vs Racedeck: Which is Better?

Are you thinking of giving your garage a facelift? The floor is one central area that will require a great deal of deliberation. Nothing catches the eye quite like a burnished interlocking tile floor. This is where some of the most in-demand brands, Racedeck and Swisstrax, dominate. You might feel stumped when deciding which of … Read more

11 Best Alternatives to Concrete Garage Floor

For ages, concrete flooring has held a soft spot on many garage owners’ hearts. However, this is ceasing to be the case as modernization sets in.  This is because, for some individuals, concrete garage floors seem somewhat traditional and tend to have an uncomfortable underfoot feeling due to their hardness. Others tend to feel jaded … Read more

Can you Pressure Wash a Garage Floor?

Labor-intensive garages tend to leave the floor with debris, oil, dirt, and other stains, especially where locomotive repairs are involved. Whether using epoxy, polyurethane, or concrete floors, the debris and stains remaining after work are often hectic and time-consuming to clean. Besides, the days of scrubbing floors with soap and water in a bucket until … Read more