Best Exhaust for Camaro V6 of 2023 [9 Top Picks & Buyers’ Guide)

The dream of every muscle car enthusiast is to break necks whenever they turn up. Unfortunately, this goal cannot be achieved by stock exhaust systems, necessitating aftermarket exhausts. The best exhaust for Camaro V6 is designed to produce a wild exhaust sound while maintaining your engine’s performance. Establishing an entirely new exhaust for your vehicle will help enhance its sound, creating a much bolder sound.

Besides, the Camaro V6 improves vehicle performance by enhancing the throttle response. These exhausts comprise outstanding mandrel bending techniques, ideal muffler styles, axle-back, and cat-back designs. The best exhaust for Camaro V6 gives your muscle car the classic growl you desire through these and more features.

Purchasing a top model will help you get a durable, high quality, and good fit whose installation will be straightforward. Since there are various units in the market today, presenting the buyers with selection headaches, this article adequately acquaints you with details on the best exhaust for Camaro V6. You can choose one of the top models reviewed in this article and be sure you are getting the best unit of high quality and durability.

Best Exhaust for Camaro V6 Reviews

1. Gibson Performance Exhaust 320001

If you aim at turning heads whenever your Camaro V6 is within the vicinity, look no further because this Gibson Performance exhaust is a combination of all the features required to boost your engine’s performance. The model features chambered mufflers which are highly recommended for your muscle car.A picture of Gibson Performance Exhaust 320001, one of the primary models among the Best Exhaust for Camaro V6

To ice the cake, the chambered mufflers are reinforced with baffles to fine-tune the exhaust sound efficiently. The resonance chambers also tend to minimize the exhaust drone by improving the flow.

The unit does not comprise internal packing, making its weight more manageable. It exhibits unquestionable durability as it is made of aluminized steel. This material also contributes to the unit’s manageable weight. However, it weighs a bit heavier than most of its counterparts.

It is made of double-wall tips, which foster proper insulation from the heat produced by exhaust gases. Gibson also has a four-inch exhaust size which is substantial for adequate exhaust flow. This exhaust system is vehicle-specific, and its quality is unquestionable as it is supported with a limited lifetime warranty.


  • It offers a deeper exhaust sound
  • It is compatible with 2010-2015 Camaro V6 models
  • It comes with an installation guide
  • Minimum exhaust drone
  • It improves the exhaust sound through its resonance chambers
  • It features a mandrel-bent tube for better performance
  • Durable as it is made of aluminum
  • Features a four-inch outlet
  • It has a limited lifetime warranty


  • Relatively heavy (35 pounds)


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  1. Flowmaster 817483 Axle-back System 409S – Dual Rear Exit – American Thunder

The Flowmaster 817483 is an axle-back system, meaning it is designed to fit behind the vehicle’s rear axle. This design tends to boost the overall volume, producing an aggressive sound. In addition, it creates a noticeable exterior sound level while moderating the sound level in the interior. Thanks to these features, the unit is popularly known as the American Thunder.

Besides, the model is fitted with a dual rear exit which comes as a pair. Through this feature, the unit boosts both car’s efficiency and performance. The dual rear exit enhances the horsepower, thereby improving the engine output. In this way, it enables the engine to maximize its potential by improving the throttle response. The maximized engine performance, in turn, improves the vehicle’s mileage.

This exhaust system is mandrel-bent, an aspect that reinforces the horsepower because it offers minimal restriction. The mandrel bend feature also enhances the aggressiveness of the exterior tone. It is also designed with carefully selected mufflers that tend to streamline the sound produced.

The system offers an easy installation process as it comes with a user manual for convenience. Consequently, the package includes the relevant hardware such as the exhaust tips for smooth installation. It is relatively lightweight, weighing on 2.75 pounds.


  • It offers a universal fit
  • It has a lightweight (2.75 pounds)
  • It offers easy installation because it comes with the necessary hardware and user manual
  • It has a dual rear exit
  • It features mandrel bending
  • It exhibits an aggressive exterior tone
  • It enhances overall engine performance


  • The product is void of a warranty


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  1. MRT 91A177 Performance Exhaust System

If you are a person who prefers announcing your presence sometimes and keeping a low profile at other times, then MRT 91A177 Performance Exhaust system is for you. The unit enables you to adjust the exterior tone depending on your preference.

The exhaust system enhances your car’s engine performance in addition to boosting its sound. It is designed to foster efficient exhaust flow and minimize the backpressure. Doing so improves both the torque and horsepower, enabling the engine to utilize its potential entirely.

The unit is made of steel to enhance its durability and make its weight more manageable. In addition, its exhaust tips are aesthetically designed with a Cerakote ceramic coating. This coating enables the exhaust tips to withstand the high temperature generated by the high-yielding performance, which reinforces the tips’ durability.

The manufacturer offers a limited warranty of a lifetime to boost your confidence in the products’ quality. Also, if you upgrade your vehicle to achieve more power, the unit can be compatible with the modifications you make. It is compatible with the 2010 to 2015 Camaro V6 models.


  • It features double-walled exhaust tips with ceramic coating
  • It enhances both the sound and performance of the engine
  • It offers ideal exhaust flow
  • Highly durable as it is made of stainless steel
  • It exhibits a relatively lightweight of 22 pounds
  • It is compatible with standard Camaro V6 models (2010-2015)
  • A limited lifetime warranty supports it


  • The system is not compatible with Camaro V6 models that lack the quad-tip exhaust options


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  1. MagnaFlow 15693 Exhaust System Kit

This MagnaFlow Street Series performance exhaust system is designed to maximize comfort while boosting performance. It offers moderate exterior sound level mild interior sound level for utter convenience.

It features mandrel bending, which maximizes its efficiency. In addition, the unit exhibits a straight-through muffler style, making it ideal for racing cars. These mufflers go hand in hand with the moderate sound level that the system produces while enhancing the exhaust flow to maximize horsepower.

It is a cat-back exhaust system, meaning it enhances proper exhaust flow by replacing the components through which the exhaust gases flow after leaving the catalytic converter. In this way, the system improves overall engine performance. The cat-back design also fosters an easy installation process because it directly attaches to your car.

The unit is made of stainless steel to withstand corrosion to serve you for the longest time possible. In addition, its quality is assured as it is supported by a limited construction warranty of a lifetime.


  • It features a mandrel bending design
  • High durability as it is made of stainless steel
  • It offers bolt-on installation
  • It has a dual split rear exit
  • It has a straight-through muffler style for maximum exhaust flow
  • It features a cat-back design
  • A limited lifetime warranty supports it


  • Relatively heavy (43 pounds)


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  1. Mishimoto MMEXH-CAM8-16AQTRP Axle-back Exhaust System

The Mishimoto MMEXH-CAM8-16AQTRP exhaust system exhibits a cut-and-clamp design to suit the 2016+ Chevrolet Camaro models specifically. Consequently, it features a modern design that serves as an upgrade to stock exhaust systems.

If you prefer quad to dual tips, then this unit is for you. It converts the usual double tip exhaust style to a quad-tip, which is a modern style. However, the exhaust tip style tends to have a negligible impact on the overall engine performance.

This exhaust system gives your car the rumble you desire through its rear muffler delete feature. As the name implies, this feature eliminates the muffler whose function is to regulate the engine sound. As a result, the engine’s sound is unrestricted by removing the muffler, leading to a booming exhaust sound similar to that of a racing car.

Also, the unit fosters a very aggressive exhaust sound upon both acceleration and deceleration. The exhaust system features up to eight pounds lighter weight by eliminating the muffler, compared to the stock exhaust. These aspects make this unit ideal for car lovers who prefer wild exhaust sound.


  • It exhibits a very aggressive sound
  • It features a modern cut-an-clamp design
  • Compatible with 2016+ Camaro SS
  • It is much lighter than stock exhaust systems
  • Its muffler delete feature reinforces the exhaust sound


  • It is not compatible with Chevrolet Camaro models that feature dual-mode exhaust


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  1. Dynomax 39493 Stainless Steel Exhaust System

The Dynomax 39493 exhaust system might as well be termed as a coalescence of all the features required to reinforce exhaust sound and engine performance simultaneously. The system features an axle-back design that caters to the exhaust sound level by increasing the overall volume.

It also features a straight-through muffler style for efficient exhaust flow to produce an aggressive sound. Through the straight-through design, the unit enhances engine performance by enabling it to withstand a maximum of 2000 horsepower. The mufflers comprise the Continuous Roving Fiberglass technique (CRF) that tunes up the sound by absorbing undesirable interior sound while enhancing the exterior tone.

The unit is fitted with a double rear exit, which positively impacts its performance by improving the flow of exhaust gases. Installation is bolt-on and is, therefore, a fast and easy process.

The system is highly durable as it is made of stainless steel that enables it to withstand corrosive substances. In addition, its 100 percent welded design further reinforces durability. On the downside, the unit is relatively heavy as it weighs 40 pounds.


  • It offers a loud exhaust sound
  • It is an axle-back exhaust system
  • It features a straight-through muffler design
  • The mufflers are modified using the CRF technique
  • It offers bolt-on installation
  • It has a double rear exit to maximize exhaust flow
  • Highly durable due to its welded design and stainless steel material


  • Relatively heavy (40 pounds)


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  1. Borla (11851) 2.5″ Inlet/Outlet Rear Exhaust System with ATAK Sound for Chevrolet Camaro 2-Door

The Borla 11851 rear exhaust system comprises various unique features that make it stand out from the rest. For instance, unlike most of its counterparts, this exhaust features a single split rear exit, contributing significantly to its efficiency.

The unit produces higher velocity than most exhausts in its class, thanks to its single exit feature. It is also designed using the mandrel bending technique, which enhances the quality of the mufflers. This technique maximizes exhaust flow, resulting in a substantially loud exhaust sound.

The system is fitted with straight-through mufflers to further enhance the exhaust flow by offering minimal restriction. These aspects tend to maximize the engine horsepower. However, the sound produced by the exhaust may not be as loud as that of dual rear exit exhaust systems.


  • It has a relatively lightweight of about 25 pounds
  • It comprises mandrel bending technique
  • It offers high velocity
  • It has straight-through mufflers
  • It enhances the engine horsepower
  • It is made of stainless steel for maximum longevity


  • The manufacturer has discontinued the product


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  1. Dynomax 17493 Exhaust System

The Dynomax 17493 exhaust is a cat-back exhaust system. If you are looking to enhance both the sound and the performance of your muscle car, this unit is for you. The cat-back improves exhaust flow and exerts minimum weight on the vehicle.

By improving exhaust flow, the cat-back system enables the exhaust to enhance the aggressiveness of the exterior tone. The unit also features sizeable internal exhaust flow tubing, enhancing even better exhaust flow while minimizing the back pressure. In addition, it is made of a flow director design that helps to reduce turbulence.

The system is also designed with a fiberglass matting technique. This technology helps to enhance the quality of sound produced by absorbing unnecessary interior resonance and boosting the exterior sound levels. In addition, the manufacturer offers a ninety-day sound and performance guarantee with a limited lifetime warranty into the bargain.


  • The exhaust is a cat-back system
  • It offers an aggressive exterior tone
  • It features fiberglass matting technology that tunes up the sound produced
  • It has a unique flow director design
  • Large-sized internal flow tubes for enhanced exhaust flow
  • It has a ninety-day sound and performance guarantee
  • A limited lifetime warranty supports the unit


  • Relatively heavy (42 pounds)


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  1. Borla 11806 Exhaust System

The reputable Borla brand offers one of the latest technologies that foster precise control over the exhaust tone. The Acoustically-Tuned Applied Kinetics (ATAK) technique can tune up the overall volume while enhancing the engine performance. Moreover, it enables the exhaust system to produce the highest sound levels in its class.

The exhaust tips are made of stainless steel to foster their durability by preventing rusting. In addition, the tips feature a 2.5-inch inlet diameter, which is enough to enhance the better flow of exhaust gases. Improving the flow of exhaust gases, in turn, reinforces the sound output.

The exhaust features an exclusive multicore design that enhances the engine’s performance. Unlike most exhaust systems, this unit exhibits a lightweight of 2.5 pounds. It also bolts up easily for efficient installation.


  • It is designed with the modern ATAK technology to boost the overall volume
  • It features an exclusive multicore design
  • It offers an easy installation process
  • The unit produces an incredible roar
  • It is made of stainless steel for durability
  • It is relatively lightweight


  • It does not include a warranty


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Best Exhaust for Camaro V6 Buyers’ Guide

The best exhaust for Camaro V6 is one that enables your machine to cause a stir. Unfortunately, while this is the desire of every muscle car enthusiast, a flawed quality exhaust system could compromise the engine functionality.

Finding the best exhaust system to suit your Camaro V6 may not be a walk in the park due to the numerous brands already in the market. That said, here are some of the specs to look out for in your quest for the best exhaust for Camaro V6.

Type of Exhaust

It is paramount to determine the type of exhaust before you settle on a particular Camaro v6 unit. The exhaust comes in three different categories or types. This includes;

Cat-Back Exhaust

Cat-back exhaust refers to an exhaust system that runs from the tip of the exhaust to the catalytic part of the system. It consists of the pipe that connects the muffler to the catalytic converter and the exhaust tip. The exhaust system is a modification in the exhaust pipe that ensures enhanced airflow into the system for improved performance.

The cat-back exhaust has numerous benefits. For instance, the exhaust system enhances a car’s horsepower. The exhaust systems are often associated with power losses between 10 to 20%. This could be detrimental as it can, in some instances, hinder the full potential of your car. However, with the cat-back exhaust system, your vehicle will produce maximum torque and horsepower that guarantees sufficient airflow within the system, hence an improved car engine’s performance.

However, you should note that the cat-back system’s success depends on the initial design and the catalytic converter of the exhausts system. If sufficient space characterizes the initial design, the cat-back system will ensure a maximum boost to the vehicle’s performance. However, an exhaust system that limits air movement will not reap the maximum benefit of the cat-back system.

Another reason to fancy the cat-back system is better fuel economy. A cat-back exhaust system guarantees improved airflow. This means that your car’s engine will not be strained or overworked while striving to eliminate exhaust fumes. This minimized resistance reduces the load on the engine, hence reduced fuel consumption.

Moreover, cat-back systems are characterized by unique sounds. By installing this system, you are also sure to improve the quality of the sound your vehicle emits. However, you must guarantee that the cat-back system you purchase has a sound that matches your style.

Header-Back Exhaust systemAn image of a header-back dual exhaust system

This refers to the part of the exhaust system from the outlet of the header to the final vent to open air. The type of exhaust system is always crucial for vehicles without turbochargers. They are produced as aftermarket performance systems for these cars. The header-back exhaust comprises stainless-steel tubes for every cylinder. These tubes converse to a single unit “collector” pipe, forming a path through which the exhaust gases pass before they exit the muffler.

Like with the cat-back systems, the header-back exhaust system also gets characterized by several benefits. For instance, installing the header-back exhaust maximizes the efficiency of your car’s engine performance by cleansing the pipework and any other emission cleansing component.

Moreover, the exhaust system ensures that any unnecessary or restrictive noise dwindling the chamber is eliminated from the vehicle. In this case, the header-back system ensures an improved back pressure reduction ratings, improved fuel economy, and increased engine performance.

Axle-Back Exhaust SystemAn image of Flowmaster 817483 Axle-back System 409S, an example of an axle-back exhaust system

The axle-back system consists of the parts after the rear axle of a vehicle, mainly composed of the muffler, tips, and tailpipe.  One essential characteristic of these systems is that they are vehicle-dependent, implying that they are available for particular car models.

The primary advantage of the axle-back exhaust system is enhanced exhaust noise that is also dependent on the type of muffler and minimized backpressure. Also, this system is characterized by quick installation time. However, unlike with the other exhaust systems, the axle-back does not significantly improve your car performance. It’s designed to replace the muffler, which is instrumental in freeing airflow, but the gains are minor for improved engine performance.

Thus, of the three, the most exciting exhaust type is the cat-back exhaust system. The unit is characterized by numerous benefits, with an ideal advantage being improved performance. Despite the enhanced efficiency, this type of exhaust is still economical due to reduced fuel consumption. If your car does not match this type of exhaust system, you should also consider the header-back system, which has almost the same characteristics as the cat-back system.

Exhaust Configuration

The configuration of your exhaust system is another vital component you need to consider if you intend to buy a new exhaust for your vehicle. There are four different types of configurations you would choose from when it comes to the exhaust system.

Single Exhaust

From its name, this type of exhaust utilizes a single pipe to route the exhaust gases from the car. The exhaust systems always come factory-equipped with most cars and boast numerous benefits. For instance, single exhaust systems are lightweight, an element that helps enhance the vehicle’s performance. Secondly, they are less expensive, particularly when you are considering modification or replacement.

Moreover, with the single exhaust, there is improved gas velocity, that is, the speed at which gas travels along the exhaust pipe, and this means that the gases are rapidly emitted through the pipes. Also, since these systems are readily available within the markets, they are easy to replace. You can also benefit from improved vehicle performance, enhanced horsepower, and increased fuel economy with the single exhaust systems.

On the downside, due to its single exit pipe, you will not enjoy the performance level like an individual whose car has a dual exhaust system.

Dual Exhaust system

The dual exhaust system has two exit points. This implies that it can push twice as much exhaust fumes faster than the systems limited by a single pipe, which explains why it exhibits better performance than single exhaust systems.

Typically, the more exhaust your vehicle or system can push, the more air the engine can take in, which has an advantage of increased vehicle horsepower. Also, with the dual exhaust system, you will benefit from improved styles, including the real dual exit or the cat-back exhaust.

Moreover, unlike with the single pipe exhaust, the dual system is characterized by an enhanced sound, improved fuel economy and ensures that your car’s engine is always cool, improving its performance.

However, on the downside, dual exhaust systems are always costly to replace, install, or purchase compared to single exhaust systems.

Which is better?

Most vehicle owners are always faced with a significant challenge in choosing between the single and dual exhaust systems. Often, the exhaust type you choose depends significantly on your vehicle and the objectives you want to achieve. For instance, if your vehicle has a turbocharged engine or a V-6 larger engine, it is better to go for a dual exhaust system for enhanced power. However, for the non-turbocharged or smaller engines, having a single exhaust would make more sense.

Generally, the dual exhausts are perfect and will give you better performance than the single exhaust systems. With the dual exhaust systems, the exhaust gases exit every manifold through two pipes and not one, guaranteeing that they can exit the engine faster and offer additional horsepower. This makes the dual exhaust pipes superior to the single types.

Alternatively, you could consider car muffler experts for professional guidance if you have an issue deciding on what exhaust system to purchase.

Muffler Style

The muffler style plays a critical role in enhancing the exhaust flow and fine-tuning the external tone. Under this category, consider whether the exhaust system features either straight-through or chambered mufflers. Each of these designs has its set of advantages and disadvantages.

The chambered mufflers, for instance, comprise various chambers that enhance noise reduction by reflecting the sound waves, and in turn, enhancing the exterior exhaust tone. On the other hand, straight-through mufflers are made of a straight pipe to minimize the restriction of the flow of exhaust gases. Although this design enhances the sound output, it offers less noise reduction compared to the chambered design.

The straight-through mufflers also tend to have a more compact size. In addition, some exhaust systems feature a muffler delete system. The mufflers’ primary role is to regulate the exhaust sound. Using the muffler delete system means unrestricted exhaust sound, and this gives your car a louder rev.

Downpipe Size

Yet another exemplary element of consideration when choosing the best Camaro v6 for your vehicle. Normally, the downpipe size is considered dependent on your vehicle’s horsepower. For instance, you will need a downpipe of 4 inches or less for a vehicle with 450 horsepower or less. It is, however, difficult to find a downpipe below 4 inches.

On the other hand, if you have a car with a horsepower of more than 450, then you will need a downpipe of 5 inches.  The high horsepower works best with increased downpipe as this ensures that there is sufficient airflow and that your vehicle performs to the level you expect. The matching improves the performance of your vehicle. Thus, even though vehicles with downpipes lower than 5 inches are still effective in terms of performance, the performance efficiency would be lower than that with 5 inches.


The material that makes up your exhaust of choice should be durable and can withstand corrosion. Therefore, it is recommended that you select an exhaust system whose tips are made of aluminized steel to enhance longevity. In addition, some exhaust tips are coated with ceramic material, and these are also ideal.


User-friendliness, in this case, mainly refers to the ease of installation of the exhaust system. Consider exhaust systems that offer bolt-on installation for convenience. The weight of the exhaust system also determines user-friendliness. Exhaust systems that feature a manageable weight are ideal as they also enhance acceleration by exerting lighter weight on your car.


Establishing full trust in the model you buy always comes with the warranty period. Most of the units available in the markets are often characterized by manufacturing defects that can be costly if your device has no warranty. You can affirm that the organization stands behind the product they sell, which you get from the warranty information. A longer warranty provides you with maximum confidence in the durability of the product. This also enhances your reliance on the product.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which type of exhaust system is the best for my 2010 V6?

For a 2010 v6, the best exhaust system that will give you the best performance is the header-back system. With this system, you can replace the original car’s exhaust system from the headers to the tailpipes. This implies that you will get sufficient airflow through the car system, giving you the best performance with the 2010 v6.

How can you get a higher horsepower from a 3.8 v6?

Enhanced horsepower is an essential undertaking with the v6 models. One primary practice that would help increase the horsepower in the 3.8 v6 is improving the amount of air flowing into the engine. The air getting into the engine mixes with the fuel contained in the engine cylinder, resulting in combustion, resulting in enhanced horsepower.

Alternatively, you can increase the amount of fuel in the engine’s cylinder. However, this practice would enhance your fuel economy, and you may not want to increase your car’s fuel consumption, even though the horsepower in the case will also be improved through combustion. To help reduce the amount of fuel used, you can replace the fuel injection system. For instance, if you need to improve or upgrade your vehicle’s performance, you may consider a nitrous oxide injection system that will help introduce nitrous oxide into the fuel line for a temporary but substation horsepower boost.

Moreover, to increase the horsepower in your vehicle, you may also consider increasing the air flowing out of the engine. Once the air in the engine is hot, it needs to be expelled, and the more this air leaves your car engine, the more horsepower it produces. The ability of the car engine to expel the hot air can be enhanced by replacing the factory exhaust system. You can use a header system that carries air from the engine to the exhaust instead of the factory exhaust system that carries air from the engine to the exhaust.

The video below shows how to increase horsepower in any Camaro, 5th or 6th Generation

How long does a V6 Camaro Last?

If well-maintained, Camaro V6 would last for 150 000 miles, approximately 15 years, depending on the driving miles of about 13500 miles per year. However, the Camaro can surpass this to even 200000 miles when used diligently and appropriate repairs are done. How you use it will significantly determine its longevity.

How much horsepower can you get out of a v6 Camaro?

V6 Camaro gives you more options on horsepower ratings. For instance, you may consider a 3.6-liter v6 with a 335HP and 284 pound-feet of torque. The models characterized with this engine accelerate more eagerly compared to the models with the turbo-four. Besides, the type of engine has a higher speed and feels much stronger. This guarantees better performance and longevity.


The best way to enhance the exterior tone and give your muscle car that extra growl is by replacing your stock exhaust with one of the best exhausts for Camaro V6. Consider opting for an exhaust system that enhances the exhaust sound while improving engine performance. The best exhaust for Camaro V6 could cost a fortune, and for that reason, your exhaust system of choice should offer maximum longevity.

The durability is determined by the material that makes up the exhaust tips. Also of importance is the quality of your exhaust system of choice. It would be best if you settle for an exhaust system supported by a warranty as it reassures you of the system’s quality. If you are looking to announce your arrival, consider getting yourself the best exhaust for Camaro V6.

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