8 Best Garage Door Opener Under 200 of 2022[ Top Reviews & Buyers’ Guide]


One of the best garage door opener under 200 in use, demonstarting a sectional garage door opener

The convenience that comes with modern garage door openers is undisputable. As with the best smart garage door opener with a camera units, these openers comprise out-of-the-box features such as smartphone compatibility, convenient accessories, long-lasting batteries, and WiFi capability. Most of them are even supported by lifetime warranties to boost your confidence.

Some of these openers are operational even in the event of a power outage. Not even a tight budget can limit you from enjoying such convenience since this article reviews some of the best garage door openers under 200 dollars. Consequently, the article entails an informative buyers’ guide to aid in making the best purchase decision.

Best Garage Door Opener Under 200 Reviews

1.Genie Chain Drive Garage Door Opener (B079H23418)

The Genie B079H23418 garage door opener is set apart by its unique automated battery backup feature. With a backup system, inconveniences during a power outage are out of the question as it provides a maximum of 50 cycles during a blackout.

Just as the name implies, this opener features a long-lasting and robust chain drive system that can withstand a seven-foot garage door. To further reinforce its durability, it is designed using the Genie sense technology that extends the motor life. Despite its high potency, the opener operates quietly, preventing any distractions in your living space.

The opener is easy to install as it comes with comprehensive instructions. Consequently, the package includes two pre-programmed remotes, a multipurpose wall console, and a wireless keypad for convenience. Your garage is secure with the multipurpose wall console even in your absence due to its vacation lock.


  • It features a 12V inbuilt battery back up
  • Fitted with safety T beams to avoid accidents
  • Operates silently
  • Solid and durable chain drive system
  • Offers easy and fast installation
  • It features intellicode technology for enhanced security
  • Accompanied by a limited warranty


  • The opener is compatible with smartphones in the presence of an Aladdin Connect kit which is not included in the package


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  1. Genie B07MV2WHF4 Garage Door Opener

The esteemed Genie brand presents yet another quality product at an affordable price. The Genie brand prides itself on the fact that its products are equipped with Intellicode rolling code technology, and the Genie B07MV2WHF4 garage door opener is not an exception. With this technique in place, unauthorized access to your garage is out of the question.

The opener guarantees not only the safety of the garage but also that of its users. It is fitted with Safety-T-beams to prevent the door from closing if there’s a person or object underneath. Thanks to its Aladdin Connect feature, you can control your garage door from anywhere through your smartphone.

The unit is also WiFI enabled as it works with Alexa and Google Assistant to reinforce its convenience further. Its potency is unquestionable as it can lift a seven-foot door that weighs up to 500 pounds. In the presence of an extension, the opener can lift even an eight-foot door.

Along with this opener comes the necessary accessories such as a wall console, wireless keypad, and pre-programmed remotes to foster easy installation.


  • Offers enhanced security to your garage through Intellicode technology
  • Fitted with safety sensors to secure the garage users
  • Ensures peace of mind through Aladdin Connect that allows you to monitor your garage from anywhere
  • Easy to install
  • Operates quietly


  • Its compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant is a bit complex


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The Skylink B01DZWL904 garage door opener was designed with the garage’s safety and its users’ safety in mind. For starters, it features long-lasting LED lights that require no maintenance to light up your garage and, in turn, prevent accidents. In terms of garage safety, the unit features a safety shield and an emergency cord protector to deter unauthorized access to the garage.

It comprises a potent DC motor that can lift ten-foot garage doors in the presence of an extension. Its solid and durable chain drive reinforces this potency. The opener works with a battery backup system for convenience during a power outage. However, the backup battery has to be separately purchased as it is not included in the package.

The unit is highly user-friendly as it operates quietly despite its potency. It is fast and easy to install as it offers a step-by-step installation guide. The package includes complimentary accessories such as a wireless keypad and keychain remote.


  • Backed up by a one year warranty
  • Features a diagnostic display for efficient programming
  • Fitted with safety sensors
  • It has inbuilt LED lights for illumination
  • Designed with Intellicode technology


  • The battery back up system has to be purchased separately
  • Not WiFi-enabled


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4. Chamberlain/Liftmaster B00E3KYVP8 Garage Door Opener

The Chamberlain/Liftmaster B00E3KYVP8 garage door opener boasts its ability to operate regardless of interrupted power supply. This outstanding aspect can be attributed to its EverCharge feature that powers the device to offer a maximum of 20 cycles during a blackout. It is compatible with the Liftmaster 8500 and 3800 jackshaft garage openers and selected estate series models.

Unlike most of its counterparts, this unit exhibits outstanding potency, yet it features a manageable weight of about six pounds. When the battery power is in use, the device notifies you through signal sounds. Consequently, it features LED lights that act as battery indicators for convenience.

It is easy to install as it automatically clips into the back of your garage opener. If in search of an opener for a standard garage door, this device is recommended. It offers you quality and simplicity at an affordable price and is a must-have during power outages.


  • Relatively lightweight (5.99 pounds)
  • It has an EverCharge feature for convenience during a power outage
  • Easy to install
  • It is fitted with battery indicators


  • None to mention


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5. Genie B07MV295ST Garage Door Opener

Safety and convenience come into mind at the mention of Genie products, and this bargain is not an exception. Its design comprises a Safety-T-Beam and Intellicode rolling code technique that guarantees the safety of the users and the garage.

The opener features a five-piece rail that snaps together automatically in terms of convenience, making the installation process a breeze, not to mention its pre-programmed remotes and pre-assembled chain to reinforce easy installation. It is also compatible with Home Link and CAR2U to further enhance convenience as you can efficiently control your garage door at the comfort of your car.

The opener comprises a potent and durable DC motor (1/2 HP) supported by a ten-year limited warranty. This unit is ideal for attached garages, thanks to its powerful yet silent mode of operation.


  • Easy to install owing to its pre-assembled chain and five-piece rail system
  • It features a robust and durable DC motor
  • Safety sensors
  • It features Genie Sense technology that extends the life of its mechanical parts
  • Supported by a limited warranty of ten years
  • Compatible with inbuilt car remotes
  • Includes relevant accessories such as a wireless keypad and multipurpose wall console


  • You are obliged to purchase an Aladdin Connect kit separately for smartphone compatibility


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Simple as it looks, the Skylink B07Z9H6QP7 exhibits remarkable features that foster convenience at a feasible cost. The unit is compatible with inbuilt car remotes, for starters, aside from an auto-close timer that comes in handy whenever you forget to lock up your garage door.

The device features a robust chain drive system designed to operate with minimal to no noise, making it suitable for garages attached to living spaces. It also features a heavy-duty DC motor that can lift about any standard garage door. Along with it comes a wireless keypad and wall console for convenience in the absence of its remote.

It features an anti-theft drive system to protect your garage from burglary through an emergency cord protector. The opener is fitted with safety sensors and LED lights to illuminate the garage. In this way, it helps prevent accidents or injuries to garage users.


  • It comes with an auto-close timer
  • Works with inbuilt car remotes
  • LED lights to light up the garage
  • Offers an easy installation process through a diagnostic display
  • Operates quietly
  • Safety sensors
  • Safety shield and emergency cord protector to prevent theft


  • Not WiFi compatible


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7.Auto Garage Roller Door Opener

The compact design of the Auto Garage Roller Door Opener reinforces its convenience. Due to its size, the unit is less bulky, easy to install, and occupies minimal space. Consequently, it comes with a convenient carrying case to ease portability.

It features a 24V motor that can lift garage doors of up to 172 square feet with minimal noise. The unit is ideal for a steel roller garage door and can raise it to a maximum of 16 feet. Also, along with it comes two convenient keychain-sized remotes.

The unit is also fitted with low power consumption LED lights and safety sensors. Even in a power outage event, the opener is still functional as it grants you manual access to your garage. On the downside, the opener exhibits 1/3HP lifting force, which is relatively low compared to its counterparts.


  • Operates with minimal noise
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Easy installation
  • Substantial range
  • It comes with a convenient casing


  • Relatively low lifting force


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Best Garage Door Opener Under 200 Buyers’ Guide

An image of an installed garage door opener in use in a home garage with a powerful motor

Technological advancements have presented a myriad of options to choose from when selecting a garage door opener. These garage door openers may comprise irresistible features, making it challenging to select the ideal garage door opener, especially when on a tight budget.

You should consider the most fundamental features of a garage door opener to achieve satisfaction without breaking the bank. Below are factors to consider when choosing the best garage door opener under 200 dollars:


The sole purpose of purchasing a garage door opener is to secure your garage from unauthorized access. For this reason, security is an indispensable factor to consider when selecting the best garage door opener under 200 dollars. Consider garage door openers which comprise features that reinforce the security of your garage.

Such aspects include Intellicode rolling code technology. With this feature in place, your garage is secured from hackers, thus enhancing its security. Consequently, garage door openers that feature high encryption are ideal as they also prevent hackers. Also, consider opting for openers that are accompanied by remote controls protected by a passcode.

More importantly, your garage is at a higher risk while you are away on vacation. Therefore, it is recommended that you opt for openers that feature a vacation lock and that are compatible with your smartphone. In this way, you can receive notifications whenever your garage door is accessed.


Under this category, consider opting for garage door openers with a powerful DC motor. Such openers are characterized by adequate lifting force for efficiency. The best garage door opener under 200 dollars should be one that features a DC motor of at least 1/3HP.

Consequently, motors that can lift seven-foot garage doors of up to 500 pounds are ideal. Even better are the ones that can lift eight-foot garage doors upon adding an extension. However, consider opting for ones with affordable and readily available extensions.

WiFi Capability

This feature graces you undisputable convenience as it enables you to control your garage with minimal effort. For this reason, consider purchasing WiFi-enabled garage door openers that are compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant for efficiency.

Consequently, some openers are compatible with inbuilt car remotes, and these are also ideal as they can work with Home Link and CAR2U. In this way, you can open and close your garage door in the comfort of your car.


An affordable garage door opener is accompanied by relevant accessories to save you the hassle of purchasing them separately. Some of the essential accessories that should accompany your opener of choice include remotes, a wireless keypad, and a wall console.

With a wireless keypad and wall console, you can operate your garage door even in the absence of a remote. Those that come with multipurpose wall consoles are even better as you can use the wall consoles to control the garage door and lights. Safety sensors accompany some garage door openers, and these are ideal.


When it comes to battery, consider garage door openers fitted with a battery backup system for convenience during a power outage. Some garage door openers are compatible with affordable and readily available battery backup systems, and these are also ideal.

Even better are garage door openers that feature long-life batteries. Also, consider garage door openers that can operate manually to reinforce convenience during a power outage.


The ease of using a garage door opener speaks volumes about its user-friendliness and reinforces its efficiency. User-friendliness tends to be a broad factor to consider as it comprises the following:

  • Easy installation: Garage door openers that are easy to program and install are ideal. Such openers feature pre-programmed remotes to save you time. Consequently, some openers feature diagnostic displays through which you can watch step-by-step installation tutorials for convenience. Other openers come with informative user manuals, and these are also a go-to.
  • Inbuilt LED lights: These are essential in preventing unforeseen accidents by illuminating the garage. If an opener is not fitted with LED lights, it is recommended that you purchase LED light bulbs as these play a significant role in reinforcing the safety of garage users.
  • Safety sensors: In this case, consider opting for openers fitted with a Safety-T-Beam or non-contact safety sensors. These can retract the garage door to prevent injuries or accidents.
  • Smartphone compatibility: This aspect enables you to monitor your garage door regardless of where you are. In this way, the security of your garage is enhanced. This feature is also convenient for garage doors that multiple users access.
  • Silent operation: If your garage is attached to your living space, this is a primary factor. Garage door openers with an ultra-quiet mode of operation are ideal.


Regular maintenance is primary to ensuring the reliability of your garage door.  However, the needed care may be determined at the time of purchase. When buying a garage door opener, ensure that you consider the material used in the unit’s construction. For instance, the wooden doors should be effectively maintained to keep them away from water damage or warp.

On the other hand, the garage doors made of steel should be well-protected to prevent rust through sanding, followed by priming and then repainting.

The garage door’s maintenance should also involve looking for peeling or chipping paint to enhance the protection of the units. Regardless of the material that has been used in the manufacture of the garage door, an essential practice that you must ensure you perform on your garage is washing it regularly with a gentle all-purpose cleaner.

The video below gives a step-by-step process of garage door maintenance

Door size

Door size is an essential consideration that requires your attention before you decide on any garage door opener. You can look for the best garage door opener under $200 because they fall within your budget, but when you do not consider your garage door’s size, you will consider a replacement that can be time-consuming.

Now, how do we ensure that we do not fall into this trap? Before you consider buying any unit, ensure that you have definite measurements of your garage door’s width and height.  In addition to the 7-feet tall doors that the belt and chain drives can handle, you can also have an extension kit that goes up to 10 feet, and this gives you the flexibility to choose the units of that length and add an extension kit to your budget.


This is the most exciting element of consideration that you must not fail to consider when you are a garage homeowner or a mechanic. The horsepower (HP) ratings must be the first consideration when you are buying any unit. For instance, if you purchase a garage door opener for use within your residential places, the HP ratings should range between ½ to 1-1/2 HP motor.  For sectional double-car garage doors, 1/2HP is sufficient.


To this point, it is indisputable that the best garage door opener under 200 dollars is one that efficiently secures your garage from unauthorized access. Security, in this case, entails preventing your garage from being accessed by burglars or hackers. It is advisable to prioritize garage door openers that feature Intellicode technology and are compatible with your smartphone.

Smartphone compatibility is an irresistible aspect as it enables you to monitor and control your garage from wherever. The safety of the garage users is also essential. For this reason, safety sensors are a must-have feature for an ideal garage door opener. That said, with one of the best garage door openers under 200 dollars, you are guaranteed quality, convenience, and security at an affordable price.