10 Best smart garage door opener with camera of 2022 [ Top Reviews & Buyers’ Guide]

A garage is irrefutably a cardinal section of your home. Apart from accommodating your vehicle, which is a valuable asset to you, it also provides a harbor for your car’s security from malicious intruders.

Besides the housing itself, the garage door is of particular essence. Any event like mistakably forgetting to close your garage door predisposes your car to insecurity. How then do you combat such instances?

Equipping your garage with the best garage door opener with camera will provide you with a pivotal solution. The germane product accords you with a smart solution to your garage door challenges by allowing you to conduct surveillance easily, monitor the status of your garage, and control your garage from wherever you are at the convenience of your phone.

Further below are detailed particulars on the best smart garage door opener with camera. Good read ahead.

Refoss Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener, APP Control, Compatible with Alexa, one of the best smart garage doorf with a camera connected to a phone for easy operation

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Best smart garage door opener with camera Reviews

1.Chamberlain Hub Garage Door Opener (MYQ-G0301)

Is there a means you could adopt to monitor your garage from anywhere you ask? Yes, there is. This Chamberlain garage opener is that high-yielding upgrade of your existing opener you have been looking for.Pictured above is an image of the Chamberlain Hub MYQ-G0301 &ndash Upgrade Your Existing Garage Door Opener with MyQ Smart Phone Control, one of the best smart door garage door opener with a camera units you will fancy having in your garage

Integrated with the remote control feature, you can now, without a hitch, close and open your garage door from the comfort of your phone via the myQ App irrespective of where you are. What’s even better is that you do not have to discard your current door opener, provided it was made after 1993 and associated with the top-ranking brands.

This is because it is compatible with many existing openers and provides the ultimate upgrade by improving functionality. For installation purposes, myQ App provides easy and sequential setup instructions that make the installation achievable in minutes.


  • Allows secure addition of up to three guests via myQ guest feature.
  • Notifications via the myQ App are enabled for free.
  • Supports syncing to IFTTT and google assistant for Smart collaboration.
  • Enjoy delivery to your garage.
  • Utilizes one Lithium metal battery that is included.


  • In-garage delivery is limited to Amazon prime members.


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2.Meross Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener Remote

This bargain provides an ideal illustration of quintessence. Peerless appropriacy is availed to your hand. How is this so? Applicability of this unit has been made more convenient via the meross App that you easily install on your phone.The pictorial representation shows meross Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener Remote, APP Control, Compatible With Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT, No Hub Needed, an easy to use and efficient unit among the best smart garage door opener with a camera

Here is the real deal. Because of its compatibility with google assistant, Alexa, and IFTTT, you get to quickly log in to the meross App from any location and utter instructions to the linked voice assistant features or other SmartThings gadgets. By doing this, you can open the garage door for couriers, guests, or other family members without necessarily being at your garage physically.

This means that you will not even have to pause your chores to let in someone into your garage. Convenient, right? To add a touch of advancement, varying notifications mode like overnight alerts and overtime alerts have been incorporated. This is purposed to help you keep tabs on your garage operation records all from the comfort of your phone via the App.


  • The deal is void of monthly or other subscription fees.
  • The installation process is quite easy.
  • Operates together with Mediatek IoT chipset for enhanced Wi-Fi connection range.
  • High sensitivity sensor for monitoring of garage door status and stability of the signal.
  • Similar App for several garage door openers.
  • Allows integration of a security code.


  • None to mention.


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3. LiftMaster 85503 267 DC Battery Backup Belt Drive Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener with a Camera

The LiftMaster 85503 features a belt drive system that limits noise, eradicating your worries of having your garage next to your bedroom. The door opener systems are fitted with a camera that lets you see everything happening in your garage through recorded events or live feeds, thanks to its latest MyQ technology integration with cloud storage and video streaming.A picture of LiftMaster 85503 267 DC Battery Backup Belt Drive Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener with Integrated Camera , one of the best garage door opener with a camera

It features a video recording system where the camera is prompted to begin recording whenever a motion is detected. With the inclusion of footage streamed live, you do not need to worry about the happenings in your garage. All the activities in your garage are captured, and you can access this information anywhere from your smartphone.

Moreover, this garage door opener comes with a battery backup that permits you to close or open your door even when there is a power outage. This means you can access your garage even when the power is out.

With LiftMaster 85503 , you benefit from smartphone control with the MyQ App with built-in Wi-Fi. Thus, you can control the opening and closing of your garage door regardless of where you are, even if you forgot to close your garage door.


  • Remote access to your garage door, thanks to MyQ app with built-in Wi-Fi.
  • Ultra-quiet operation due to its belt drive system
  • View past action in your garage due to video recording from the camera
  • Video live streaming that can capture live footage in your garage.


  • Maintenance can be a bit costly as video access requires subscription


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4.Refoss Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener with APP control

The most prodigious feature that characterizes this phenomenal smart garage door opener is its exceptional compatibility. It boasts of an impressive congruency of up to 1500 models and more than 200 brands. For this reason, you are advised first to investigate the compatibility of your current model in the “Technical Specification-Application Guide.”The image above shows Refoss Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener, APP Control, Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, No Hub Needed, one of the most excellent models among the best smart garage door opener with a camera

There are no hidden charges or monthly fees attached to this deal, meaning that you will not be inconvenienced financially. Multiple notification modes are enabled to get you updated on the door status in real-time. This way, reminders of closing the garage door will contribute to enhancing safety.

Equipped with a high sensitivity sensor, the signal connection’s stability is guaranteed for boosted reliability and minimized interruption setbacks. This deal also prides itself on a warranty cover extending to one year.


  • Simplified installation with guidance from a user manual.
  • Remote control feature via eHomeLife android/ios App.
  • Voice control supported via Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • Keeps the history records for all actions.
  • Incredibly compatible with multitudinous models and brands.


  • None to mention.


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5.Genie QuietLift Connect-Wi-Fi Smart Garage Door Opener (3053-TKV)

Is your garage in close propinquity to your living space? This Genie brand bargain is phenomenally beau ideal for such a setting. Why so? Featuring a fancy ultra-quiet operation, the sereneness of your environment is impressively maintained.an image of Genie QuietLift Connect – WiFi Smart Garage Door Opener with Added Wireless Keypad, ¾ HPC Smart Belt Drive – Compatible with Alexa, an example of the best smart garage door opener with a camera

It also boasts of an effective Aladdin Connect technology incorporated to enable you to open, close, and monitor your garage door at the convenience of your smartphone from anywhere. The Aladdin Connect custom skill for Google Assistant or Alexa has actualized the convenient voice control feature.

Upon purchasing this unit, you get to bag a smart garage door opener and a wall console serving multiple roles. Two 3-button remotes that are pre-programmed, in-built Aladdin connect, and a wireless keypad, among other essential accessories, are also provided for maximal performance.


  • DC motor that swiftly and silently raises a garage door to 500 lbs, up to 7″.
  • The belt drive system is steel reinforced for enhanced durability and strength.
  • Lightweight with a potent 5-piece rail system that perfectly fits for simple installation.
  • Voice control is supported.
  • High sensitivity sensors for heightened safety included.
  • Utilizes four CR2 batteries that are included.


  • Limited to only sectional garage doors.


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6.LiftMaster myQ-SGC1WLM Smart Garage Camera

This is a sui generis deal that is interestingly discrete from the aforementioned featured products. Here is a deal that provides you with a means to keep a check on your garage. It brags of a recording capacity that will register footage to help you view what is taking place. Alternatively, a more convenient live feed option for monitoring purposes is also supported.if you need efficiency and easy operation, then iftMaster Smart Garage Camera MYQ-SGC1WLM, an excellent unit among the best smart garage door opener is the unit to go for

Every time you are away from home, you can now be at peace as this deal contributes to ameliorating your garage’s security. Any motion that is detected prompts this unit to start recording for reference purposes.

Smartphone control feature is included and is achieved via myQ App facilitated by inbuilt Wi-Fi. Another plus of purchasing this unit is that it is not limited by specific climatic conditions but rather thrives excellently in an extensive climatic range between -4 to 1220F. Setting up this unit is effortless as it bears a magnetic base for simple mounting.


  • Bluetooth feature aids in simplifying the setup process.
  • In-garage delivery is securely enabled.
  • High-quality camera with 1080 full HD.
  • The viewing angle is exemplarily wide (140 degrees)
  • Inclusive of hardware for a wall mount.
  • All myQ linked garage door openers are compatible with this unit.
  • Night vision is enabled.


  • None to mention.


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7.Asante Smart Garage Door Opener with an inbuilt camera (99-00900-US)

As the product’s title suggests, this deal exceptionally illustrates plenitude. This is because it not only avails a smart garage opener but also features an inbuilt camera. This then means that you get to enjoy opening and closing of your garage door and provides you with a chance to view your garage door instantly.An image of Asante 99-00900-US With Built-in Camera Smart Garage Door Opener, White, another well- established model among the best smart garage door opener

To add icing on the cake, your smartphone is where all the action occurs via the new Asante SmartHome App that allows you to monitor your garage from anywhere. Having this App is accompanied by the rewarding advantage of unlimited cloud access.

The inbuilt camera bears infrared lights that make night vision a reality. More control is accorded to you as you can turn the infrared lights on and off manually. An email or SMS alert is sent to you to notify you of opening or closing your garage door. It also boasts of bearing a lightweight of 2.6 pounds.


  • Package contents capable of controlling up to two garages.
  • Real-time streaming or instant viewing is supported.
  • Allows sharing of garage door activity with multiple persons.
  • Night vision feature is supported.
  • A mounting bracket and power adapter are included in the deal.
  • Smart monitoring of our garage door.


  • Optional sensor is purchased separately.


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8.Atomi Smart Garage Door Opener with Wireless Control

The acclaimed Atomi brand presents you with a product that depicts utter versatility in the context of a smart garage door opener. To start with, this opener is equipped with a high-yielding inbuilt camera that provides you with an impressively wide field of view, playing an instrumental role in keeping the security of your home tightened.

Boasting outstanding compatibility with top brands and models of garage door openers made after 1993, you can now easily change your old but still in use garage door opener into a smart home device without altering the operation of that old opener.

The Atomi Smart App facilitates convenience on your phone in relation to this unit. This App empowers you to create schedules for opening and closing your garage door, the actual opening and closing of the door from anywhere, managing multiple doors, turning the unit’s light on and off for enhanced photo visibility, among others.


  • Photo captured after any door activity.
  • Fast and simplified setup.
  • Smart control and monitoring.
  • Allows routine scheduling of door activity.
  • Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and other smart gadgets.
  • Features a history log.


  • None to mention


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9.Datonten Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener Wireless Garage door Remote

If you already own a wall console or remotes, this is the ideal unit for you. This is because it perfectly blends in without causing interference to your current remotes or wall console. The compatibility of these units is unequaled as it matches with almost all garage door openers. You are, however, recommended to check for compatibility in the user guide before proceeding to make an order.

It also allows you to confer power to other family members to activate your garage door via the multiple-use access feature. It is also equipped with a brilliantly designed inbuilt clock that attaches a timestamp to the opening and closing record activity.

Enjoy the convenience of voice control feature actualized by Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa.  Real-time notifications are sent to your phone to alert you in case the door is opened or closed. Additionally, you can customize the notifications to receive alerts if you forget to close your garage door.


  • Fast and straightforward installation.
  • The garage door controller is expandable, allowing the addition of a security camera.
  • Voice control is supported.
  • Multiple user access.
  • A history log is enabled.
  • Smart monitoring via SmartLife App.
  • Multiple smart devices connection enabled.



  • Mentioned RQ door App is not practical for iOS. Smart Life App is more suitable.


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Best smart garage door opener with camera Buyers’ Guide

A garage is incontrovertibly one imperative section of your home. Vehicles are worth a Jew’s eye and therefore require absolute housing and safekeeping. It is, therefore, a good call to invest in a garage in all possible means for the safety and good maintenance of your car.

Procuring one of the best smart garage door opener with camera is undoubtedly one of the best means of investing in your garage. Do you already have an existing garage door opener? This germane product is also meant for you. It is unequivocally the ultimate upgrade that you never knew you needed.

Advantages of smart garage door opener with camera

  • Upgrade from a remote control that has setbacks like misplacing the garage door remote.
  • Braces the security of your home since a camera is added to the package.
  • The convenience of monitoring your garage from virtually anywhere.
  • Reminders in case you forget to close your door.
  • Most deals support voice control for added convenience.
  • Provides a means of keeping intruders from getting into your garage.

These are but a few of the numerous boons accompanying the product smart garage door opener. Now that you are au fait with some of the merits you net by possessing the best smart garage door opener with camera, you can now go ahead and analyze the various top-rating products in the market and distinguish which is most suitable for you.

Elaborated below are some factors to consider before making the purchase decision to provide you with credible analysis criteria.

Smart monitoring

If you do not need a remote to control your garage door, you can enable virtual monitoring from your phone.  It is a vital factor as it differentiates the smart garage door opener from the older garage door openers.

This factor allows you to monitor your garage’s status, open and close the garage door from anywhere. This is achieved through a smartphone App related to the purchased product you install on your phone. Fortunately, most if not all of the featured products have included this factor.

Drive type

You can operate your garage door openers using various drive mechanisms, including chain, belt, or screw drive. The belt drive door openers utilize a belt system in raising and lowering garage doors. The belt system limits noise, hence functioning smoothly and efficiently. However, the systems are a bit pricey.

Conversely, chain drive garage door opener systems utilize a chain system to lower and raise the doors. However, these units are less expensive and can be used to handle large garage doors. Their main downside is that the chains produce a lot of noise, hence a disadvantage if you have your garage next to your bedroom. 

Screw drive garage door openers use a threaded steel rod to lift the doors. These models are easy to maintain and are less noisy.

An image of Atomi Smart Garage Door Opener - Built-in Camera, WiFi-Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, iOS, Android, and the Atomi Smart App, Wireless Control, one of the best smart garage door opener units in use to open a garage door through connection with an alexa

Safety and security

Security and safety are prime factors of consideration when you go shopping for a smart garage door opener. With the increasing technology, the current openers produce electronic beams that stretch over the garage door opening to protect and prevent an individual, animal, or pet from being trapped on inside. 

The safety mechanism works through a trigger by an animal, obstacle, or when a person breaks the beam. If the door were closing, the interference would reverse its direction and re-open. This is also vital as it prevents the door from crushing an object or item on its path. With this, you will be assured that even your pets or children are safe from injuries from closing garage door. 

Besides, you benefit from enhanced security, especially from newer garage doors. The modern garage doors are programmed with specific unique codes sent by a remote system when the opener is activated. 

Garage door openers that are newer might also boost security. The codes are unique for different remote systems. If not shared with anyone, you can ensure your garage is protected from theft. Ensure you look for a rotating code feature to prevent code theft and guarantee that a secondary remote cannot open your garage. 

Setup process

You would prefer to settle for a unit that is easy to install, right? It is, therefore, recommendable to look for a tool that is simple and quick to setup. Some units will not require installation with any special tools, and others have a magnetic mounting base for easier mounting. Others are inclusive of a mounting bracket, while most have a user manual that gives a clear rundown to make the installation process a breeze.

Compatibility with current door

You do not want to purchase a garage door opener only to reach home and find it is not compatible with your garage door. Checking for compatibility helps you save time and the hassles of finding replacements. Thus, when you go shopping for a garage door opener, examine its compatibility with your current door setup. Ensure the opener matches and can be integrated to your door’s standards whether you are replacing the whole system or whether you intend to upgrade it to a smart garage door.

Besides, if you are hoping to purchase a smart garage door opener, ensure that it is compatible with your smart home system to enable the smart features to interact with each other effectively.  


The horsepower rating is an essential consideration when you want to determine the lifting power of your garage door opener. If you buy the door opener for residential use, go for models with ratings between 1/2 and 1 1/2 HP. Besides, if you operate a sectional double-car garage door, you will need a 1/2 HP. However, we recommend that you go for a garage door with higher power ratings to reduce motor wear and tear.


Looking for a unit that has enabled notifications that you receive on your phone via the related product App would be a bonus for you. This is because you get to be alerted about any activity that happens in your garage. Real-time alerts on the opening and closing of your door are pretty useful.

Alerts will also come in handy if you forget to close your garage door, reminding you to. Notifications can be via SMS, Email, or other push notifications. For these reasons, it is therefore of dire essence to tout for a product inclusive of this factor.

History log

A unit ought to have a record of the activities that have been occurring for reference purposes. A bargain inclusive of a camera complements activity recording as it captures photos or records footage that can serve as credible reference material if need be. A unit capable of attaching a timestamp to the recordings and notifications is considered excellent.

The below video shows how to install and set up a smart garage door opener with a camera using the myQ app.


Your garage must have a strong signal if you use a Bluetooth or Wifi-enabled smart garage door opener system for its effective functioning or utilization. Besides, the garage opener may develop specific problems. Smart features may not perform or realize their full potential without good connectivity. Thus, a smart garage door opener requires a strong signal or good connectivity for maximum operation and utilization of its smart features. 

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

Can I add a camera to my MyQ garage door opener?

Yes. You can conveniently add a camera to your MyQ garage door opener. The Smart Garage Camera is fitted with a magnetic base, and you can effortlessly attach it to the metal cover of any of the MyQ connected to your garage door opener. However, ensure you have a strong Wi-Fi signal in your garage for the connection or attachment.

Can smart garage door openers be hacked?

The Wi-Fi network connected to the smart garage door openers enhances their vulnerability to hacking. Hackers can reach any device connected to your WiFi network when they have access to it, and the smart garage door is no exemption. To protect your garage door from hacking risks, ensure the access to the WiFi connected to it is secure. If possible, encrypt the logging details so that they are only used through your authorization.

What garage door opener works best with Alexa?

Tailwind iQ3 Garage Door Opener represents the ideal garage door opener that integrates and works best with Alexa. The garage door opener provides you with the desired security, efficiency, and convenience with the latest technologies such as Amazon’s virtual assistant, SmartThings, and Google Assistant. This makes Tailwind iQ3 the most outstanding among the other garage door opener types.

Is Chamberlain MyQ safe?

Yes. Chamberlain forms one of the famous brands that have integrated the MyQ technology to provide you with top-notch safety and security in your garage. Chamberlain’s MyQ is integrated with a robust Internet-standard security encryption method and proprietary for advanced protection. Any individual who can access your Internet-standard security, such as a WiFi connection, puts your garage and its devices at risk of a hack. The encryption on chamberlain MyQ technology helps improve safety and security.

Is Chamberlain compatible with Alexa?

No. Chamberlain is not directly compatible with Alexa unless integrated with the MyQIFTT. Often, directly connecting Alexa to Chamberlain would not work. However, it is possible to connect MyQ to Alexa by utilizing IFTTT to close your garage by voice. You can also trigger your MyQ garage door by using Alexa Routine. Through the integration of the MyQIFTTT, it is compatible with the Alexa Routines.

What devices work with MyQ?

There are numerous devices that can perfectly work with the MyQ technology. For instance Amazon Key Garage Delivery, clare controls, resideo, ring, vivint, alarm.com, and Apple Homekit.


You no longer have to cudgel your brains out over whether you closed your garage door before leaving home and impact worry on yourself. Arming yourself with the best smart garage door opener with camera eliminates such inconveniences.

Getting to virtually monitor your garage from wherever you are via a phone can be termed as revolutionary. Another exciting feature for me ought to be the alerts you receive if you forget to close your garage door.

However, it is worth noting that a stable Wi-Fi connection is fundamental for the germane product to operate without any hitches. I trust that the information provided on the best smart garage door opener with camera will be of great help to you.

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