Best SBC Heads for Drag Racing of 2023 [8 Top PIcks & Buyers’ Guide]


Pictured above is an image of the SBC head for drag racing unit

Having your car in fine and dandy condition all through is not guaranteed. The engine, a crucial car component for a vehicle’s operation, may sometimes face challenges. Instances of overheating of the engine, white pigmentation of the oil, or white smoke exiting from the car’s exhaust, among other disturbances, will indicate an anomaly with the cylinder head.

Whether you are a professional or a DIY mechanic, attempts to correct the anomalies above will lead you to procure a worthy set of SBC heads. However, choosing the best SBC Heads for Drag Racing can be daunting, especially with the wide range of options in the market.

I have delved into the top SBC heads for drag racing units you will fancy having for your motors and further provided a comprehensive buyers’ guide to help you make the best and quick purchase decision.

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Best SBC Heads for Drag Racing Reviews 2023

1.Fel-Pro Cylinder Head Bolt Set ES 72856

The engine of your car plays a very vital role. It is, therefore, of the essence to keep checking its status. A fundamental part that occasionally requires replacement is the cylinder head bolt. This serendipitous bargain is precisely what you are looking for.An image of Fel-Pro ES 72856 Cylinder Head Bolt Set, one of the primary efficient unit among the best SBC head for drag racing

Backed with a warranty of up to one year, you must have no doubts about FEL-PRO ES 72856 Head Bolt Set’s quality and its manufacturers’ top level of confidence. The model has a unique application design that facilitates its exact fit. It is also essential to inspect the length of the bolt for the proper application.

When making head bolt replacements, you are urged to follow the recommendation protocols set out by your car’s manufacturer. Additionally, have regard to the head bolt tightening sequence. This deal provides you with unmatched quality that will not get you in two minds.


  • It is up to par or even surpasses all original tool requirements.
  • Authenticated for function, fit and form.
  • One-year warranty
  • Implement proper bolt torquing as demanded by the manufacturer.
  • Bolt length considered for appropriateness of application needed.
  • Complete sealing provided with application-specific materials


  • None to mention


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2.DNA Motoring Aluminum Bare Angled Cylinder Head (LEPOW-038)

The design incorporated in DNA Motoring LEPOW-038’s  fabrication is an absolute stunner. Accessory bolt holes on this equipment provide a means to cement anchorage. Its deck is brilliantly crafted with a thick design to promote resilience.Picture above is DNA Motoring LEPOW-038 Aluminum Bare Angled Cylinder Head, one of the primary units among the best sbc heads for drag racing

Another area of excellence is its valve guide, precisely the tips. These tips are made of bronze to promote resilience and longevity. You will be impressed by the top-quality aluminum housing that graces this tool with a remarkable finish. This unit’s quality is so excellent that it assures you of meeting or surpassing the original equipment manufacturer’s requirements.
The port design is highly advanced to boost airflow for optimal operation. There are some particulars, however, worthy of note. This includes an intake valve with a diameter of 2.020″, a diameter of 1.600″ for the exhaust valve, and a volume of 200cc for the intake port.


  • The volume of the combustion chamber is 68cc
  • Both the intake and exhaust port are square.
  • Lighter than iron heads.
  • Every single head weights 10.33kg
  • The seats are hardened.
  • 3-Angle valve seat.
  • Stock compression is retained in 1970 and earlier.
  • For Chevy SBC 302/327/350/383/400.


  • No instruction manual is provided.


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3.ICT Billet Power Steering Pump Accessory Drive Bracket Kit 551576

Is your engine associated with double hump heads? ICT Billet SBC Alternator/Power  is the product for you. This steering pump is impressively congruent with SBC engines bearing standard or double hump heads. It also guarantees you of utmost compatibility with a V Belt SystemAmopng the best sbc heads for drag racing, ICT Billet SBC Alternator/Power Steering Pump Accessory Drive Bracket Kit for Double Hump Heads 305 327 350 383 5.0L 5.7L V8 is an exceptional unit that you will fancy having

You will be captivated by the contents of this package. Upon purchase, you get the power steering pump brackets, alternator brackets, and all the needed mounting hardware in the package. The exterior finish of this bargain is made of metal for a prolonged service period.

The quality of this tool is top-grade. The top-of-the-line parts are engineered in the USA, and the same materials are used to design this unit, making the engine swapping and customization process very efficient. The ICT Billet brand also prides itself on providing an entire line of LS swap components, from wiring to engine mounts.


  • SEMA member qualifying the brand as one of the best companies of automotive manufacturers.
  • The latest technology is improvised to ensure a product fits on the first-time usage.
  • Inclusive of alternator brackets.
  • It has a metallic finishing
  • Weighs only 2.53 pounds.
  • Loosening and tightening belts is a breeze.


  • Some important steps have been omitted, e.g.the need to purchase an after-market power steering pulley.


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4.ARP Pro Series Black Oxide 134-4303

ARP 134-4303 Pro splendidly comes as a kit. What’s in it for you? You get to bag up to a twelve-point cylinder head that will come in handy for small block chevy. This kit’s contents are brilliantly made of aluminium complemented with black oxide on the exterior.An image of ARP 134-4303 Pro Series Black Oxide 12-Point Cylinder Head Stud Kit for Small Block Chevy, an easy to use and efficient model among the best sbc heads for drag racing

With only a weight of 3.101 kilograms, you will not face any challenges when handling this ideal package. This package qualifies as SBC with Rodeck or Brodix Aluminum block. It also bears a 23 head production style.


  • Brags of being made of aluminium material
  • Exterior boasts of a black oxide polish.
  • A considerable weight of 3.101 kilograms
  • The type of fit is vehicle-specific.
  • Kit inclusive of the 12-point cylinder head.


  • Limited details about the product provided


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6. OzCoolingParts 4 Row Core Aluminum Radiator +2* 12″ Fan

Do you wish to achieve an impeccable cooling effect in your automotive and do away with heating instances? The OzCoolingparts brand has a deal that is incredibly suitable for you. The package is accompanied by two pieces of radiator engine cooling fans measuring 12 inches and a shroud.

The radiator prides itself on having an aluminum design for durability. The package is thoroughly tested and inspected to assure you of high-grade quality. The cooling capability of this unit is astounding. Equipped with an optimal performance racing style, it brags an enhanced cooling mechanism by 35 – 45% temperature.

It also boasts an efficient inbuilt transmission cooler. This bargain is suitable for Chevy Caprice C10 C20 C35 K10 K20 K30 or 1960-1990 75 88 89 Buick LeSabre Reatta Electra Riviera or Pontiac Safari and Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser Delta 88 Toronado Oldsmobile 98, among other models.


  • Inclusive of one thermostat kit.
  • The maximum speed is 2.250 RPM.
  • The package also provides two 12″ fan kit and a shroud.
  • One four-row radiator and radiator cap are also included.
  • Fan bears ten blades made of plastic.
  • The package weighs a reasonable 28.5 pounds.
  • Quick shipping is guaranteed after making an order.
  • Ingenious engineering and manufacturing technology adopted.
  • Feature an inbuilt transmission cooler.
  • The fan is accompanied by mounting tabs for ease of installation.


  • Warranty details are not provided.


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6. Edelbrock Performer RPM Cylinder Head 60779

This is yet another phenomenal cyinder head from the resourceful Edelbrock brand. It features an excellent combustion chamber of 63cc. What’s more? It bears an intake port with an astonishing capacity of 171cc.Another excellent unit among the best sbc heads for drag racing is the pictured moderl, Edelbrock 60779 Performer RPM Cylinder Head

The intake valve measures 2.02″ to enable a high flow supplemented by a 1.60″ exhaust valve. Its valve guides are exceptionally made of phosphor-bronze to boost serviceability. The ductile iron valve seats are engineered with an interlocking style.

This bargain will leave you elated by its enhanced power throughout the RPM range for first-class horsepower and tremendous throttle response. The runners for the intake and exhaust ports are CNC-machine translating to excellent performance and flow. For 0.575″ lift cams, it is equipped with potent valve springs and heat-treated, machined steel retainers and valve locks.


  • Utilizes stock location for exhaust and intake bolt holes
  • Bears valve cover rails and flanges spark plugs for congruency with after-market products.
  • Provides dyno-proven for pronounced horsepower and throttle response
  • Rocker studs bear threaded inserts.
  • Exhaust manifold bolt holes for matchless durability and strength.
  • Bears a combustion chamber of 63cc
  • 171cc intake port.
  • 02″ intake valve and 1.60″ exhaust valve.


  • The product presents the possibility of exposing you to chemicals that can predispose you to cancer, reproductive risks, or birth defects
  • Not sold as a pair but instead billed separately.


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7.ICT Billet SBC 551672X LWP Alternator Bracket

Here is an unrivalled alternative for your aged stamped steel alternator bracket. This aluminium alternator bracket that is made in America is the ultimate upgrade. Engineered with a slotted tension design, the tightness of the belt is impressively maintained.

The alternator bracket is accompanied by an intriguing satin finish and provides all the hardware and bolts needed for your alternator’s mounting. This product is mainly intended for V-belt systems solely utilizing chevy alternators with 6.56 inches.

When utilizing OEM size pulleys, this bracket will employ a 43″ V-belt. It also prides itself on having an aluminium construction for marked durability. It can also e suitable for Chevrolet, small chevy 305 327 350 5.0L 5.7L V8.


  • Center to centre bolt holes.
  • Weighs only 0.32 ounces.
  • Exterior has a metallic style.
  • Fabrication involves the implementation of the most efficient technology in manufacturing.
  • The brand provides an entire line of LS swap materials from wiring to engine mounts.
  • No accessory bolt holes are required.
  • It perfectly fits, and tensioning is easy.


  • None to mention.


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8. MILELAKE Overhead Valve Spring Compressor

Are you looking for a tool that will make your automotive engine removal, repairing, and installation endeavours a breeze? This is the valid deal you are looking for. This valve spring compressor is ingeniously built of supreme carbon steel supplemented with a black oxide and zinc finish augmenting its durability and sturdiness.An image of MILELAKE Valve Spring Compressor Universal Car Engine Overhead Valve Spring Compressor Stem Seal Remover Installer Tool Kit, one of the primary units among the best sbc heads for drag racing

Your security has been put into high consideration as this unit is equipped with dual-ended jaws that bear attachable security hooks and, in the process, also augment its control. This strut spring compressor mimics a spring compressor’s operation for coil springs and struts, mostly on passenger cars and light trucks.

This deal can be regarded as one handy unit conferring the compressor solution to mechanics. This unit is easy to use, allowing unchallenged removal of valve springs without requiring removing the cylinder heads.


  • Suitable for most light trucks and cars.
  • Double-ended jaws bearing security hooks.
  • It is built of carbon steel material.
  • Black oxide and zinc finish.
  • The unit weighs 15.2 ounces.
  • It is fitted with a dial purposed for quick and precise adjustments.
  • The engine is free of damages.


  • Air hold fittings and air valve holders required (for holding the valve in position after removing keepers).


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Best SBC Heads for Drag Racing Buyers’ Guide 2023 

You can concur with me that automotive is one prestigious thing to have. However, this is accompanied by several requisites. Occasional service to your car is one of the vital routines that ought to be carried out to obtain excellent service.

From time to time, the need to replace certain parts of your car arises. The most probable candidate in this context is the engine. This is one indisputably crucial car part that a vehicle cannot operate without keeping in good condition.

SBC (Small Block Chevy) engine is a predominant and preferred engine for racer cars, trucks, or other performance automotive, making this type much more familiar. This article has conducted an in-depth investigation of the best SBC heads for drag racing for your convenience.

An SBC cylinder head is a fundamental part of the engine as it monitors the inflow and outflow of air from the cylinders, the deployment of cylinders, and holds the valves and injectors in place.

You are now acquainted with the best SBC heads for drag racing, but that is not all.

What are some factors to consider to ensure you land the best bargain of SBC heads and other related accessories?

Read on:

What to Consider when Choosing the Best SBC Heads for Drag Racing 

Construction material

Why is the type of material used to fabricate these SBC heads of the essence? These heads can be made of either aluminium or iron.  Aluminium SBC heads have a ginormous upside by being super lightweight compared to their counterparts, making them more suitable for drag racing.

Another merit is their capability to withstand average to high compression ratios, topped up with their softness feature that simplifies machining. Fortunately, you will have it soft on this factor as most, if not all, of the featured SBC heads boast of aluminum construction.

Valve parameters


As brought forth earlier, valves are a crucial element for SBC heads. Therefore, it is essential to consider parameters like valve guide material and valve port sizes.

  • Valve guide material– The type of material used to design the valve guides, precisely the tips, contributes significantly to durability. You should settle for those with bronze individually, a phosphorus-bronze combination, or stainless steel.
  • Sizes of valve ports-It is imperative first to appreciate that SBC heads bear intake and exhaust valve ports. More important ports, especially for race intentions, translate to better results for drag racing or competition vehicles by ensuring increased flow. Intake valves of about 2.0″ and exhaust valves of about 1.60″ in size are considered appropriate. The intake port is considered practical if it falls within the capacity range of 171cc and 200cc.
  • Valve seat orientation-most SBC heads have an angled approach (23 degrees) for the exhaust and intake valves in correlation with the head’s deck surface. It is, therefore, of the essence to highly pay regard to this parameter.

Combustion chamber

The SBC heads’ combustion chamber represents an area within the Cylinder where the mixture of fuel and air is ignited. The operation mechanism involves the Piston compressing the fuel/air mixture and making contact with the Spark Plug that allows for the combustion of the mixture, which is then pushed out of the chamber in the form of energy.

Thus, the combustion chamber is a significant part responsible for mixing air and fuel for burning purposes. When shopping for the best SBC heads for drag racing, consider the size of the combustion chamber. How big or small a combustion chamber influences the clearances and compression of the air/fuel mixture, hence necessary for consideration.

Go for the units with a combustion chamber within the 63cc and 68cc range.

You have probably noted that not all featured products entail SBC heads, right? Other deals present a valve spring compressor, another with cooling equipment, and another offers an SBC alternator. This does not make these bargains any less necessary.

They play an equally important role in the automotive. Elucidated further below are details of these accessories, providing you with a confirmation of the germane accessories’ considerable importance.

    • Valve spring compressor – this unit primarily compresses valve springs and other coil springs for vehicles. Checking for incorporated security measures like security hooks implanted on the double-ended jaws is crucial.
    • Alternator bracket – this stands as a very primary part of the engine. It is responsible for providing power for the electrical elements of your car in conjunction with the battery. Look out for the dimensions of the V-belt and center to bolt holes and other essential particulars.
    • Cooling equipment – these deals may comprise a radiator, a cooling fan with a shroud, and a thermostat kit. You ought to pay regards to a deal with remarkable cooling capacity for a practical cooling effect. Some of the factors to check for include the quality of construction material and fan size

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQs 

Q1. What are 706 heads good for?

If you are looking for high-performance cylinder heads, the Chevy 706 LS is a perfect choice. The model boasts incredible power while also coming at relatively lower costs. You get massive power at a lower price with the 706 heads.

Despite their affordability and effectiveness, you would wonder where they are used. The 706 heads can be used for 4.8 L, 5.3 L, and 6.0 L LS engine build. Their application versatility is also an added advantage.

Q2. What are 862 heads good for?

The 862 heads are used for race cars and other high-performance vehicles. These heads are lightweight and constructed from Aluminum material. Besides, they offer better fuel economy.

You also benefit from rapid engine cooling if you have integrated the 862 heads in your car.


An engine in good shape translates to a vehicle that will phenomenally serve you. It is incontestable that one way to achieve a flourishing automotive engine is opting for the best SBC heads for drag racing.

Ensuring that the fuel injectors, valves, and spark plugs are in perfect working condition is a massive plus for you, and this article has conducted thorough research with our fine-tooth comb to present you with the best SBC heads for drag racing and other related accessories that are high ranking in the market.

The featured SBC heads will assuredly grant you a marked throttle response, ameliorated horsepower, and torque throughout the entire range of RPM. I wish you a good and worthwhile read as you delve into this informative piece.