How much does it cost to build a 24 x 24 garage?

Modernized garages have increased the value of many homes while making life a lot easier than before. These devices keep your car toasty warm during winter and add extra storage space for everything, including woodworking and car repair projects.

But ‘how much does it cost to build a 24 x 24 garage?’

A detached garage door costs between $13,500 and $35,000 per square foot. The average cost can be $10,000 or more, depending on your taste and style for two identical-sized garages. Cost estimates should include detailed questions and answers to estimate the actual construction costs.

Factors to consider before determining the construction cost of your new garage.


Possibly, the foundation style is the most critical decision that must always come to thought when building a detached garage. When determining the cost per square foot of a garage, it’s best to work from the ground up. The regional climate commonly determines the foundation style. If you reside in areas where the ground doesn’t freeze, you can build your garage on a concrete slab poured right on grade. On the other hand, areas exposed to vastly changing temperatures or high humidity requires greater depth and a more complex design.

For homeowners building a small, simple single-car garage in areas experiencing low relative humidity or year-round moderate temperatures, they should opt for a gravel pad which is so far the least expensive foundation option. While it’s the most cost-efficient option, it’s rarely the most durable or substantial option. Concrete foundations are highly rated as durable, including block, floating, and monolithic foundations.

 Right size

When it comes to determining the right garage size, homeowners have plenty of options to consider. Contractors rely on standard sizes and construction costs when bidding on a garage project. A one-car garage is typically gauged to be at least 12 x 20 feet in size, while the minimum size for a two-car garage is 24 x 24 feet size, which offers the best performance for a typical two-car garage. These dimensions are rated bare minimums, and the recommendation is mainly aimed towards building a more oversized garage with enough storage space.

 Windows and side entry door 

For more oversized garages where homeowners will have enough space to work, windows are excellent additions to let some light and the natural breeze flowing. The good thing about garage windows is that they’re more functional than stylish and less expensive. Standard single windows averagely cost $300 each, and there shouldn’t be any additional labor cost since the installation is included in the framing work. Since your garage will also need a side entry door, flat steel doors roughly cost $300. For elaborative doors with decorative panels, glass panes, or fiberglass construction, you’re more likely to pay more.

 Number of garage doors

When it comes to installing garage doors, you’ll need to engage companies that specialize in installing overhead garage doors since most contractors hate the dangers and headaches that come with installing tension springs. If you prefer fancier garage doors, expect to pay more. The low side of any garage door is roughly $500, while an insulated one with windows can go up to $2,500, including installation costs. If you aim to install two garage doors in a double garage, then plan on doubling the overhead cost.

 Siding and roofing types

While the least expensive garage finishes leave the property not styled up, these modernized options will give you that stylish exterior design that you dreamt of. Check them out:

  • Vinyl siding

This less costly, effortless to install design is loved by many. It comes with plenty of color assortments and more extended warranties. Besides, it only costs $4 per square foot, which is quite affordable.

  • Cedar siding

It’s widely known to be environmentally sustainable or aesthetically pleasing with decent thermal insulating properties. It’s available in a wide range of options and considered a standard design for homes with painted siding. Cedar is also a high-maintenance siding material and highly durable.

  • Aluminum siding 

It’s also relatively durable, less expensive, and can be painted. It roughly costs 3-8 dollars per square foot.

  • Brick siding 

This is constructed by applying a brick façade against a standard wall. It’s a popular choice for homes that use bricks, and if properly maintained, it’s highly durable. It averagely costs 6-9 dollars per square foot

  • Fiber-cement siding 

Its unique look and durability make it a popular choice for most homeowners. It’s impervious to heat or cold, comes in several forms, and can be painted. Its average national cost is roughly ten dollars per square foot. While it seems pretty expensive, it’s one of the very best and durable siding materials you can always rely on.

  • Stucco siding

For homes with stucco siding, this is a pretty smart option. Its average national cost runs from 6-9 dollars per square ft. If well-maintained, it can be relatively durable as the garage itself.

Other roofing materials that you can always opt for to match whatever roofing is used on your home include:

  • Tile roofing 

While they practically blend with your roofing, they can be very costly. Tile roofing averagely costs 700-$800 per square foot and requires extra framing reinforcement to support the substantial weight. Tile roofing is also long-lasting.

  • Metal roofing 

They averagely run between 7-$14 per square ft and are super durable. Most homeowners highly recommend them.

 Reasons why a detached garage allows you to save

Detached garages are an ideal cost-saving option when it comes to investing in garage doors. Your home’s structural integrity doesn’t have to be considered when opting for a detached garage. A detached garage eliminates the effect of the garage-dominated façade, offers a better use of space and a modern look. Conversely, detached garages require enough space and cannot be converted into an extra room if your home needs change.

 The cost of a one-car garage

Ideally, any absolute smallest size considered for a detached one-car garage should be at least 10’x16′, allowing very little movement and roughly accommodating only a small car. The cost for a 12×24 standard single car garage is estimated to be $4,800, while one with a legacy two-story detached garage can go up to $17,000.

 The cost of a two-car garage

As discussed above, a 24’x24′ garage gives better flexibility and additional storage space. Its cost range from $13,500 for a Standard Garage with Smart Siding to around $35,000 for a legacy two-story detached garage with clapboard siding.

 The cost of three or more car garage 

While there’re multiple possible configurations for garage door layout and vehicle parking, what suits your needs and your available space determines what you’ll go for. The average cost of a 20×30 three-car garage should be about $14,000, while 20×40 four-car garages can go up to $60,000.

 What it costs to tear down an existing garage

Now that we’ve guided you on the cost of building a garage, we thought it was wise to address the cost of tearing down an existing garage. Demolition costs range between $2,000-4,000, and this depends on many different factors. These factors range from size, material, accessibility, and the kind of machinery used. Demolition costs also change when it comes to debris disposal or if there’re hazardous materials to handle. Before engaging in any demolition project, ensure you get a demolition permit and follow all security protocols required throughout this phase.


While adding a garage to your home is quite the investment, it adds value to your home, reduces theft, and offers storage space. So before making this huge step, all the elements discussed above must be done by verified and qualified professionals to avoid future consequences. Building a garage takes budget analysis, planning, and design consultation. With the proper knowledge plus assistance, you’re in a better place to start your project. Don’t forget that a healthy investment will create the practical sanctuary you’ve always dreamt of!

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