How To Get Rid of Moths in a Garage

You must be stuck on How To Get Rid of Moths in a Garage especially when it is your first experience with these pests.  It is safe to say that the garage is one of the busiest spaces in most households. We are often selective of what is stored within the living space, but anything goes when it comes to the garage. The garage does it all, ranging from storing food and tools to old books and clothes. For this reason, the garage can easily turn into a pile of junk and a harbor for pests. 

Harmless as they seem, pests such as moths can be irritating and overwhelming, especially during the summer. The garage should be a no-go zone for moths, especially if it is used to store food. Moths tend to attract pests such as rats and mice, which could cause significant losses by damaging food. This article elaborates on How To Get Rid of Moths in a Garage and ways to prevent their recurrence.

An ideal and easiest way to get rid of moths in a garage is through moth traps, especially when dealing with a mild to moderate infestation. These traps are affordable, readily available, and easy to use. In addition, they often come with instructions on how to use them, and all you need to do is place the traps at strategic positions to maximize their efficacy. Other effective ways to eliminate moths include DIY traps, vacuuming, freezing infested items, and seeking professional intervention when dealing with a high infestation.

Read on to get acquainted with each of these remedies, effectively eradicate moths, and prevent future infestation.

How to get rid of moths in a garage; the image below shows Mottenfalle Clothes Moth Traps 6-Pack - Prime Safe Non-Toxic Eco-Friendly Moth Traps in use to eliminate moths in a room

What Attracts Moths to the Garage?

Understanding the cause of the problem is essential in selecting a remedy that specifically suits your garage. Several factors can attract moths into the garage, and these include:


Since the garage often houses old items, including tools and clothes, it is prone to the accumulation of dirt and dust, especially if it is not swept regularly. Moths tend to use dust and dirt as a hiding place, and for this reason, they are likely to be attracted by accumulated debris in the garage. Dirty clothing in the garage could also be the root of the problem as the pests tend to be drawn towards body oils stuck on old clothes.

Stored Food

Food substances such as grains can also cause infestation if the garage space is used to store food. Stored food often attracts pantry moths as they lay eggs therein. To know whether this is the cause of the problem, consider checking for the presence of larvae, web-like material, or feces.

Infested food substances could also make their way into the garage if you fail to perform a thorough inspection. Moth larvae on these food substances could end up invading your stored food, leading to a significant infestation.


Outdoor garage lights may also be to blame because some moths are known to be drawn towards light. Leaving these lights on without closing the doors and windows could lead to moth infestation in the garage. The moths could gravitate towards the lighting and eventually access the garage through unlocked doors or windows at night.

Effective Ways to Get Rid of Moths in the Garage

Once you are acquainted with the likely cause of moth infestation in your garage, selecting an effective way to eliminate the pests based on the level of infestation should be a breeze. Below is a list of the most effective ways to eradicate moths in the garage.

Moth Traps

Moth traps should be your go-to remedy for mild to moderate infestations. With these traps, you can control moth infestations effortlessly without having to break the bank. They are safe, easy to use, and aesthetically designed to be confidently displayed in your garage. To ice the cake, these traps prevent the recurrence of moth infestations by eradicating larvae and female moths.Among the best moths traps for the garage, Pantry Moth Traps- Safe and Effective for Food and Cupboard- Glue Traps with Pheromones for Pantry Moths (8 Pack) is one of the primary units you wont regret having in your room

Alternatively, if on a tight budget, you can opt for DIY traps, which entail using light, soap, and water to attract and trap moths. You can do so by first locking all the garage access points to prevent the escape of moths. Then, mix soap and water in a basin and place the mixture at a strategic location with a source of light hanging over it. Finish up by switching off all the other lights in the garage to lure the moths to your trap. This method should be the ultimate remedy for mild infestations.

Some of the most efficient moth traps you can find at amazon.com. A good example is Pantry Moth Traps- Safe and Effective for Food and Cupboard- Glue Traps with Pheromones for Pantry Moths (8 Pack) shown above.

Moth Repellents

The moth repellent of choice, in this case, is the readily available cedar oil. Cedar is highly effective when dealing with clothes moths as it helps eliminate larvae that are stuck on old or dirty clothes. Its efficacy is, however, dependent on how you use it. Once you locate the popular moth spots, apply an adequate amount of cedar using a spray bottle.

This method may be tiresome and costly in the long run as it has to be done frequently to get the desired results. Consequently, it is not a long-term method and may not be effective for high infestations. But, on the upside, cedar gives your garage an appealing scent.

Clean the Garage

Getting rid of debris in the garage is also an effective way to eliminate moths because by doing so, you destroy their breeding areas and compromise their ability to reproduce. Sweeping the garage, although tedious, could go a long way in eradicating unnecessary dust. It is also recommended that you clean using a mixture of water and vinegar, which also acts as a moth repellent.

In cases of very high moth infestations, vacuuming the entire garage may be the ultimate solution. This process entails vacuuming the floors, walls, air, and the ceiling to suck dust containing moth larvae. Consequently, noise from the vacuum cleaner tends to scare away the moths, thus enhancing efficacy. Although an effective high suction shop vac may cost you a fortune, it may help deter future infestation.


Freezing is an efficient method, especially when dealing with infested clothes. Consider checking the clothes in the garage for web-like material, feces, cocoons, or moth eggs and larvae. Then, place the infested clothes in a large freezer for a minimum of 24 hours to maximize efficacy. This method consumes less time and effort and also prevents the recurrence of moths.

Seek Professional Help

Recurring or active moth infestations may oblige you to leave it to the experts. Trying to control such infestations individually could be a wild goose chase, and this is where professionals come in. Although seeking professional help could cost an arm and a leg, it is worth it as you are guaranteed exemplary and long-lasting results.

The professionals may have to fumigate your garage, which means you will have to empty the garage for efficient results. Additionally, they may require chemical sprays to get the job done. This remedy should be your go-to if you use your garage for commercial purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What causes moth infestation?

The sure way to get rid of the moths in a garage is to determine the source. One of the primary questions that individuals always strive to establish is what causes the moth infestation to find the most effective remedy.

The pests (moths) come into the homes inside the infested food packages. The moth species that lay eggs in the processed products and stored grains are attracted to the garages or homes by the pantry goods. Once they are inside these packages, their eggs hatch into larvae that eat the grains, cereals, and a variety of other processed products. Thus, to help with removing these pests, the food packages that get into the garage and homes must be inspected for any pest.

Why am I getting lots of moths in my house or garage?

You can sometimes get baffled by the high number of moths in your garage or house. Most people wonder why the number of moths in their houses or garages almost doubles in a given season.  However, when the days become warmer and longer, especially during the springs, the moths get encouraged to hide and reproduce.

The high temperatures during these periods accelerate the reproductive cycles of moths, enhancing the chances of infestations.

What spray kills moths?

The most effective spray that kills moths is SA Cedar Scented Spray.  The pray is water-based and non-staining, and this makes it perfect for use on rags and clothing.

Does vinegar get rid of moths?

The eggs or the larvae of moths are not essentially hardy and can be killed by white vinegar. The vinegar cleans and eradicates the moths by changing the PH of any substance on the surface, scrubbing and killing any moths’ eggs or larvae.

How long do moths live in a garage?

Depended on their age, the moths can stay in your room for different periods. The adult moths can take up to a week. Others can live for up to 10 months or even a year.  However, the female eggs die after laying their fertilized eggs, while the males tend to perish soon after mating.

The video below show how to get rid of moths using a moth trap

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, just like any other pest, moths are liable to bring about significant losses, especially in high infestations. One of the main reasons for getting rid of moths in your garage is that they tend to attract more pests that will cause consequential damage. Therefore, the first step to take during moth infestations is to identify factors that attract them to your garage. By so doing, you can concentrate your efforts on eradicating these factors.

Cleaning your garage by either sweeping, mopping, or vacuuming could go a long way in eradicating moths and preventing subsequent infestations. However, if worse comes to worst, seeking professional help may be the best way to go, putting in mind that the goal is to get rid of moths and prevent their recurrence as well.

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