Polycuramine vs Epoxy

Choosing an attractive, long-lasting, durable, and perfect flooring type for your garage can be a tricky affair, especially when you are constructing your first garage. The practice becomes even more daunting due to thousands of flooring types available in the market today. Whatever the use of your garage, home, or commercial purpose, your flooring type’s durability is your top priority. You must seek the flooring type that will give you the desired longevity and aesthetics. Polycuramine vs. epoxy has been the top and most debated flooring choices amongst the DIYers and garage owners, thanks to their exclusive features that have provided exemplary user experiences.

Both Polycuramine and epoxy are perfect for garage floors, providing desirable durability and attractive coating. However, Polycuramine is more potent than epoxy. With its resistance to oil, gas, salt, and other harsh chemicals, Polycuramine provides the most durable floor coatings available to garage owners. Besides, it is easy to maintain and will last for the longest time while maintaining its artistic value.

Polycuramine vs. epoxy; an image of an epoxy flooring

Polycuramine Flooring

When it comes to durability, Polycuramine Flooring is second to none. Polycuramine Flooring is considered 20 times stronger than the epoxy system. Most DIYers and mechanics establishing the garage premises for commercial purposes, those associated with the enormous loads and heavy vehicles, always consider Polycuramine Flooring as the ideal flooring type, hence a stand-out in the Polycuramine vs. epoxy flooring debate. The benefits offered by this flooring type blends those of the epoxy, polyurethane, and polyurea and thus the best in the category. It is considered the most advanced coating technique.

The fact that Polycuramine Flooring is also resistant to the harsh chemicals, oil, and even salt used both at home and in the garages makes it one of the most fancied flooring coatings of your dream. In addition, its resistance to the damages by the chemicals enhances its longevity and makes it easy to clean the stains from its surface.

Moreover, Polycuramine Flooring is easy to maintain, and it can last for the longest time while still maintaining its aesthetic value.

 The flooring type is available in different sizes. For instance, the 1 car kit (90 fl oz) covers up to 200 and 250 sq ft of your garage floor. Also, a 2.5 Car Kit (180 fl oz) covers between 450 and 500 sq ft. The different sizes mean that you can put the flooring type to use on different floors regardless of the size of your garage.

You should ensure that for the effectiveness of Polycuramine Flooring installation, the application should be made at a temperature of between 40 and 90oF.

Also, ensure that when you receive the kit, confirm if it has the following contents; a foam roller, stir stick, decorative color chips, concrete etch, instruction manual, and the pre-tinted polycuramine Burst Pouch. These contents will help with the application of the floor coating. Ensure you read and understand the manual or seek guidance from the professionals.

Why choose Polycuramine over Epoxy Flooring

Rapid Use. Polycuramine floors can be used faster. For example, a garage floor that has been coated with Polycuramine only takes 24 hours after application before use. After that, you can effectively park your car or begin using the floor within a day.

Durable and robust with more adhesion. Polycuramine is more durable than epoxy and has better hardness and adhesion hence perfect for garage floors designed for commercial use.

Impervious to Chemicals. The flooring type presents the best resistance to various elements such as harmful chemicals, oils, gas, and other forms of liquids that can be destructive to your garage or home floors.

Self-leveling. The application of this flooring type is easy and does not require leveling tools as it is self-leveling. 

Low odour. Polycuramine flooring type is low on odour and VOC free, which makes it ideal for use, especially in residential places and garages. You will not even need to worry about the clients or family members allergic to string coating orders.

High solid composition. Polycuramine is characterized by very high solids, with about 96% of it composed of solids

Epoxy Flooring 

Epoxy is one of the most sought-after flooring types among home and garage owners. The flooring type creates a long-lasting, durable, and attractive coating for both homes and garages. In addition, epoxy is considered perfectly safe for homes, especially for hard floors.

Epoxy flooring gets characterized by several advantages. The unit is slip and shock-resistant and less abrasive compared to the concrete and other industrial flooring types. For home use, the flooring type is considered ideal for the bathrooms, kitchens, mudrooms, and any other areas where safety is a priority due to its slip resistance.

Benefits of Epoxy Flooring 

Most people go for epoxy flooring as recommended by friends. However, some would also not consider buying it because they have been given unappealing reviews from the individuals who have not put the units into correct use. The truth is epoxy flooring is one of the most sought-after flooring solutions with tons of benefits. 

Most homeowners are ditching the conventional flooring systems in the residential areas and businesses for epoxy flooring, primarily due to its versatility. It can be used anywhere and still get the job perfectly done. The various benefits of the flooring type include; 

It is durable 

Durability is the top consideration for the individuals installing the garage or home flooring. Epoxy coating can endure wear and tear resulting from strenuous activities, making it perfect for commercial garages.

Compared to the concrete flooring, the epoxy system does not chip or crack easily, reducing maintenance costs. Therefore, the practice limits the concerns of having to break the flooring system each time for repairs. Additionally, the epoxy flooring coatings Sunshine Coast is appropriate for the garage floors as it can withstand the stains and other chemicals used in the garage.

Below is an example of epoxy unit you can buy at Amazon.

Impressive and Unique 

Who does not require a flooring system that stands out amongst the rest? One desirable feature unique to epoxy flooring is its extra aesthetic value that it will provide to your floor space. Epoxy is characterized by numerous finishes, including metallic, polished, and flakes.  

Also, the unit is perfect for decorating floors as it comes in unique colors that can be arranged in different patterns to realize the preferred design. 

Easy Maintenance 

This is yet another exclusive feature that every garage owner would hope for before investing in a flooring system. Due to the glossy and resin finish, the cleaning and maintenance of the epoxy interior flooring Sunshine Coast are effortless. You can easily mop or wipe out the liquid or oil substances spilled over the floor surface.

Moreover, with this flooring system, you need not worry about bacteria or mold growing and thriving in the crannies and nooks of the floor due to epoxy’s seamless nature and the resin installation that makes it both hygienic and free from allergens.

Resistant to shock and slip 

The flooring type you choose should be safe and resistant to slips as this can pose a significant danger to the individuals using the surface. The epoxy flooring Sunshine Coast reduces the risks of falls and accidents as it is impervious to moisture. In addition, you can enhance the safety of your family members by adding the slip-resistant additive to the epoxy. Thus, the flooring type provides you with the advantage to keep your customers, patients, staff, or family members safe, regardless of whether you are using it at home or within the commercial premises.

It is less costly 

Despite the exclusive features, epoxy is also economical. The installation process of the flooring type is affordable, which makes it perfect for most garage owners, added to the fact that it can withstand the test of time. Besides, since the maintenance of epoxy is cheaper, it will save you the money you could have otherwise used to buy the unnecessary replacements or cleaning tools since the dirt and the other stains can be easily removed. This makes it an ideal choice for garage floor coating.

The video below shows a step by step process on how to do epoxy floors

Factors to Consider when Choosing Garage Flooring Options


Though not a primary concern for most garage owners, it is essential that you consider how the garage floor coating you are choosing will improve the general look of your garage’s floor surface.  Epoxy and polyaspartic floor coatings are known for their enhanced aesthetic value, a better option when you want to improve the appearance of your floors. The practice is, however, more applicable when you want the best flooring option for your home.


If you aim to add a floor coating in your garage, you will certainly go for one that will be long-lasting and will give you value for your money. It would be best to consider the average load that the floor will support to help choose a strong material that will not require consistent repairs. The average weight of the vehicles is under 4000 pounds. Therefore, you must choose a floor coating that will withstand this weight and still retain its finish for the longest time possible.


The maintenance level required for the garage floor coating is an essential consideration when making a purchase decision. No individual enjoys cleaning as some come at a cost, especially when the unit purchase is not resistant to the chemicals and now an individual will be forced to buy other substances to help with the elimination of the chemical substances, and this requires an individual to consider the ease of maintenance of the floor surface. For instance, you need to consider how easy it would be to clean the oil or chemical spills on the floor surface.


This is yet another significant element of consideration before purchasing any model. The warranties attached to the products you purchase are significant in providing individuals with a piece of mind and provides satisfaction to the buyers, at least for the periods specified on the warranties. Ensure that the flooring type you are purchasing has a warranty such that if it does not realize your requirements as described by the manufacturers, you can claim a refund within the given period or if there are manufacturers problems.

Safety and Environment Friendliness

The safety of the chemicals in your garage floor coating is another significant factor of consideration. Your garage or home is a place that you will be spending some time for years with your family, and the coating you use for the floors must contain substances that will not pose any risk or threaten the safety of your loved ones.

Thus, the flooring type you choose should be free from VOCs (volatile Organic Compounds), the chemicals found in household products that can be hazardous when they are released into the atmosphere. The reason most people go for Polycuramine Flooring is that they are safe and free from the VOCs, hence environmentally friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Polycuramine need a clear coat?

Polycuramine requires a clear coat, and you can have the coats by either ordering them from the stores or purchasing them from the vendors online. However, other sellers have started accompanying the polycuramine with the clear coat to be bought as a unit.

Can you paint over Polycuramine?

If you have damaged or mess up the floor, you can paint over the chips. Painting, in this case, will form one of the primary maintenance practices.

Can I put clear Epoxy over Paint?

Clear epoxy can be used as a cover to protect the painted finish-like floor. However, durability is never guaranteed, and this is immensely affected by the proprietary processes and environmental factors.

Can you use latex paint under the epoxy?

The epoxy will effectively work over latex and acrylic paint. It does not stick to oil-based paints.

How long does polycuramine take to dry? 

The time taken by a floor coating to dry is called the cure time. For polycuramine, the cure time is 8 to 10 hours for foot traffic and 24 hours for vehicle traffic. Thus, after 24 hours of application, you can park your vehicle in the garage.

How long will an epoxy floor last? 

The epoxy floors last for between 2 and 3 years under strenuous weights. If taken good care of and effective maintenance practices, it can last over three years in the commercial premises such as a garage, factory spaces, and restaurants with significant daily foot traffic.

Final Thoughts

Polycuramine vs. epoxy flooring has been a controversial issue among numerous DIYers and garage owners over time. But, no doubt, these two flooring types provide unsurpassed durability, and their maintenance is straightforward.

However, Polycuramine flooring stands-out in several aspects over epoxy. The unit is more durable and highly resistant to the chemicals and other stains common in the garage. It is thus effective for commercial use where strenuous jobs are required.

Numerous advantages also characterize epoxy flooring. The unit is characterized by immense durability of up to three years when used in commercial premises such as garages and factory settings, and it is more economical. The maintenance practices that the flooring unit requires are also limited, and it is highly resistant to slip, and this provides unparalleled safety.

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