How to Program Liftmaster Keypad & Remote in 4 Simple Steps

Garage keypads provide homeowners with keyless entry to their homes and garages. Instead of using a hodge-podge of remotes to activate your garage door openers, which can also be inconvenient when lost, the keypad provides an easy and convenient way to open your garage door through a command.

However, despite the expediency that comes with the keypads, you may sometimes want to reprogram them. For instance, when you have moved into a new home or if your passcode has been accessed and you want to change it for the security and safety of your home. Also, if you are acquiring the keypad for the first time, you may want to program it with your existing garage door opener to operate your garage door.

Various garage door brands have distinct features which can be translated into their keypad entries. Nevertheless, some brands offer universal keypads, such as the 877 Universal keyless entry system that works with all Chamberlain, Liftmaster, and Craftsman Openers manufactured between 1992 to present. However, some programming processes are distinct for particular brands.

Stick around and learn How to Program Liftmaster Keypad and its associated features.

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How to Program Liftmaster Keypad 

If you want to program your Liftmaster keypad for the first time, locate,  press, and hold the * and # buttons simultaneously on the keypad until you see a steady red light. On your garage door opener, locate the learn button and press it until the opener illuminates LED light and then release.

Press your unique 4-digit personal code followed by the “ENTER” button  on your Liftmaster keypad and observe the opener light blinks. The programming should be done within 30 seconds.

Programming new Liftmaster Keypad -step-by-step

Step 1: Locate the * and # buttons on your Liftmaster Keypad. Press and hold the two buttons simultaneously until you see a solid red light.

Step 2: On your Liftmaster garage door opener, locate the position of the “LEARN”  button. The button is positioned under the light cover of your opener on the same side as the antenna.

If you have mounted your opener on the wall or ceiling, you can set a step ladder under the opener to enable you to reach the back of the motor to access the Learn button.

Press the “LEARN” button until an LED light is illuminated and release it. This signals that your opener is ready to accept the new keypad code.

Step 3: Within 30 seconds of pressing the LEARN button,  enter a unique or personal four-digit code on your keypad, then press and hold the “ENTER” button until your garage door opener lights blink. Press “0” to end the programming process.

Note that, you can get help from someone to help you with pressing the learn button as you set your passcode on the keypad as the programming process should happen within 30 seconds.

Step 4: Try the code. On your Liftmaster Keypad, press the code followed by the “ENTER” button. Your garage door opener will function by closing the garage door. This confirms that you have correctly programmed your LiftMaster keypad with your garage door opener.

How to Program a Standard Liftmaster Remote

Step 1: Set a step ladder to reach your garage door opener if it is mounted in the ceiling or at some height.

Locate the “LEARN” button on the opener, always on the same side as the antenna and under the light cover. Be sure not to lose the light cover as you access it since you may need to remove it. Besides this button, you will see an LED. The button can have a range of colors depending on your opener, that is, yellow, orange, red, or purple.

Step 2: If you have accessed the button, press and release it when you see the LED light illuminated besides it, always on the left.

Step 3: On the remote control you wish to program, press the button for 3-5 seconds within 30 seconds of pressing the learn button.

Step 4: Observe the opener’s light blinks or the LED indicator light next to the lean button turned off. This shows that you have successfully programmed your Liftmaster Remote.

Garage Door Keypad Not Working

Garage door keypads present you with a tone of benefits but can also be of great inconvenience when it fails. In addition to eliminating the need for remotes or keys, the keypads make it easy for your and other family members to access the garage or home at their expediency as long as they have the passcode. This is vital in keeping unauthorized persons off your property, offering immense security to your equipment and home.

However, like other mechanical and electrical devices, the garage keypad might malfunction and make you panic. With your garage door closed, you might enter your passcode but see nothing happening. If you are experiencing this problem for the first time, it could be a massive setback.

Do not fret. Below are some common problems why your garage door keypad may fail to work with accompanying troubleshooting tips.

  1. Malfunctioning Code

A malfunctioning code is one of the leading causes of a faulty garage door keypad. You may realize that you can close your garage door, but it fails if you enter the passcode to open it.

The phenomenon may result from several issues. First, when you replace your keypad batteries and fail to reprogram the keypad, the passcode could be interrupted and lost. Also, if your keypad is aging, it may fail to recognize the code and malfunction.

Besides, garage door keypads can go lousy over time since you mount them outdoors, exposing them to weather conditions like wind, sun, snow, or salt air. The differing weather conditions can substantially shorten their life, and they could fail to recognize the code and subsequently malfunction. Always ensure you protect the keypad from extreme weather conditions.

Furthermore, errors are inevitable in operating mechanical and electrical appliances. You might input a PIN that alters the keypad code. Once you have interfered with the code, the whole keypad system might fail to work

Not to worry, you can troubleshoot a malfunctioning code by reprogramming the keypad. Different brands have unique reprogramming methods. However, the approach is almost the same for most garage door keypads.

The first step to reprogramming a garage door keypad is to locate the “LEARN” button on the door opener. For most models, the button is always orange and on the side of the antenna.

Press the button and release when you see an illuminated LED light on its side. You need to input the new 4-digit code on your garage keypad within 30 seconds of pressing the LEAN button. Press the ENTER button on the keypad until you see a flashing light on the operator.

The flashing light indicates the opener has accepted the new code, and you have successfully reprogrammed the keypad. If unsure, even though this should be a straightforward process, you can contact a professional or read the manual on reprogramming a garage door keypad with a new code. 

  1. Blocked Keypad

Keypads employ the same operating mechanism as credit cards. Your garage keypad has a unique 4-digit code that you must key in to open the garage door. Usually, if you have forgotten the code and input a wrong one several times, the Keypad will be blocked.

Like SIM PINs, there is a specific number of trials to put an incorrect code. If you surpass the limit, the Keypad is blocked. This would be the same case if an unauthorized person with no correct pin attempted to access your garage door.

The perfect choice you are left with when you cannot recall your passcode is to create a new one. You can take the same approach as reprogramming the Keypad to erase the old code and input a unique one you can remember.

However, if you have blocked your Keypad and reprogramming has not worked, you may need to reboot the whole system. The approach will help you clear the entire system’s memory, including the old code.

To reboot the entire system, disconnect your garage door opener from the power source for 5-10 minutes. Plug it back on and then set a new pin code. This should do the trick.

However, if this still does not come to your aid, it is time to contact a professional to help reset the entire garage door system.

  1. Dead Batteries

The average lifespan of garage keypad batteries is 12-18 months, equivalent to 30,000 lock actions. If your garage keypad is not working, it could be due to dead batteries. Your keypad needs batteries to operate, and there is no warning mechanism like smartphone batteries when they run low.

Thus, you must know when your keypad batteries are due for replacement. Again, you can determine when the batteries are the problem or if the problem lies somewhere, such as if you put a wrong code. Check whether the garage door keypad is blinking. If it does, then the batteries still have power and are working. In that case, your focus should be on other troubleshooting tips.

  1. Stuck Keys

Between your garage keypad keys, there are spaces that can collect dirt or dust over time, especially during the summer or windy days. Keys with accumulated dust or dirt can stick together, resulting in the opener not responding even if you input the codes. As a result, the garage keypad might malfunction.

Since the door keypads are always installed outdoors, ensure you keep them clean from debris or dirt. Clean the outside of the keypad using a clean, dry cloth. Ensure that much of your attention is on the little spaces between the buttons that might collect dirt over time and cause sticking.

You can use compressed air to remove the dirt or a soft brush when cleaning the inside of the keypad. Ensure you have not interfered with internal wiring or parts.

  1. Button Malfunction

Your garage door opener keypad may fail to work due to a faulty button. You need to input the code by dialing the buttons. If you have dialed 2 and it appears as 4 or a different number, it means the buttons are faulty.

Besides, you can determine if the buttons are faulty by keying in any 4-digit code. The code should be random, excluding the numbers in your unique code, and determine whether the garage door opens. If the random code opens your garage door, the problem is with the buttons.

Keys can have malfunctioning buttons if used for a long time, or the accumulated dirt may result in them sticking together. Besides, with continuous usage and heavy pressing, some buttons may become loose, hindering the door’s standard functionality.

Inspect the buttons, and if the sticking is caused by debris buildup, clean them using a dry clean cloth or a soft brush. Otherwise, you might be forced to replace the keypad if the fault is due to damaged or loose buttons.

Old Liftmaster Keypad Programming

The process of programming an old Liftmaster keypad is the same as that of a new set. If you intend to program or change the code of your Liftmaster keypad, still follow the below process;

Step 1: Set a ladder to access the lean button on your garage door opener. In case you have a wall control, use its button.

Step 2: Press and release the learn button on your opener, normally on the side of the antenna and orange in color. If your opener is fitted with a MyQ Control Panel, you will press and release the learn button twice.

Step 3: Enter a new unique 4-digit pin and Press ENTER on your keypad within 30 seconds of releasing the learn button.

Step 4: Observe the opener light blinks or the LED adjacent to the learn button goes off. This indicates that you have successfully programmed your old keypad.

Step 5: Try out your pin after 20 seconds. Ensure that the code you have set is not complex that you may forget, as this may result in your keypad getting locked or blocked after several attempts. However, your pin should not be too obvious.

The video below shows how to change pin code on a LiftMaster Keypad. Watch and learn.

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQs

Q1. How long does a garage keypad last?

A garage door keypad can last up to 15 years, depending on the frequency of use. How often you maintain your garage door and its components can also determine whether your garage door’s keypad lifespan will be longer or shorter.

Q2. How to change garage door code Liftmaster

Step 1: Set up a ladder to reach your MyQ Panel and determine the position of the LEARN button. Often, the LEARN button is located under the push bar and is always yellow or orange. It borders an LED light to the left on the Liftmaster opener.

Step 2: Press the LEARN button twice and release it when the LED display illuminates.

Step 3: On your Liftmaster keypad, input your new four-digit code within 30 seconds of pressing the LEARN button and press ENTER. Do not use a more obvious PIN, like your birth date.

Step 4: Observe the LED light goes off, showing that you have successfully changed the code.

Step 5: Wait after 10 seconds and test the code. Your garage door should open with your new PIN. Repeat the same process and reset the code if the new code does not work.

Note: If you want to change an old pin, enter the existing PIN once you have released the LEARN button and hold down the # key. Observe the light blinks on your opener and enter your preferred new PIN. Once you input the new PIN, press ENTER button until the light blinks again to show that your PIN change has succeeded. Wait and test the door’s operation after 10 seconds.

Wrap UpHow to Program Liftmaster Keypad 

The keypad entry to the garage door provides the most secure way to enter your garage or home. A unique element of the keypad codes is that you can share them with your family; they won’t need a remote to carry around with them. In all these, it still keeps unauthorized persons from accessing your garage or home.

However, when you have just purchased a new keypad, you must program it with your opener to operate your garage door. Also, your keypad may fail if you forget your PIN. Also, If you have lost the PIN to a third party, you may want to reprogram it.

Pay attention to the various processes illustrated in the article on how to program the Liftmaster keypad. We have also elaborated on the various instances when your keypad may fail to work and how to troubleshoot them.

Ensure that you can identify the LEARN button on your garage door opener, often orange in color for most openers and on the side of the antenna. Take heed of time within the programming process; always take 30 seconds between the time you release the LEARN button and set the new code on the keypad.

We hope this helps. If you have any insight, leave comments below. Regards.

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