Best Roll Up Garage Door Opener of 2023 [8 Top Picks & Buyers’ Guide]


An image of a person using one of the best roll up garage door opener to open the garage door while in his car using a setting installed from the car

Roll-up garage door openers come with a host of advantages that can make your life safer and more comfortable. For instance, operating one remotely means you can open the door from the comfort of your car without stepping out into rainy or inclement weather.

Even better, manufacturers have incorporated several advancements, making these openers a must-have for any roll-up garage door.
However, with so many options in the market, you can be spoilt for choice.

So we have done the legwork and sampled the eight best roll-up garage door openers in 2022 to cut out your work for you.

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Best Roll Up Garage Door Opener Reviews 2023

 1.LiftMaster 8500 Elite Series 8500 Jackshaft Operator– Best Overall 

This smart garage door opener is precisely engineered to convey the most demanding outcomes. Manufactured from a renowned and reliable brand, the LiftMaster, this unique garage door opener has several features that add up to bring about an accessible entrance to your garage.

LiftMaster 8500 is fitted with powerful P3 motors with the energy required to lift the heaviest doors. These motors are further designed to work quietly by emitting oscillations and sounds through the ceiling.

As soon as you enter the garage, the motion detector turns on lights to illuminate the whole garage. This feature helps you to avoid getting stuck and injured in the dark. It also has a protector system that senses any movement across the beam. If anything crosses the beams, the doors reverse, meaning you and your family will remain safe.

Even better, keep away unwanted persons from reaching your garage by the use of a power lock deadbolt. With this feature, nobody else can access your valuables without your permission.

The exciting bit about this device is that anyone can install it. Simple instructions will guide you through the whole process; everything needed to set up is included. Just grab the user manual, and you are ready to go.


  • Easy to set up.
  • User instructions included.
  • Affordable price.
  • Works great.
  • It comes with the newest features.


  • It does not work with all roll up doors.


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 2. Garage Door Opener Remote For Genie Intellicode and Overhead door

Leaving your home hoping that all your valuables are safe brings great peace of mind. So as to fulfill that desire, you will have to settle on this nice product. This superb door opener keeps your home safe from intruders. It e remote with three buttons that, once pressed, changes the entry codes rapidly. So, even the most trained hackers can never gain entry into your garage.

The better part is that it has powerful batteries which provide a backup when the power disappears. This is a great addition compared to other garage door openers, which lack batteries in the package.

Another point, you will find safety sensors that are securely installed to detect any motion across the beams. In that case, if anything passes through the beam, the doors terminate closing. This is a security feature that will prevent damaging your friends and family.

Avoid hurting yourself in the dark looking for switches; this unit has bright lights that shine all of a sudden when the doors are opened.


  • It has safety sensors.
  • Bright lights.
  • Saves a lot of space.
  • It is equipped with a remote.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Very good product.


  • The remote batteries have problems.


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 3. The Workhorse BU100 Sectional Garage Door Opener

 Luckily, if you have been searching for a suitable garage door opener, here is a solution. The Workhorse garage door opener has some of the newest characteristics that you will not get in other tools. A good example is the powerful motor which boasts the strength to open a garage door with dimensions of 7” tall. This motor is cleverly engineered to sustain longer periods of heavy use.

The notable thing here, that this device works almost silently. All unwanted noises are driven away from the garage through the ceiling. This gives you a humble time to do your things. That’s why it is said to be ideal for people with garages placed next to their living room.

Are you unsure about the lighting in the garage? The Workhorse incorporates long lasting LED lights that continuously illuminate the garage once the doors are opened. It is good that they don’t consume large doses of energy, so you will not have a problem with sorting your bills.

If you are in the section of guys who think only intellectuals can set up this kit, then you are wrong. In fact, setting up this unit needs no special tools and experience. The whole process is fortified by the presence of instructions and online videos, which will lead you through the steps.


  • The instructions are straightforward.
  • It saves a lot of useful space.
  • Great value.
  • The price is worth it.
  • All the crucial setup tools are provided.


  • The connections do not link with Homelink.


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 4. LJ8950W LIFTMASTER Rolling Sheet Garage Door Opener

This fantastic device is equipped with a powerful DC motor, which is the force behind the success of this unit. The motor has plentiful energy to lift even high doors of about 7” tall. But, if your door is not enclosed in that range, then consider purchasing an extension kit, which is sold separately.

With this gadget, you take control of your garage from whichever place you are. The myQ app delivers you alerts whenever someone tries to enter the garage without you knowing. It also allows you to share codes with your friends and other persons that you want.

For the utmost security, the LIFTMASTER has a remote control that changes the pin used to enter your garage whenever you press a single button. That’s a sensible feature because it keeps away thieves from reaching your garage to take away the valuables.

Much better, it is designed with an instant response technology that detects anything crossing the beams. When motion is detected, the doors react by reversing so as to prevent contact with the obstacle. That’s a great addition to the security of this door opener.


  • It has the latest security features.
  • This unit includes a powerful motor.
  • Works as intended.
  • It is relatively easy to install.
  • Very good device.


  • It’s only used with rolling sheet doors.


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 5. Erokku Electric Magnetic Door Lock 600lbs 272 pkg

This appliance is known for its decent holding ability and impressive features. All parts have gone through the legit processes to bring about a quality tool. And just as the name implies, this is an electromagnetic door opener that securely opens your garage doors easily. It has a powerful holding force, nearly 600lbs. That tells you how effective this device is.

The product dimensions are 250mm * 410mm * 260mm. It comes with an adjustable installation bracket. You can use it with both glass, wooden, metal, and fireproof doors, provided they have a system that meets NFPA 101.

The package includes one bag of installation kit, an armature plate, and an electronic, magnetic lock. So, this a very strong 12V magnetic door opener for the price. But regardless of the benefits mentioned, it requires an expert to set it up for you. Doing the installation yourself might not work.


  • Great value.
  • Affordable price.
  • Great product.
  • It has advanced features.


  • The instructions are not straightforward.


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 6. Roll Up Door Rollers, 12 PCS Nylon Garage Door Roller

 The features included in this unit exceed the price. The purchase includes 12 pcs of strong nylon garage door rollers with ball bearings. You can consult the brand if you find any parts missing.

The size is very acceptable, with a diameter of only 2” and a length of 4”. That makes them the best solution for most garage doors, warehouse doors, and store gates.

You will find rollers fitted with sealed ball bearings that help to avoid evaporation of the lubrication oil. So then, the service life of the rollers is increased, plus the maintenance costs reduce. That saves your efforts.

Suppose you own a garage that often releases plenty of noise, distracting your peace. Then you will have to emphasize buying this quiet product. It works smoothly and quietly, thus giving you and your family the desired peace and comfort.

Lastly, I think if you purchase this unit, you will enjoy at least ten years of untroubled service. So make that decision and buy it.


  • It has sealed bearings that prevent clouds of dust so that you use it for long.
  • The price is great.
  • Does not take up plentiful energy.
  • Works great.


  • It does not engage with all garage doors.


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 7. Auto Garage Roller Door Opener, Power Electric Rolling Shutter Roller Remote Door Opener

 There is much to get from this item. It is a very powerful door opener that can handle doors up to 269.1 square feet. Each time you access the garage, a bright light reflects the whole garage so that you can finish your duties carefully. These LED lights prevent you from facing obstacles in the dark.

It is designed to be installed easily and offers reliable functionality to everyone. If you thought you would have issues installing it, then think again. The package includes simple instructions for you to follow carefully when installing. No added tools are needed during installation.

In the package, you will find a unique remote that you can use to control the garage door for any given point. So this means you’re done with the analog times that you used to abandon the car to open your garage.

With the myQ app, you can share the entry codes with your beloved ones, such as family members, friends, and mechanics. For added safety, this garage door opener comes with safety sensors that detect everything that passes through the beams. In that event, the doors respond by reversing so as to prevent harming the impediment, which might be you or your family.

Even better, you can still reach the garage even if there is a power outage. By saying that, I mean, you will find a manual release that will help you to achieve that convenience.


  • It has a manual release.
  • Excellent features.
  • The price is worth it.
  • Works smoothly and silently.
  • It is safe to use and lasts for long periods.


  • It needs modifications.


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8. Chamberlain RJ020 Direct Drive Wall Mounted Space Saving Garage Door Opener

 Have you upgraded your old garage door opener? If not, then it’s time for you to succumb to the urge to get one of these fine units. This Chamberlain garage door opener will securely fit on the wall beside the garage door. This ability creates more space in the garage to keep other items.

You don’t have to worry about the security of your home once you leave for a journey. This is due to the presence of an advanced garage door lock that keeps your door safe each time it is closed. What a great way to secure your garage!

With this door opener, you experience peace of mind. It has a robust motor that works silently and directs sounds and vibrations out of the garage through the ceiling. In that process, it is even hard to notice if the door opener has been switched on.

Here is why technology has invaded this unit. This device comes with a platform known as the myQ app that has a number of fantastic features, which allow you to use a garage door opener from any given point. Besides that, you will always get notified when a third party tries to force entry into your garage.

All parts of this gadget are made from certified elements. Thus you have the confidence that it will serve you till the day you will be done with it.


  • The features are new.
  • The price will not halt your budget.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • It is made from good components.
  • It offers you service for the longest time.
  • Saves space.


  • Sometimes the app has issues.


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Best Roll Up Garage Door Opener of 2023 Buyers’ Guide  

Having a list of the best roll-up garage door openers of 2023 will narrow down your search significantly. However, you still have to pick the most suitable option from a list of the eight best openers, so it helps to know what to look for. 

That is the purpose of this section—to provide you with a detailed guideline of what to consider when making your final pick. 

This information should help make it a breeze to match an opener with your garage door. 


The weight of your garage door will determine how much lifting power the opener must-have. Rolling steel garage doors are generally placed in three different categories requiring openers with different horsepower. 

Category 1: Light-duty roll-up garage doors. These are doors designed for spaces with less demanding operations and less frequent use. They are typically used in buildings where businesses keep small specialty vehicles.

Due to the low frequency of use and sheer weight of these roll-up garage doors, they often work well with low-power openers. 

The light-duty roll-up garage doors are typically the least expensive, so you may use them with relatively less expensive openers. 

Category 2: Medium-duty roll-up doors: As the term suggests, the medium-duty roll-up garage doors are an excellent middle ground for both worlds. 

They share the features of the light and heavy-duty roll-up doors providing a good balance between the two-door categories. 

Because of this balance, medium-duty doors are a popular choice for most commercial spaces. They are ideal for standard commercial spaces like warehouses and work well with standard garage door openers. 

The medium-duty category doors can take on more frequent operations without experiencing much wear and tear.

Category 3: Heavy-duty roll-up garage doors. These are garage doors engineered to withstand heavy usage. They can take on highly demanding operations with multiple, frequent cycles without flinching. 

Given the demanding nature of these doors, they require high-power openers that can work quickly and lift the door with little wear on the motor. 

Such doors are ideal for freight terminals or industrial buildings where strenuous activity is the order of the day. 

Both the door and the opener must be highly durable and strong to perform these roles reliably and efficiently. 

Consider the mechanism 

Standard rolling steel garage doors are similar in basic design. They all feature horizontal steel sheets that coil into a single roll at the top of the door opening, to the inside of the garage. 

However, the openers are not all created equal. Various rolling steel garage door openers have different working mechanisms that may make one more efficient than the other.

When choosing the best pick for your home or business, you may want to go for the mechanism that best suits your garage door and personal needs. 

Of course, they all have a drive unit comprising mainly the motor and a control box. This is the basic design to expect of any garage door opener. From there, the differences begin, as you are about to see. 

Your rolling steel garage door can use one of two opener types — a jackshaft opener or an electric door opener. 

Jackshaft opener models  

This is the most popular opener mechanism for roll-up garage doors. It is typically mounted on each side of the garage door opening, hence the name wall-mounted opener. 

The main advantage of a jackshaft garage door opener is that it can operate doors of all sizes. So if your rolling steel door is large and heavy, you may want to consider a jackshaft model for opening and closing your garage door. 

It also features a space-saving design, making it ideal for garages with limited amounts of space for their uses. They also tend to offer quiet operation compliant with most modern residential and commercial garage requirements. 

Electric opener 

An electric roll-up garage door opener works in the same way as standard residential rolling steel garage doors. It features a low voltage motor that produces a quiet and smooth operation.

These electric motors can be chain drive or belt drive models like standard garage door openers. Either way, modern versions have been engineered to produce quiet operation, blurring the line between chain drive and belt drive models’ noise output. 

Safety and security features

Safety features vary from one garage door opener to the next. For instance, most modern openers have an automatic reverse feature designed to prevent the door from causing injuries to people or property. 

In most places, government regulations require such safety features as the automatic reversing mechanism when the door senses an obstruction in its way to avoid workplace safety threats. So, the chances are that most models you find in the market will have these basic safety features. 

Still, it is best to compare what various models offer and see which one best appeals to you. 

Smart features 

Features such as smartphone integration, integrations with other smart home appliances like Google Home and Amazon Alexa, and more available with some openers. 

Such features as smart lights can help you save on electricity bills while keeping your home or business safer. 

So, look at what various openers offer and choose based on your needs and preferences. 

Types of Garage Door Openers

Before you purchase any garage door opener, you should first ensure you are acquainted with all the garage door opener types available in the market. The kind of garage door opener you buy determines the efficiency and convenience of its use, and this is also depended on the nature of your garage door. Below are some of the typical garage door opener types available for purchase.

Belt Drive

This type of garage door opener operates by using a rubber belt.  Among the door opener types, it is the quietest though some individuals regard it as expensive relative to the other common types. The good thing with the belt drive garage door opener is that they can handle heavy and light materials, making them applicable for both one-piece or multi-panel garage doors.

Chain Drive

Chain drive garage door openers are the most common type you will find in the market today. The units are fitted for almost all the heights and widths of door openings, and they possess an impressive tensile strength to lift materials of different kinds.  What makes the chain drive door openers even more lovable by most mechanic owners is that they are affordable and easy to operate as they mainly use chains in moving the doors.

The operation of this unit is quite simple. Just from its name, the models use a chain connected to the garage door. The chain pushes or pulls the entry-point in the track, allowing for the opening and closing of your garage door. The control mechanism you will use will also facilitate ease of use. For instance, an installed opener app on your phone.


Even though this door opener is the least used among the three, it is the most advanced garage door opener type you will fancy using, especially when you have the significant technical know-how.  The jackshaft represents a computerized system, and this implies that, often, it gets characterized by automatic deadbolts.


You do not want to purchase a garage door opener that will be a nuisance to your neighbors or result in noise pollution when in operation. As such, you want to choose an opener type that will produce the slightest noise.

Most garage door openers’ noise is often associated with their drive system. Belt drive openers provide the quietest operations of the other drive types. You can consider belt drive garage door openers when you want to evade disturbing the neighbors when opening or closing your garage door.

Also, ensure that your garage door is sufficiently lubricated to eliminate the squawking sound when opening or closing your garage door, also contributing to noise pollution.

Moreover, you can eliminate the noise by changing the garage door rollers. Metal rollers travel along metal tracks that can be noisier than the nylon or plastic types. Besides, if you have opted for nylon or plastic rollers for your garage door opener, you also limit the maintenance costs associated with lubrication. This also saves you the time you would have otherwise used for lubrication.

Can you Insulate a Roll-up Garage Door?

Yes. You can insulate roll-up garage doors to protect your interior from extreme or varying outdoor weather conditions.

The barrier created with the insulation helps protect your garage indoors from the changing weather conditions outside. Insulation is an essential practice that is now common even in commercial garages, where you can part ways with vast resources while striving to control indoor temperatures.

Roll-up garage door insulation is a crucial option to help you lower costs and energy for your business. It eliminates the need for massive air conditioners or humidifiers in a garage space. You can get consistent indoor temperatures with the insulation.

In most garage spaces, insulation is done using polyurethane or polystyrene materials. Here, the costs of the material also come into play when choosing the garage door. Of the two common insulation materials, polystyrene is the least expensive. However, it would suit you best if you are operating a residential garage pace.

However, if operating a commercial garage, you should consider polyurethane since it is highly efficient. Even though polyurethane is costlier, it has a higher density which provides better insulative properties and is more resistant to heavy vibration and other daily activities within the garage space.

Thus, insulation is an imperative practice when living in areas that experience variations in weather conditions and also want to reduce the cost of controlling indoor temperatures in your garage.

How Long Do Roll-up Garage Doors Last?

Roll-up garage doors last between 20 and 30 years, depending on their usage, maintenance, local climate, and material quality.

How often you use your garage will affect its lifespan. In this regard, even the type of springs fitted in the garage opener will determine its life as most of the garage door’s weight is supported by the springs. The springs in your garage door will determine how many cycles (open and close) your garage door can support.

Besides, the local climate impacts the durability of your garage door. Where your garage is located can lower or enhance its lifespan. For instance, harsh climatic conditions such as the snowy winters, humid summers, high winds, and storms can damage your roll-up garage door, reducing its minimum lifespan.

Also, the level or frequency of how you maintain your garage door can improve or lower its lifespan. Suppose you own a roll-up garage door opener or any other type; you must execute regular maintenance and servicing whenever you feel something is wrong with its functionality. You can call a professional to help you inspect the garage door for possible breakage or signs of rust.

The video below shows how to install a roller garage door opener

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How often do garage door rollers need to be replaced?

On average, garage door rollers will need replacement after 10 to 20 years, depending on the construction material. Rollers made from plastic may require lesser time than ten years. However, you are not limited to replacing your rollers anytime they malfunction.

Q2. What is the fastest and quietest garage door opener?

Consider Genie Belt Drive Garage Door Openers if you want ultra-quiet performance. The openers use steel-reinforced and heavy-duty belts that provide maximum support to deliver optimum performance. Also, unlike with the chain or screw drive systems, the belt-drive types produce less noise.

Final Thoughts

Roll-up garage door openers are space-saving by design, and you can install one on your own without requiring the help of a professional. Choosing an equally space-saving and efficient opener for such a door can be an excellent way to optimize your garage’s operation. 

We hope these reviews and the user guide help you choose the most suitable opener for your rolling steel garage door. Please leave a comment in the comments section if you have any observations or thoughts to share.

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