8 Best small block chevy heads of 2022 [Expert Reviews & Buyers’ Guide]

Who wouldn’t love a car’s engine that operates efficiently like clockwork? Small block chevy engines are more common and are one of the most engaged car components, making them susceptible to severe or light malfunctions.

Have you noticed that the output of your engine has been negatively altered? Or is the current engine output failing to be up to par? This could be emblematic of a problem with the airflow and combustion efficiency of the engine.

The component of the engine responsible for overseeing the airflow and combustion efficiency role is the cylinder head. For this reason, I have reviewed the article the best small block chevy heads available in the market and presented you with a comprehensive buyers’ guide to help you make a perfect buying decision.

Read on.

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Best small block chevy heads Buyers’ Guide 2022

A car is an asset that is highly coveted by many. Cars are accompanied by numerous benefits like privacy, safety, convenience in handling emergencies, freedom of partaking in pleasure trips, and the independence it conveys.

Owning a car is all merry and exhilarating, but the enormous task is maintaining it to remain in good shape and fulfilling the needs of other beneficial upgrades. A vehicle has many parts, including the engine, which is one of the most fundamental components.

Is your car’s engine having trouble with airflow and fuel deployment? Improvising one of the best small block chevy heads is an absolute answer to solving such malfunctions.

You can count yourself lucky if you land a top-notch cylinder head, as the throttle response will improve while the horsepower and torque curves are incredibly boosted.

While doing your research, you have probably noticed that cylinder heads come in different types overlooking the factor of other manufacturers. These types are;

  1. Aluminum cylinder heads – this type boasts of an elevated thermal conductivity, thus minimizing the probability of engine damaging detonation. They have grown more popular over time owing to some merits like;
  • They are much lighter than their iron heads counterparts.
  • They are easy to repair in the event of damages.
  • They are much powerful, thus enabling them to withstand twisting when tightening.
  • They are easier to port.
  • However, they tend to be more costly and less durable as compared to iron heads.
  1. Iron cylinder heads – these type are commonly utilized in routine cars and also have advantages including;
  • They enhance the rigidity of the deck itself.
  • They are less susceptible to damage.
  • They have a higher capability of withstanding more heat.
  • They are ideal for engines with a low compression ratio.

The rundown above is purposed to acquaint you with the types of best small block chevy heads in the broad sense. However, this information on cylinder head types is not enough to merit you to make a purchase decision. With the copious best small block chevy heads in the market, you will need more to ascertain the bargain that will best suit you.

Expounded below are some of the factors you ought to bring on board and consider to make an informed purchase decision.

Combustion chamber volume

Topping the factor list is this crucial variable which is utterly valuable when navigating through the numerous germane products in the market. It refers to the size expressed in cubic centimeters (cc) of the chamber head at the position of the valves.

The determining constant under this factor is the compression ratio. Opting for smaller combustion chambers translates to a higher compression ratio created. However, this may be faced with valves and piston clearance setbacks.

Alternately, a large combustion chamber efficiently harbors bigger dome-style pistons. Besides, a raised compression ratio that matches all other engine parameters will mean a maximal engine efficiency at lesser fuel. You are needed to therefore acquaint yourself with constants like compression ratio to distinguish a particular chamber size. This will, in return, help you land a bargain that perfectly suits your engine.

Valve orientation

This is yet another essential factor of consideration. It is referred to as the angle between a cylinder axis and a valve axis. The valve angle may be straight or angled. Those falling in the 230, 90, to 180 scopes for the angled valve types are more common.

The valve angle greatly determines the cylinder’s head airflow; therefore, a swap of the valve angle ensures increased airflow. Opening the valve when the valve stem is laid back facilitates more port exposure; hence, more air flows into the head. You, therefore, ought to settle for deals that match your engine’s specifications.

Cylinder head type

As mentioned earlier, there are varying cylinder heads, including the aluminum type and iron type. Under this factor, many elements like cost, durability, and performance come into play.

Iron heads are considered the best bet for budget-minded individuals. They also have a promising time span whereby they tend to serve you for longer periods. However, aluminum heads tower over their counterparts in performance as they guarantee increased power output due to their excellent thermal conduction property.

Port Specifications

Cylinder heads bear two port types, intake port, and exhaust port. To begin with, it is recommended that you scrutinize the style of the ports. They vary in shape, with some crafted as square, round, rectangle, or oval. The style you opt for should complement the intake manifold.

The intake port holds much weight and is more considered. For this reason, elements like intake port volume and location are highly regarded. Crisper throttle response and low-end torque can be obtained from smaller intake port volumes under the intake port volume aspect.

On the other hand, higher intake port volume is characterized by higher flow at elevated RPMs. However, the least port volume with the highest efficiency is mostly regarded. The baseline in getting this factor right is to understand your engine type to determine which of the best small block chevy heads is compatible with it.

Best small block chevy heads Reviews 2022

1.ARP Pro Series 12-Point Cylinder Head Stud Kit (134-4303)

Are you an enthusiast for high-performance cars? This is quite the classic deal for you. This is because, for such cars, the power requisites are immense, and therefore head studs will be more suitable as opposed to head bolts. This is quite the ultimate bargain gracing you with 12-point cylinder head studs.

Wondering what’s more to this deal? With these head studs, the engine assembly process is made simpler and quicker. This is also your best bet as this equipment will offer faultless and constant torque loading. These head studs brag of a fancy black oxide exterior.

Top-grade aluminum material is adopted in the fabrication of these units. Weighing only 5 pounds, this product is much lighter compared to their iron heads counterparts available in the market. You are indeed assured of great compatibility with Small Chevy Block engines supplemented with a vehicle-specific fit type.


  • Weighs only 3.101 kilograms.
  • Have an apt aluminum construction.
  • Fit type is vehicle specific.
  • Inclusive of 12-point cylinder head studs.
  • Head studs bear a desirable black oxide finish.
  • Ideal for simplifying the engine assembly process.
  • Units contribute to providing faultless and constant torque loading.


  • Very limited information on the product is available.
  • Installation information is not included; thus, professional services are recommended.


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  1. Magnetic Bumper Cap with Lug Fitting End and Standard Cap Set

Having difficulties in ejecting the sewer hose from an RV bumper?  This magnetic bumper cap from the acclaimed CAMCO brand is your ultimate bet. This unit simplifies the removal of your RV sewer hose. You just need to grasp the sewer hose by the cap and securely pull it from the bumper.

The cap is held in place by the ingeniously incorporated high-strength neodymium magnets gracing it with magnetic properties. You will be impressed by the lock mechanism of the bayonet end onto the cap. This, therefore, ensures that upon removal of the cap, the sewer hose is, in turn, pulled out. Additionally, the hose is averted from sliding around in the bumper.

This cap is brilliantly designed with small vent holes that ensure air circulation is present and constant besides doubling as an insect screen. The compatibility displayed by this product is impeccable. The cap fits exceptionally well on the end of a wide array of 4-inch metallic square bumpers. It does not end there. The lugs guarantee you of utmost compatibility with any CAMCO bayonet-style sewer hose fitting.


  • Easy to install with one perfectly fitting while the other is magnetic.
  • Keeps your bumper insect-free.
  • Small vent holes to allow air circulation, so the sewer hose doesn’t stink.
  • Guarantees compatibility with bumpers designed for waste hose storage.
  • Simplifies removal of the sewer hose from RV’s bumper.
  • High-strength neodymium magnets hold the cap in place.
  • Universal Fit.
  • Weighs only 8 ounces.


  • Doesn’t fit on other hose types.


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  1. DNA Motoring CYLH-SBC-350 Aluminum Bare Cylinder Head

The engine of your car ought to be maintained in a super healthy status for optimal performance. A cylinder head is one fundamental component of the engine. This deal from the DNA Motoring brand has taken quality into consideration and presented a premium aluminum cylinder head to you.

This unit has a fancy design that greatly promotes the engine’s airflow and combustion efficiency, hence improving the engine’s output. Backing up that statement are the integrated advanced port designs, bronze valve guides, and hardened seats, all contributing to the excellent airflow.

The cylinder head bears an intake runner of 200cc, adding onto a 68cc combustion chamber. This combustion chamber is purposed to offer boosted performance and as well as retain stock compression on 1970 and before. Compared with their iron heads counterparts, this type weighs less, with each head weighing close to 10.33kg.


  • The exhaust valve’s diameter is 1.600”.
  • The volume of the intake port is 200cc.
  • The intake valve has a diameter of 2.020”.
  • Weigh lighter than iron heads.
  • Have an angled spark angle.
  • 3-angle valve seat.
  • Top-grade aluminum construction.
  • Excellent compatibility with many SBCs including 302,327,350,383 and 400.


  • It is incompatible with LT1 or LS engines.
  • The holes are not centered; hence difficult to install pushrods.


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  1. Auto Dynasty Straight Aluminum Bare Cylinder Head

Still, this is another fancy cylinder head deal from the high-rating Auto Dynasty brand on matters cylinder heads. This is incontestably the ideal replacement for SBCs, including 302, 327, 350, 383, and 400. Not yet convinced enough on why you should opt for this deal? Read on.

It prides itself on bearing an intake port volume of 200cc in addition to the combustion chamber volume of 68cc. This volume of the combustion chamber magnificently plays a major role in incredibly amplifying performance while retaining stock compression on 1970 and the predecessors.

Delving into the dimensions, the intake valve has a diameter of 2.020” while the exhaust valve has a diameter of 1,600”. The excellent airflow is owed to features like hardened seats, top-grade aluminum, enhanced port design, and bronze valve guides, among others. It also brags of a 3-angle valve seat.


  • Combustion chamber volume of 68cc aids in improving the performance of the engine.
  • Intake valve diameter 2.020”.
  • Exhaust valve diameter 1.600”.
  • Bears a 200cc intake runner.
  • Weighs lighter than other Iron Heads.
  • Compatible with a wide range of SBC engines, including those up to 1986.
  • The spark plug angle is straight.
  • Ideal solution for advancing combustion and airflow efficiency.


  • Incompatible with Vortec style intake manifolds
  • Professional installation services are more recommended due to the unavailability of the instruction manual.


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  1. DNA Motoring CYLH-SBC-350 Aluminum Bare Cylinder Head

This is yet another competent cylinder head from the earlier featured top-ranking DNA motor brand. This unit is a pivotal means to optimizing the performance, output, and Horsepower of your car’s engine.

It is equipped with hardened seats for greater airflow efficiency, enhanced port design, and bronze valve guides. The exhaust and the intake port are crafted to adopt a square shape. The intake port boasts of having a volume of 200cc while the combustion chambers brag of having a volume of 68cc.

Combustion chambers of such a volume contribute to ameliorating performance and t the same time retaining stock compression on 1970 and earlier. The intake valve measures 2/020” in diameter, while the exhaust valve measures 1.600” in diameter.


  • Displays excellent compatibility for SBC engines.
  • Compatible with models like 302, 327, 350, 383, and 400 SBCs up to 1986.
  • The spark plug angle is straight.
  • Bears a 3-angle valve seat.
  • Weighs lighter than iron heads (10.33 kg for each head0.
  • DNA Motoring brand is a champion of high-quality products (intense research and developments are carried out).
  • Fits all 7/16 studs.
  • Compatible with both Vortec and old-style valve covers.
  • Belong to aluminum bare head type.


  • Delivery package is void of an instruction manual.


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  1. Esky Backup Camera, License Plate Frame Car Rear View Camera

Do you find it arduous when trying to negotiate turns, reverse, park, or generally when driving, and you are required to be alert of the setting at the rear of your vehicle? Here is one exquisite deal for you to help you say bye to such hassles. It entails one of the best cameras you can install in your car to enhance viewing at such tricky and demanding instances to ease your navigation.

This bargain is inclusive of the Esky License Plate Vehicle Backup Camera that covers a remarkably wide angle of view of about 170 degrees. For this reason, with this camera in action, you’re able to banish blind spots totally.

To add icing on the cake, this unit allows you to make adjustments of up to 45 degrees, reinforcing your visibility, enabling you to set it to the desired position. Wondering whether this unit is influenced by weather? Its weather-resistant and waterproof qualities make it withstand desert heat, snow, rain, and hail, among other variants.

With its prime IP67 waterproofing feature, protection from raging storms and light drizzles is highly guaranteed. Dark settings are no longer a hindrance as the camera is fitted with seven mighty auto LED lights that facilitate night vision. It has a backup camera that provides high-resolution images that are observable both daytime and in the dark.


  • Waterproof and weather-resistant properties.
  • Boasts of a wide view angle of 170 degrees.
  • Able to withstand elevated temperatures between the range of -58F0 and 175F0.
  • Excellent 24/7 image clarity courtesy of enhanced CMOS image sensor.
  • Backup camera for sleek high-resolution images.
  • Seven powerful LED lights that effectuate night vision.
  • Perfectly fits without the frame scratching your car.
  • Grants your car with a splendid and elegant look.


  • Supports NTSC video system only.
  • Professional installation is recommended.


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  1. A-Team Performance HEI Distributor 65K Coil 7500 RPM

Do you wish for a mightier spark to ascertain the ignition of a below optimal fuel/air mix? Then this is the deal you should get your hands on. It is thoughtfully designed with a hardened steel double bushing construction which has implemented the 4-pin ignition. This construction is also complemented with superior aluminum housing.

The features discussed above make this unit a promising heavy-duty performer. It also boasts of an incredible coil spark of 7,500 RPM, ensuring performance in a high voltage of up to 65,000. This, in return, ensures you are equipped with all requisites for powering your high-performance engine. It is crafted in a design that ensures the output ignition module is phenomenally high.

Its mechanical and vacuum advances are adjustable, making precision quite smooth and easy. You get to bag a complete HEI distributor and a single wire installation which are both under one red cap. This exemplary product displays unmatched compatibility with various Chevrolet Chevy GM GMC Small Block Big Block SBC BBC making it quite the super red cap.


  • Great compatibility with Chevrolet chevy GM GMC small and big blocks.
  • Crafted by certified OE distributor manufacturer.
  • Coil spark of 7500RPM.
  • Utilizes the 4-pin ignition.
  • Suitable for heavy-duty performance.
  • Designed with a chrome-moly gear and polished aluminum shaft.
  • Consist of multi-polymer protective caps and brass terminals.
  • Vacuum advance canister that is adjustable.


  • Instructions not included on its installation.


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  1. Xtreme Amazing 12-Point Cylinder Gasket Head Stud Bolt Kit

Are you tired of your bolts twisting when tightening them? Here is a bargain offering a solution to that kind of hitch and also a deal ensuring that precise torque values are obtained. This bargain comes as a kit comprised of washers with studs and 12 point hex nuts.an image of XtremeAmazing 12-Point Cylinder Gasket Head Stud Bolt Kit for LS1 LS6 4.8L 5.3L 5.7L 6.0L 234-4317, one of the most efficient units among the best small block chevy heads

These components are uniquely fabricated from aircraft quality of 8740 chrome-moly, making them highly tensible. This immense tensile strength is of importance as it facilitates top-tier efficiency while in play. You are advised to check your engine to determine these studs’ appropriateness to the application intended before purchasing.

Purchasing this package will be a huge score as it comes as a complete 220,000 psi kit. Components bear a chrome exterior. Compatibility with a range between 2004 and 2018 Chevy Chevrolet LS1 LS6 4.8L 5.3L 5.7L 6.0L engines is guaranteed. It also has a weight of 5.04 pounds which is lighter when compared with the iron heads counterparts.


  • Easy to install.
  • Package comprises 12 point hex nuts and washers with studs.
  • Has a weight of only 5.04 pounds.
  • Comes as a complete 220,000 psi kit.
  • The utilized aircraft quality of8740 chrome-moly provides a very high tensile strength.
  • Excellent compatibility on engines from 2004-2018.


  • Torque specs not provided.
  • Warranty is not indicated.


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The entire SBC engine’s performance is achieved through the collaboration of various components that have to work in tandem. Arming your engine with one of the best small block chevy heads is an auspicious endeavor in an effort to maximize the engine’s performance.

An interesting bit of this article is the fact that other related car accessories have been featured. For instance, head studs, a rear view camera, and an HEI distributor have been included in this piece. These accessories also play a crucial role in your car and could be the upgrade you have been looking for, availed all in one article.

The take-home information is that before making a purchase decision on the best small block chevy heads, you need to grasp your engine specs to land the correct unit. Get your details right before making that decision, and choose a unit that matches other engine components.

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