How to get rid of a Possum in your Garage

Despite garages getting used  for project workshops, vehicle maintenance, and vehicle storage, the idea of them being used for storing household items is quickly gaining traction worldwide. Other individuals may use their garages to store garbage and food debris as they await disposition. The existence of these items in the garage forms the suitable pathways for possums to find shelter in the garages when the outside weather is not favorable.

Having a door does not guarantee maximum protection against the invasion of possums since they can access the garage through other entry points such as window openings, cracks, and holes on the walls. Possum’s invasion will cause you trouble, such as sleepless nights as they rummage through items, littering the floor with their droppings, and destroying the floor foundation.

In some infrequent occurrences, they may pose a danger to pets as they can transmit some diseases and pests that they host in them, calling for an effective way to eliminate them from your garage. The big question, however, is  How to get rid of a Possum in your Garage

To get rid of a possum from your garage,  you will set up a cage trap on the floor. Make sure it’s an open place so that the possum will be able to locate it easily. Afterward, bait the trap with a dog or cat food. Create a path with the bait starting from the back of the trap to the front of the trap, making sure to create a small distance between the bait and the trap opening. The traps have a door through which the possum will enter if it follows the bait.

Once the possum gets into the trap, it will then step on a panel found on the trap’s floor. The panel lifts and activates the trap to close. Make sure you try out the trap to test its functionality. Turn the lights off and make sure all entry points are closed. Frequently check to inspect if the possum has been trapped. When it gets trapped, cover the trap with a blanket and carefully remove the trap and take the possum to a suitable location as per the local laws and guidelines. Carefully open the trap and allow the possum to leave.

Steps to get rid of a possum in your garage

The following steps will give you a detailed procedure to follow when you want to get rid of a possum from your garage.

Step 1: Do away with the sources of food

You want to ensure that the possum gets entry into the trap with the aid of the bait and not any other food products. You also want to guarantee that the possum won’t escape the garage to the main house.

You will then make sure that all other food sources that may offer completion to the bait and prevent the possum from following the bait are eliminated. If you had waste products in the garage make sure it is taken out and discarded. You should also ensure that pets have been removed from the vicinity.

Step 2: Put the trap down

Place the trap at the place where the possum is frequently seen. Ensure that the place you have chosen is flat to see that the trap is stable. When the opossum sees the bait, it might rush towards it and probably upturn or push it over. Therefore you will add some weight on top of the trap to ensure it is secure and avert such events from occurring. 

Step 3: Setting up the bait

As much as possums are not choosy when it comes to what they eat, they are suckers for sugary and sweet food. Hence, you will use a sweetened food substance as your bait to be certain that it will effectively lure the possum to the trap.

Put the bait at the back of the trap. Putting the bait in the correct position will guarantee that the possum steps on the trigger plate will close the trap door to reach the food source. You will then set the trap by pressing on the door lock and hoisting the door plate. Let the door plate stay raised while pulling in the trigger arm forward to position it. Once it has been set, the trigger arm’s hook will catch the trap’s door.

Step 4: Observe the trap

You will need to keep an eye on the trap probably three times a day. With spaced intervals, for instance, after every eight hours. Timed observation of the trap will enable you to add more bait if there is a need to do so.

Constantly visiting the garage while putting the trap in place may discourage the possum from getting into the trap.  When the possum gets trapped, take action immediately to ensure the possum is not trapped for more than a day.

Step 5: Transfer the possum to a safer location

Once it has been trapped, remove the weight you had previously used to stabilize the trap and then cover the trap with a blanket before you remove it from the garage. Every location has its local rules and guidelines on precise ways of evacuating these non-target animals.

Take the possum to a safer place far away from your garage. Afterward, you will then approach the trap with careful and gentle steps to avoid frightening the possum. Remove the blanket you used to cover the trap, open the trap, and let the possum out. Caution; do not cause any harm to the animal.

Tools Needed

  • A large cage trap
  • A blanket
  • Cat or dog food/any other food substance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to prevent further invasions of possums?

Upon successfully removing the possum, you will want to make sure that there will be no more possum invasions to your garage. First, you will have to eliminate all clutter and food debris from your garage since their availability might offer possible room.

Ensure the extra space in the garage is not used to store any litter. Cleanliness and proper sanitization of the garage and items in the garage should be prioritized. Foodstuff that you give to your pets should be properly stored in sealed boxes or containers. 

Secondly, you will also make sure that all the potential entry points are covered, sealed, blocked, and repaired. Besides, you can also keep traps near potential entry points as an extra precaution.

What problems do possums pose if they invade your garage?

Possums are dangerous animals when provoked, and that’s why they should be evacuated from the home environment immediately after they are spotted. They can transmit diseases such as Leptospirosis, Tuberculosis, Coccidiosis, and other diseases to pets and people.  Moreover, possums may act as hosts for ticks and fleas that may later infest your pets.

What are some of the adaptive measures of possums?

Possums possess various behavioral adaptations to ensure their survival. They can play dead when they sense danger by slowing down their breathing rate.  They also become stiff and salivate in some other instances, creating a not-so-appealing scene to scare away the predator. They can also excrete waste that has an unpleasant odor to scare you away. Worst of all, they can fake death. 

Are possums rodents?

With just one look at a possum, you might be tempted to think that it is a rat. This confusion is because of its physical appearances, such as the white face, gray furs, and a very similar nose to that of a rat. The truth is possums are marsupial (animals that have a pouch).

Is the possum dead, or is it playing dead?

Possums are not aggressive, and when they sense danger, they may pretend to be dead. When they feel threatened, their body will involuntarily hobble and refuse to move. If you encounter a possum that looks lifeless, do not try to poke it or cause it any injury.

Likewise, if you are driving and come across a possum that seems to have died, do not run it over as it may just be taking its time to recover. Occasionally, some people have buried live possums assuming that they are dead. 

Final Thoughts

Possums are animals that, upon their invasion to your garage or home in general, will cause you so many disturbances. First and foremost, you will have sleepless nights from all the noise they make as they rummage through things in the garage.

They will also litter the floor with their smelly droppings hence giving you a hard time cleaning. Worst of all, they may transfer some of the pests and diseases that they host to either you or your pets. Moreover, they have sharp teeth they may use to defend themselves when in danger, thus causing harm. 

This article has provided some answers on how to get rid of a possum from your garage. The steps in this article will not only save you the cost of employing a professional to help you do away with the possum, but it will also save you so much time.

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