How to Program Genie Garage Door Keypad

A keyless entry pad can make accessing your garage convenient and easy for the entire family. All everyone needs is a passcode to access the garage without worrying about remotes that can get lost. 

However, you must program a keypad before you and your family can use it to access the garage. As such, you need to understand the features of a garage door keyless pad and how to program it.

This article walks you through how to program Genie garage door keypad for the first time or reset it with a new passcode. It also explains the various features of the current models of Genie garage door opener keypads and their functions. 

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When should you program your Genie garage door keypad? 

We recommend programming your new Genie keyless garage door entry pad before mounting it on the garage wall. However, this rule will not apply when reprogramming, factory resetting, or changing the pin to an existing keypad because it is already installed. 

Parts of the Genie garage door keypad

To program your Genie garage door keypad successfully, you first need to understand the anatomy of the keypad. Specifically, the keypad has various indicators and buttons with different roles. 

Once you know the role of each button and indicator, programming and operating the garage door opener using the unit should be a breeze. 

  1. The program key: this is the key located at the top of the device with the words “PROGRAM” on it. It is the key you will press to set or reset the keypad. 
  2. LED indicator: it is located right below the program key. The indicator light flashes each time you enter a key, showing that the key is accepted.
  3. Numbered keypad: it has dials with numbers from 1 to 9 and a zero next to the up-down key. This numbered pad has a backlight that remains on for up to 15 seconds when a valid pin or successful program is entered. 
  4. Up-down key: it is the button to press when operating the garage door. 

If you have a problem with a program or enter an invalid pin, the program key, LED indicator, and numbered keypad will flash rapidly. You will have to wait fifteen seconds before you can make the correct entry when this happens. 

You can tell when you make the correct entry by observing the three indicators. The program key and the LED indicator will flash slowly while the numbered keypad backlight remains on for 15 seconds. This indicates a valid pin number or successful program has been entered.

How to program a new Genie Garage Door Keypad 

This section provides the steps to follow when activating and programming a new keyless garage door entry pad. 

The first thing to do is activate the keypad by opening the battery compartment and removing the protective tab keeping the batteries from completing the circuit. Once the protective tab for the batteries is out, reinstall the compartment door to ready the device for programming. 

With the circuit now complete, the batteries can power up the keypad, allowing you to program it. 

Preliminary step: Clear the keypad 

While a new unit is likely already on its factory default setting, you may still reset it anyway to be sure it is cleared before setting its pin. 

Press and hold the up-down and the program keys simultaneously for about five seconds until you hear a tone. Check the LED to see it flash twice, and the backlight goes off afterward. This indicates that the unit has been reset and is ready for programming. 

Step 1. Enter the programming mode 

Locate the learn button on the garage door opener’s motor unit. This is the programming button used to pair the keyless pad to the opener. 

The learn button on your Genie garage door opener can be on the down-facing side under the light bulb cover or at the back of the motor unit. If the button is at the back of the motor unit, it will face away from the garage door.

An easier way to locate this button is to check the garage door opener’s label, your operator’s instruction manual, or the current remote. 

Your Genie garage door opener can have a small cylindrical learn code button or a larger square programming button. 

  1. Square programming button—press and hold it until the round LED turns blue. The blue light will go out as a purple flashing light replaces it. This purple flashing light will indicate the unit has entered the programming mode. 
  2. Learn code button—press and release the learn code button once, triggering the red LED to start flashing. This will indicate that your garage door opener has entered its programming mode. 

You may require a ladder to reach the button as the opener motor units usually sit at a significant height from the ground. 

Once the unit is in its programming mode, you will have 30 seconds to pair it with the keypad unit to be installed outside the garage door. 

Step 2. Pair the keypad to the garage door opener 

Press 357 on your new keypad unit, followed by the up-down button three to four times slowly until the garage door begins to move. 

Meanwhile, the LED indicator on the keypad should be flashing while you press the up-down button three to four times. 

357 is the existing factory default pin for your new Genie garage door keypad unit. Pressing it will do two things: 

  1. Program the keypad to the garage door opener and;
  2. Temporarily operate the garage door. 

Once the garage door begins to move, you can proceed to the next step, where you change the pin from its factory default to something more personal. 

Step 3: Change the garage door keypad pin 

You don’t want to operate your garage door opener with the factory default pin. Anyone with a similar garage door keypad will know the number and can access your home through the garage with it. 

To change the pin, follow these steps in one sequence: 

  • Enter the current pin (357), the factory default pin that comes with your unit.
  • Press the program button 
  • Enter your preferred pin consisting of three to eight digits  
  • Press the program button again

Once you finish this sequence, the LED indicator and backlight will flash a few times before going off. 

This indicates that you have successfully changed the access pin to your garage, with your new pin replacing the original factory default pin. 

The video below shows how to program genie garage opener keypad in 3 simple steps

How to program the keypad for multiple garage door openers 

If you have multiple garage door openers, you can operate them using the same keypad, saving you the cost of investing in multiple keyless pads for your garage doors. 

A single garage door keypad can operate up to three garage door openers. However, you must program the keypad with one garage door opener first before adding the other two openers. 

Now that you have successfully programmed your new garage door keyless pad follow these steps to program the keypad to the other garage door openers. 

  • Enter the access pin you chose for the keypad. This is the pin that currently opens the garage door. 
  • Press the program key twice immediately after the pin. The LED should start blinking slowly, often once per second. 
  • Enter the number of garage door openers that you wish to operate with this keypad. This number can be 2 or 3, depending on the number of garage door openers you have. 
  • Press the program button again. The LED indicator should blink twice before shutting off. 
  • Head over to the motor unit of the garage door opener you want to pair with the keypad and press the learn button. If the unit has a square program button instead, press and hold the button until the LED starts blinking. 
  • Enter your pin on the keypad, press the up-down button, and then press the number of the selected garage door opener. Select 2 if it is the second opener and 3 if it is the third. 
  • Press the up-down button three to four times slowly until the garage door begins to move. Do not press any other button once the garage door operates. You want to let it move all the way to complete the pairing process. 

If you have two garage door openers to operate with the keypad, your pairing work should be complete at this point. 

However, if you have three garage door openers to operate, you still have one more opener to program. Repeat these steps to program the last garage door opener, selecting its number as 3 and pressing the learn button on the motor unit to pair it. 

How to operate the garage door opener with the Genie keypad 

How you use the keyless pad to open or close your garage door will depend on whether you have programmed it with a single garage door opener or multiple.

Operating a single garage door opener 

  • Enter the pin
  • Press the up-down button.

This simple sequence will open the garage door if it is closed. If the garage door is open, repeating the same sequence will shut it. 

Operating multiple garage door openers 

  • Enter the pin
  • Press the up-down button
  • Press the number key corresponding to the door you want to operate (2 for the second opener or 3 for the third garage door opener). 

This sequence will trigger the garage door to open if it is closed or shut if it is in the open position. 

How to program an older keypad unit 

The secret to programming an older garage door keyless pad is to first erase the existing information before setting a new pin and pairing it with the desired garage door(s). The procedure should take the following form. 

Step 1. Reset the keypad unit to its factory setting 

This step is to erase the information already programmed into the keypad memory, resetting it to its factory default state and preparing it for fresh programming. 

Press and hold the up-down and the program keys simultaneously for about five seconds. Check the LED to see it flash twice, and the backlight goes off afterward. This indicates that the unit has been reset and is ready for programming. 

You must perform this task before setting the keypad pin or at any time you want the keypad reset to its factory default. 

Step 2. Set up your pin

  • Enter 357 in that sequence, followed by the program button. 
  • Enter your preferred pin while the program button blinks once per second. The pin can be anything from three to eight digits long. 
  • Press the program button again to finish programming the keypad with your new pin. The LED indicator and backlight will flash a few more times before shutting off. 

That procedure completes programming your keypad with a new pin. 

Step 3. Coordinate the keypad to the opener 

After your keypad is programmed with a new pin, you must synch it in with the garage door opener you want it to operate. 

Follow these steps to complete the process. 

  • Head over to the motor unit of the garage door opener you wish to pair. 
  • Locate the program or learn code button on the back or bottom of the motor unit, depending on your model’s design.
  • Press the button on the unit to put it in program mode. The LED on the unit will blink to indicate that it is ready to receive the program. The unit should stay in that mode for thirty seconds. 
  • Return to the keypad and enter the pin you selected. 
  • Press the up-down button three times until the garage door starts to move. This indicates that the keypad now activates the garage door. 

With that, you have successfully reset and programmed an older Genie garage door keyless entry pad. 

Final thoughts on how to program Genie garage door keypad

Whether it is a new or trusty old keyless entry pad for your garage door, programming a Genie garage door keypad is straightforward. You just need to know the simple steps to follow to complete the task. 

Always start by resetting the memory of your keypad to its factory default before setting up a new pin and synching it with your garage door opener or multiple openers. 

We hope this guide helped you out. If you have any thoughts or comments, leave them in the comments, and we will do our best to respond at the earliest.