Will genie remote work with LiftMaster? (This is How)

With an eye towards making garage door operation seamless and effortless, the remote control method has become one of the most embraced ways to achieve just that. This field of garage door control has become an excellent niche for many brands. However, Genie and LiftMaster are two of the most acclaimed brands that have established a solid reputation in exemplary garage door systems. Products from either of the brands, including remote controls and openers, are known for top-notch quality and reliability. Such a reason may force you to find yourself in a quandary trying to determine the compatibility of models from one brand to those of another. For instance, will genie remote work with LiftMaster? 

Yes, it can. You can program the extra Genie remote you have in your possession to control your automatic LiftMaster garage door opener. You can use the “Learn button” integrated on the overhead motor units of both LiftMaster and Genie models to program remotes into adopting their garage door opening mechanism. It all depends on the frequency. Typically, garage door openers operate on radio frequency waves ranging from 300MHz to 390MHz. It takes about a few minutes to program a genie remote that works on a similar frequency as your LiftMaster model.

An image of an individual using a Genie remote to open a garage door from his car

That said, stick around as I help you navigate the compatibility of these products.

How do you program a genie remote with a LiftMaster opener?

How interesting is it to be able to operate your garage door from the comfort of your car? Remote controllers are there to make life easier. If you have a spare Genie remote, you can program it into working with your LiftMaster garage door opener, saving you the hassle of having to leave your car and manually open the garage door. 

That said, how then do you program a genie remote with a LiftMaster opener? Here is an essential tip, you ought to make sure that there are no obstructions in the garage door’s path to program the remote successfully. 

Described below is the programming procedure as follows;

Step 1

Identify the “LEARN” button positioned on the overhead motor unit of your LiftMaster garage door opener. 

Step 2

Press and hold the ‘LEARN’ button for about six seconds, waiting until the indicator light above the button goes off. You make this step to delete all the previous codes from the memory of the overhead motor unit. Deleting requires you to reprogram previously programmed garage door opener remotes.An image showing a Genie Remote with the largest button located at its bottom

Step 3

Press and let go of the “LEARN” button on the LiftMaster opener’s overhead motor unit. The indicator light will illuminate and glow for about 30 seconds to show that the unit can begin the programming process.

Step 4

Press the big button on the Genie remote to program it to your LiftMaster opener. Release the button when the main lights on the overhead motor unit flash. This flashing indicates that the remote programming has been a success.

What Remotes are Compatible with LiftMaster?

The garage door industry features many brands apart from LiftMaster, and Genie. Is Genie remote the only control compatible with LiftMaster? The answer is no. Remotes from the Chamberlain group are also compatible with LiftMaster. The LiftMaster and Sears Craftsman brands are manufactured by the Chamberlain group, meaning they are interchangeable.

The model number of your receiver will be essential in establishing the compatibility of a remote to your LiftMaster model. Also, different openers come with ‘LEARN’ buttons of different colors, which determines the compatibility. Here is an outline based on the color of the ‘LEARN’ button:

For a yellow ‘LEARN’ button, compatible remote controls include 

891LM(one-button remote), 893LM(three-button remote), 893MAX(mini-keyring remote), 895MAX(three-button remote), 892LT(two-button learning remote), 894LT(four-button ring remote), PPV1(passport one-button remote), PPV3(passport three-button remote), PPK1(passport mini-keyring one-button remote), PK1PH(passport mini-keyring one button proximity remote), PPK3(passport mini-keyring three-button remote), PPK3PH(passport mini-keyring three-button proximity remote)

For a purple ‘LEARN’ button, below are the compatible remotes:

371LM(one-button remote), 373LM( three-button remote), 370LM (Mini-keyring remote), 373P(premium three-button remote), 893MAX(three button remote), 890MAX(mini-keyring remote), 895MAX(three button remote)

For a red/orange ‘LEARN’ button the compatible remote controls include:

971LM(one-button remote), 973LM(two-button remote), 970LM(mini-keyring remote), 893MAX(three-button remote), 890MAX(mini-keyring remote), 895MAX(three button remote)

For a green ‘LEARN’ button, the following remote controls are compatible:

81LM(one-button remote), 82LM(two-button remote), 83LM(three-button remote), 84LM(four-button remote), 893MAX(three-button remote), 890MAX(mini-keyring remote), 895MAX(three-button remote).

How to Program a Liftmaster Max Remote Control

Liftmaster MAX remote control forms one of the most flexible and reliable remote controls in the garage door opener systems. The remote control work with an array of Liftmaster garage door openers, including 315MHz and 390MHz. Liftmaster MAX can operate various door openers, including Sears Craftsman, Genie, Chamberlain, and Liftmaster Garage door openers. These garage door openers (Sears Craftsman, Chamberlain, and Liftmaster) feature red, purple, yellow, green, or orange lean buttons and a yellow wire antenna that enhances their compatibility with the Liftmaster MAX Remote.

Programming of the Liftmaster Remote Control involves the following steps;

  1. On your garage door opener or keypad, locate the “Program” button, also called the lean button. For instance, when you want to program the 890MAX or 895 MAX, you will first determine the “Program” button. Then, press the remote using a paper clip or a safety pin until the LED on its front is turned on. The lighting of the LED indicates it’s ready to program. Similarly, if you want to program 893MAX remote, identify the position of the “Lean” button. For 893MAX, the button is located under the visor clip. You should press the button for the remote’s activation. Moreover, when the programming involves the 877MAX remote, the keyless entry keypad, simultaneously press the * and # buttons until the lighted keys remain steady, that is, not flashing.  You should, however, note that you must program one button at a time when the controller is in programming mode.
  2. The second step after determining the “Lean button is to press and release the button on the remote control that you intend to program.
  3. Pay attention to the LED lights, ensuring that you wait until they stop blinking. You then slowly press and rerelease the buttons. Repeat this process until the light bulbs flash. Do not press the program button after the bulb flashes, as this can initiate a different setting in the remote, preventing its operation. In the unfortunate circumstance that you suddenly presses the button, you will repeat the same process again to reprogram the remote.
  4. However, immediately the light bulb blinks, you can press any other button in your remote control. The blinking of the light bulb shows the process is a success.

The video below shows how to program Liftmaster Max Remotes

Why did my LiftMaster remote stop working?

Have you tried to operate your garage door from your LiftMaster remote and found that it is not responsive? You will suspect that the issue emanates from the garage door opener. However, this is not probably the case. The problem primarily lies with your remote control and is not considered severe. 

When your Liftmaster remote stops working, consider the following remedies;

Replace the remote batteries

The first practice that should ring into your mind when your Liftmaster remote fails is checking its batteries. All batteries are susceptible to wearing out. Try replacing the batteries to establish whether they are the point of the malfunctioning remote control. 

 In most instances, the garage door will begin operating. The type of batteries chosen is very vital. People prefer rechargeable batteries to reduce waste, but the main problem is that they don’t store power for long. It is always good to look for a battery brand that holds power for a more extended period.

Clean the remote lens

The remote’s ‘eye’ is responsible for transmitting the signal to the garage door opener. Dirt can gather on the lens over time, thus cleaning regularly to ensure uninterrupted signal transmission. You wipe the lens with a damp cloth to remove the dirt. If the lens’s plastic shield has scrapes, it is of essence to buy a new remote.

Reset the remote.

Resetting the opener and the remote will do a great deal to get them to function properly again. Both are small computers which need rebooting. To reboot with the remote, remove the batteries for about thirty seconds. Unplug the unit for thirty seconds from the wall and plug it back in to reset the opener. 

Check the remote battery contacts.

The contacts need a thorough inspection to make sure they are not damaged. The contacts transmit the power from the battery to the remote as a whole. Dirty or discolored contacts are a sign of damaged contacts. They should immediately be cleaned and polished so that they can work perfectly. Polishing is done by using a dry cloth and fine-grit sandpaper and allowing the contacts to connect the battery power to the remote.

Note, if all these remedies do not work, consider acquiring a new remote since it may be faulty. If the problem concerns the opener, contact a professional to assist in the repair and replacement works.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What number of remotes can I program to a LiftMaster?

You can program eight remotes plus one keypad. It is of importance to have the correct information about this model. Only five units and an opener are programmable at one time.

Are genie garage door openers universal?

The genie garage door opener remote has a uniqueness that is not present in other remotes since its design is that of ‘teach and pair’ the existing remote. Genie has a patent on the programming process and thus makes it one of the most uncomplicated garage door opener remote available.

Will any Remote Work with any Garage Door?

It is ideal to acquire a garage door remote that is universal that has a ‘LEARN’ button and DIP switches. This makes it compatible with any garage door. Always follow the instructions that accompany the remote.

What is the frequency of a genie garage door opener?

Currently, all genie garage doors operate on 315 MHz and 390MHz to reduce any occurrence of radio frequency interference.

Is my Liftmaster remote compatible with Craftsman?

All Chamberlain garage door openers can work hand in hand with LiftMaster models. Sears Craftsman and LiftMaster brands have the same manufacturer, Chamberlain Group, and have fully interchangeable components such as the gear and circuit boards. 

How will I reset My Liftmaster Garage door Opener?

Press the ‘LEARN’ button on the motor near the toggle switches. The indicator light will light up. Press the button on the remote until the light bulb on the opener blinks. Blinking indicates the garage door opener resets. If there is no bulb, listen for at least two clicks.

Are garage door remotes universal?

Available in the market today are some universal garage door remotes that include intuitive and clarified instructions guiding the programming process.

Final verdict

With over three decades worth of knowledge in garage door openers, the LiftMaster and Genie brands have pushed the envelope in crafting their models. It is not in doubt that these models’ security features, durability, and reliability are exceptional and unsurpassed.

The issue of cross-matching models and their accessories is common in many residences. Some models may work with accessories from different brands by chance, while others may not. It is on this score that a discussion on the compatibility of products from several top-ranking brands has proved relative.

This article aims to provide you with comprehensive information on the compatibility of the Genie remote with LiftMaster. This compendium has gone out of its way to guide how to manipulate that spare Genie remote you have and make it compatible with your LiftMaster garage door opener. Do enjoy and find this piece of utmost importance.

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