Liftmaster garage door wont open

Among the best lift master garage door opener is LiftMaster Elite Series 8500W Jackshaft Garage Door Operator, in use Manual operation of garage doors is slowly becoming a thing of the past. To make the home experience more expedient, the use of garage door openers that are long-lasting, quietly operating, and still versatile has picked a trend among many homeowners. The Liftmaster brand has excellently established its eminence by providing one of the most reliable and practical garage door openers. This brand has even pushed the envelope by making available exceptional openers that you can control from your smartphone. However, being a mechanical appliance, the development of mechanical problems is expected. For instance, what does it mean if you find that your Liftmaster garage door wont open?

When you observe that your Liftmaster garage door won’t open, feeling a pang of worry creeping in you is typical. However, realizing that there are several ways you can diagnose this problem ought to reduce fretting. Multiple causes such as track alignment issues, concerns with the photo eyes, or power source issues can make your door fail to open or get stuck. You are in luck, though, because setting these problems right is quite a breeze, meaning you can fix the faulty Liftmaster garage door on your own without the aid of special instruments.

Tag along to learn more on how to deal with a Liftmaster garage door that won’t open.

How to Fix a Liftmaster Garage Door That Won’t Open

If you have been using the Liftmaster garage door opener in your garage, you have likely faced some difficulties with it. A common manifestation of a problem with the Liftmaster garage opener is the failure of the garage door to open after getting stuck. 

As mentioned earlier, multiple sources could cause your garage door to get stuck. Therefore, you ought to identify the particular cause for you to know how to resolve the issue. 

However, it is highly recommendable to conduct a quick checkup on the springs before you begin the diagnosis. Conduct meticulous scrutiny on the springs to determine if they are either suspended from a single hook, missing, or broken. The high tension involved in a garage door operation is usually responsible for causing issues with the springs. Once you determine that your door has a broken spring, seeking services from the experts is highly recommendable.

Another area to focus on is the movement of the door, especially when shut. You ought to determine whether it binds or travels freely. The most probable explanation for this is a trim board set up very close to the garage door if the door binds. If this is the case, resolving it should not be a headache for you.

You need to trim off excess wood from the trim board until the framing lumber of the door and trim board get aligned. When this remedy fails, opting for professional services should be considered.  

Other causes include;

  • Issues with photo eyes

Garage doors are incorporated with infrared sensors on either side of the door as a safety feature. These sensors bear photo eyes that operate by shooting a beam of light to determine if an obstruction to the garage door is present. If the eyes detect an item blocking the door, they communicate with the opener prompting a reverse of the garage door to prevent crushing of the object.

On that account, issues distracting the photo eyes from detecting each other alter the garage door’s operation. Issues with the photo eyes range from misalignment, broken sensor cords to blockage by debris.

Solution: You should clear the area around the perimeter of the eye if you establish that dust, dirt, or other debris has accumulated on the photo-eye. If you want to determine whether the photo eyes are unevenly lining, employ a laser level to align them perfectly. With a broken cord, you can easily repair it through replacement or seek help from an expert.

  • Issues with the power source

Generally, glitches with power will antagonistically affect garage door operation. With this in mind, you ought to first subject the power source to examination. Proceed by connecting the garage door opener to a functional outlet after ensuring that the circuit breaker is open and the germane cable is still intact.

  • Track issues

The track is the unit on which your garage door travels (slides back and forth). Issues like warping, bending, or denting are likely to rise as time goes by. Either of these track problems could be responsible for your garage door failing to open.

Solution: Here is a remedy you can perform by yourself. First, unplug the garage door opener. Now, with the help of a rubber mallet or hammer, strike the track gently till it retains its standard shape. If this endeavor becomes a challenge for you, you can always consider contacting an expert.

The video below illustrate how to fix a lift master garage door opener that won’t open

How do I reset my Liftmaster garage door opener?

Liftmaster garage door opener has gained ground among many garage owners. Some instances, however, may render the remote control feature of this style of garage door openers impractical. Highlighted below are few examples of these instances and include;

  • When you move into a new home.
  • When you set up a new garage door opener on the garage door you currently have.
  • When you procure a new garage door.
  • When you give a neighbor the keypad control.

The occurrence of either of the listed examples will force your remote door opener not to work. This does not mean that it has gone south. All you need to do is reset your Liftmaster garage door opener. The purpose of resetting is to unlink the garage door opener from the garage doors.

Do Liftmaster garage door openers have a reset button? Yes, they do! Openers from this brand have an intuitive design, and all you have to do is identify the yellow learn button. Since these openers vary, here is a breakdown of how to locate the yellow know button on your specific door opener. 

  • On the side or back of the motor unit is the learn button for ceiling-mounted openers. Complementarily, located on the same side as the learn button is a suspended yellow antenna wire.
  • Positioned beneath the front cover is the learn button for wall-mounted Wi-Fi garage door openers. Raise the cover-up to reveal the button.

With that out of the way, how then do you reset your Liftmaster garage door opener? Elaborated below in a stepwise manner is the process to follow to reprogram the opener and is as follows;

  1. After locating the yellow learn button, press and release it on the opener’s motor part. The know button LED light will light up consistently for about 30 seconds.
  2. In these 30 seconds, press down and hold the learn button on the handheld remote control device you intend to manipulate the garage door.
  3. The motor unit’s light will later start blinking. When this happens, release the remote button. You should hear two clicks for the units that are void of lightbulbs.
  4. This final step involves testing the remote to ensure it operates the door. If it does not activate the door, repeat the process.

Garage door Liftmaster Maintenance Practice

To obtain maximal service from your garage door opener, practicing proper maintenance procedures is necessary. The most preferred garage door Liftmaster maintenance practice involves greasing the chain rail and lubricating the chain.

It is significant to note the type of grease for the rail and chain lubricant since some types are not suitable. For instance, lubricants in the spray category have solvents that disintegrate grease on the rail and draw dust particles. 

It is advisable to apply lightweight bicycle grease on the rails in a uniform manner. You smear the grease on the rail’s upper side and wipe off the excess from end to end. For the chain, spraying with heavy-duty silicone lubricant on one side from end to end is advised.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Why is the door not fully closing?

Reset stretch of the way of the garage door opener. Examine to distinguish disruptions in the mechanical parts such as fittings and door arms. Following each new program of the closed door position, you ought to check the automatic safety reverse for function. 

Why is the door reversing for no apparent reason?

Check to determine if there is any object blocking the door. Proceed by pulling the manual release to allow operation by hand. If the door is unbalanced or stuck, seek help from professionals.

Why is the operator light not turning off?

Disconnect the power cable from the main electrical outlet and then wait for two and a half minutes. Reconnect the power and try again. 

Is there any difference between Liftmaster and Chamberlain brands?

The design of Liftmaster products targets installation by professionals. They have extra features like the space-saving side mount operator 8500. Chamberlain models, on the other hand, target do-it-yourself enthusiasts because they are easy to install.


The highly acclaimed Liftmaster brand has raised the bar when it comes to garage door control. Availing convenience to your smartphone via the myQ app has proved to be a promising move since you can now control and monitor your garage door from any location in the world. Brilliant, right?

If you use a Liftmaster garage door, you have probably encountered some mechanical problems with the door. Failure of the garage door to open is a commonly encountered issue that serves as a hindrance. This article aims to acquaint you with credible information on how you can satisfactorily tackle this issue. I believe that this compendium will be of significant assistance to you.

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