How to Drywall a Garage

Building construction codes in many areas require attached garages to have drywall. The material is cost-effective and provides excellent sheathing for garage walls. It is also easy to install, even though it is best to leave the installation to a professional for the best results.  While most attached garages may enjoy the home’s air conditioning, … Read more

How to Heat a Garage with Propane

Many property owners typically do not include the garage when setting up the home heating system. So if you use the garage for recreation or as a DIY workspace, you will need a way to keep it toasty during the cold winter, fall, and spring months.  One way to warm the garage space is by … Read more

How to cool a garage with no window [12 Ways]

  If you have a garage, you cannot downplay windows’ role, especially during the summers. Windows play instrumental roles in garages during the hot months of the year, providing natural lights and ventilation. They allow the hot, warm air out of your garage and let in cold, dense air that creates desirable temperatures for enhanced … Read more

Should you Air Condition your Garage

The people who spend a lot of time working in the garage can attest to how hectic and uncomfortable it gets when temperatures are high. The high temperatures may be detrimental to some of the items stored in the garage. Such items include; glues, paints, and other mechanical tools that require a cool storage area. … Read more

Are Propane Heaters Safe in Garages?

Garages can be utilized for numerous activities besides vehicle maintenance and storage. A garage can function as a workshop, craft art room, gym, entertainment room, or storage space for household items depending on your lifestyle and interests. Garages are built with concrete floors, very little to no caulking, and drafty doors making them very cold. … Read more

What Temperature Should I keep my Garage in the Winter?

Good temperature conditions undoubtedly play significant roles in the productivity of individuals. Depending on the time of the year and the regions of residence, individuals always strive to establish favourable temperatures that would be perfect for their stay, and a garage is no exception. Besides, people use garages for different purposes ranging from storage to … Read more

Can you cool a Garage with a Portable Air Conditioner?

There are some times in a year when your garage will have average temperatures that you won’t pause a challenge while working. However, the temperatures may increase during the summer or even due to the heat emitted from the machines in your garage. You’ll find many ways which you can employ to cool the temperatures … Read more