How to Paint Garage Floor

Garages are a vital extension of most homes’ main living spaces. Therefore, it is crucial to keep them looking their best. Painting is one of the popular ways of protecting and improving the aesthetics of a garage floor. The project essentially involves the same procedure and requirements as painting any other floor or indoor surface … Read more

How to Paint a Wooden Garage Door

A nicely painted wooden garage door gives your home a beautiful and clean look. Conversely, a door with dulled color or peeled-off paint makes your home look old and shortens the lifespan of your garage door. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure your garage door is well-painted for better aesthetics and durability. In this post, … Read more

Can you Pressure Wash a Garage Floor?

Labor-intensive garages tend to leave the floor with debris, oil, dirt, and other stains, especially where locomotive repairs are involved. Whether using epoxy, polyurethane, or concrete floors, the debris and stains remaining after work are often hectic and time-consuming to clean. Besides, the days of scrubbing floors with soap and water in a bucket until … Read more